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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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I enjoyed one of the last summer days and got to see New "Hallowfest" decor has been added as the park ramps up their prep for their Halloween season. With a scaled-back edition of Fright Fest, this year looks to be more of a fall festival vibe and less on the intense scares.


If you have friends that do not visit the park during Fright Fest because of the scares, THIS is the year to talk them into a fall visit. Any scare actors roaming the park will not be able to get closer than six feet anyway!


It is somewhat disappointing there will not be a genuine Fright Fest but I do understand the reasoning. On the other hand, this will be a unique year and I will still enjoy it. Now all we need is matching weather. The past four years we have had 80-90-degree weather into October. Enough of that!


I plan on visiting on Hallowfest opening day, Friday Sep 18th.


Entrance sign package is still the same but oddly enough the Christmas lights canopy has been installed already!


Not many things say 'fall festival' as much as hay bales and pumpkins!


The grand entrance sign is much more cheerful than in years' past

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put me in the camp of not caring for the new Mindbender sign. I mean, I get it - they wanted to make the signs consistent in the Gotham area - but I too LOVED that neon question-mark, and wish they had left it and simply put the new sign on posts to the left of the entrance path.


weird to see them change the (in my opinion much better name) "Gotham City Crime Wave" to match what SFFT did with their similar ride. DC SuperVillian's Swing just isn't that great of a name .. tho it does appear that in addition to the repaint to make it match the SFFT version, SFOG now also has the wood cutout of the Villains. So that makes sense they repainted to add Deathstroke to the ride, since the cutout features him prominently.


Harley looks fantastic (as does Ivy, and the new Catwoman ride). That's still the "old" version of Tilt-A-Whirl tho. . . not the next-gen version that spins so much more. But maybe the refurbed cars still will spin more?


the area looks great. . thanks for the pics (and thanks to you too, Lotologist for the entrance pics).

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put me in the camp of not caring for the new Mindbender sign. I mean, I get it - they wanted to make the signs consistent in the Gotham area - but I too LOVED that neon question-mark, and wish they had left it and simply put the new sign on posts to the left of the entrance path.

I really liked the old Mindbender sign also. Even though the neon had been removed for many years, it was still cool. I do wonder - does the park send old signs like this to the scrapyard or do they give fans a chance to acquire them. I see a real opportunity for the park to raise money for a cause of their choosing - or just sell it....

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Wow, the GP was already calling "the Mindbender," The Riddler." Now I feel they really will think the name of the coaster is "the Riddler." I guess it's just an annoying quirk, but the park hasn't officially renamed the coaster. But the GP certainly will. While the sign is consistent with the area, it just looks like a pretty poor attempt at beginner graphic design to me. Oh well.

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Visited "HALLOWFEST" today and I have to say I am quite impressed with what I saw.


OK - so my expectations were not all that high but this is a pandemic and I am beyond grateful of the efforts put together by the park to be open. Although this is not a real 'Fright Fest' I still thoroughly enjoy it for what it is - a unique year.


A few items of note:

As of today, SFoG is CASH FREE. There are six machines across the park where you can convert cash to a card at no charge / no fees. These are VISA branded cards and can also be used outside the park wherever Visa is accepted.


There are no true haunted houses but there are a number of scare zones which are actually really good. Perhaps the best one was "Zombie Zoo", a walk-through set up near the Dare Devil stage. Most of the props used appear to have been taken from ZX-1. There are several others as well.


There is a new haunted railroad attraction: "Terror Tales from the Rails". The narration sounds like an imitation of the Warrens on a paranormal investigation but I have to admit I had a difficult time understanding what it was all about.


There is no Dr. Fright Dead Man's Party this year but there are new shows at the Dare Devil Stage. "Nightmare Cirque" was pretty good.


On a side note, with the heavy rain over the past couple days, the picnic pavilion area appears to have been partially flooded. The mud covered some of the walkways - plainly visible from the Sky Screamer ride.


All-in-all - props to Six Flags for giving us some fall fun. I know many here like to throw rocks at SF - and for some its like a drug - but this year the chain has really stepped up in a big way.


Photos below - enjoy!


New decor (and sign package) to greet the brave...


Less intense scares and more fall festival vibe this year


This hill looks pretty much like last year - pretty cool!


..........and after dark this hill comes alive!


This might be the scariest thing I saw all night - a recycled sign with the old text still visible. Enter if you dare....


Fall festival at night


I really do like the cheerful look of the entrance sign this year.


IMHO the best scare zone...


Several character encounters - social distanced of course!

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I am a diamond elite member and just got an email from Six Flags (maybe) offering me a chance to pause my membership or upgrade to a Diamond Elite VIP membership. I click on the upgrade link like an idiot and the resulting website failed security checks in my broweser and would not load.


Does anybody know if this is legit or is it some kind of scam? I moused over the link before clinking and it does point to newsletter.sixflags.com.

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^I'm a platinum member (SFOT) and got the same email. It appears legit.


I'm talking to them on chat so seems legit but sending a bad link out and no real details on how you get this new card and so forth ... pretty much par for the course for six flags.


While talking them they just told me "you'll see the new VIP indicator on the app not on the website"... nope nothing on the app either.


Six flags is a pain sometimes...

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Does appear legit and their IT department screwed up as usual.


So the details are you cannot get this new VIP card until march when parks reopen next year. I guess with the shortened season they are trying to avoid people cancelling during the off-season since there was not much of a season.


I'll admit a PERMANENT 4 skip the line passes every trip is a pretty good incentive.

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Related, I just (around midnight) got an email saying my Gold pass (and dining passes/flash passes) have been extended through Dec 31 2021. So all of next year instead of just the few months they delayed opening.



Now if only the other park I have a pass for would do the same.

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I was at SFOG today. We had a good time. I do have season FP so that obv helps. Park was busy! Lines were long. Mobile ordering at most places was great. Bad Bob show was great as usual.


2 small walk through Halloween sections. Both only took 2 or 3 minutes but cool that they set something up. The scenes were good for what they were.


I have to admit, the park was impressive today. It gets a horrible rap and deserves it most of the time, but they appear to be trying more now than ever. Far more covid protocols here than I've seen this summer at KI, CP, Hershey, HW, etc. A lot more security around the park. Security in lines spacing people apart. Granted, the crowd here isn't the best and can get unruly. We were about 10 seconds from a 5-10 person throw down when security swarmed in and took care of business.


I've drug my wife to plenty of parks this summer. Holiday World is the only park that's bothered here. When we left she said, "I can't believe they seem to be doing to most about distancing and all that. Never would have guessed that."


Also, I should mention again, they were busy. This was like normal busy Saturday level crowds. Good to see.

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And, after posting that, I see instagram posts showing fairly big fights in the parking lot and in the park tonight. Seems the parking lot fight was a lot of kids and traffic was at standstill. I think leaving just before close was a good call tonight. And this probably explains why I saw a ton of security all day.

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Hi everyone, I'm thinking of visiting the park the weekend of December 11th. Just wondering how it is to visit the park that time of year, which coasters are usually closed if any, and what is the park doing for covid, access pass system or just socially distance in line? 

I also see that you have to make reservations. What if your late for your reservation? 


Thank you.

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They ran it most of last year during Holiday in the Park.  I agree there's a good chance it's running but it's currently not listed on the event page.


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