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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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...At least we can still refer to it as “Mindbender” without causing confusion


Yeah. I’ll stick with mindbender.


Same, but They should've at least called it "Riddler's Revenge" like they usually name their riddler rides if they really HAD to get the name change out the door.

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Same, but They should've at least called it "Riddler's Revenge" like they usually name their riddler rides if they really HAD to get the name change out the door.


As mentioned, WB won't allow it on new rides/renames.


If it already had a possessive name it can stay but none of the new names can. Wouldn't surprise me to see them ending that soon and removing all the old possessives.

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Back again with the opening day Trip Review! The weather was nice and the crowds were light in the morning but only got worse as the day progressed.


Track is still missing from Mindbender, mainly the "second loop." They were also prepping and painting sections of the ride.


It's so weird just seeing the supports, but I'm glad the ride is receiving some well deserved love.


New Revolution trains chilling by the exit ramp.


Speaking of needing paint...


This would be a running theme for today...


Gotham City is completely closed off, lots of construction noise throughout the day.


More Re-tracking for GASM! Everything from the 2nd turn back has been replaced as far as I can tell.


Lots of rides down today. With Gotham City being closed and GASM getting re-tracked, I would have hoped that they would try to have as much running as possible.

On a weird note, several places where you used to be able to buy food have just "disappeared," but most of these were rarely open anyways.





Food service has not improved, I waited 10 minutes in a line that did not exist to watch the lady behind the counter butcher a piece of cheese bread. Also heads up for Goliath, the ride ops will attempt aggressively staple you now, and depending on who's operating the ride the single rider line may or may not be open.

I wouldn't go near the park until they get things figured out.

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My Six Flags season began Sunday. It is always interesting to see what the park is up to after the off-season. After THEUSERNAME's trip report, I will follow up with a few more photos and observations. In total, three coasters were closed as well as all of Gotham. The Railroad is not operating either.


Crowds were very light with most rides being walk-ons. Pandemonium and Justice League were the only two rides where I saw any significant line.


My first impression of the 2020 season was abysmal. Upon entering the park, I go for lunch at Promenade Pizza. Same old same old....only six people in line ahead of me and still a 30-min wait. Food getting cold waiting to be served while three employees are huddled over the register trying to get it to do something. Tick tock.... At least the employees seemed friendly in accordance with the 'opening day glow'. And that dining room was filthy. So much for surveys.


After that icky start, things got better. Ride lines were short and what was open was working well. Goliath was running 2 trains and doing it very efficiently. Some coasters were running 1 train but it did not seem to matter as the lines were short anyway. And much to my surprise...Thunder River was operating! With waterfalls! (The observation deck with the water guns was closed though.)


It does look like there has been lots of work done to the retail locations. The new Coaster Candy Express was really nice (and YES they are still selling Jelly Belly products - and that giant Jelly Belly is still sitting on the bench for his photo-op!) Half of the Looney Tunes Expo store at the front of the park has been completely remodeled. The DC Comics section of that store is all new while the deeply immersive Looney Tunes section is largely unchanged. The Coke Freestyle store near the Crystal Pistol is closed for a full renovation.


My second meal of the day was better than the first. Macho Nacho was my Dinner and it took about 10 minutes to get my food, which is not bad for this location. And as for the dining passes, nothing appears to have changed from last season. Your lunch, dinner, and snacks are good basically all day. If you arrive at 6pm, they will still use your lunch pass first. (I observed this on another transaction ahead of me.)


The weather was absolutely gorgeous. The sun being out made up for at least some of the park's shortcomings.


Now we wait for the all new Gotham City to open. I will be back next weekend.


Never fear...Inside the new Coaster Candy Express they are still selling Jelly Belly...lots of it!


Coke Freestyle near the Crystal Pistol undergoing a transformation


The view over the fence towards Gotham City "Hard Hat Area!"


Another view of Gotham City. The old sign is still up but for how long? Notice the Bobcat equipment in the walkway (way in the distance beyond the sign)


For reasons unknown, they removed a 20' section of the arbor near the USA section.


Sign of the times. This was the only hand sanitizer station I observed though.


New Looney Tunes Exposition store. It really looks great inside!

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So, how does it work to get the 2020 cups? My friends and I got memberships in July of last year and there was a deal going, so we get the memberships until October of this year. So we have the red 2019 cups... Do we have to bring those with us and exchange them for the new ones? Or can we just use our current ones?

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