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  1. Are we still in the dark on when MindBender reopens? I drove by yesterday and it looks like it's all back together.
  2. Just went there today, Rollin Thunder is worth the price of admission alone. Solid collection of rides and good operations.
  3. Motivate riders to ride multiple times huh?? Backwards Train niarT sdrawkcaB
  4. For some reason the website is flipping my pictures no matter how I save them, so some of them are upside down now is upside down! After the headache inducing process of picking up our season pass, we made a B-line to Goliath. It's becoming more and more shaky as the years drag on, I'm hoping there's a solution in the future for this as its only going to get worse. Here's the new sign for Gotham City, I don't strongly dislike it, but I do miss the old 90s Time warner Gotham. Work continues on Mind Bender (you can see some welding going on in the bottom left)
  5. Another year, another opening day trip report! We've got some good, and some bad(prepare to cry) and everything in between. We got to the park a little before opening and the lines were very long (theme of the day) though we got through and found parking pretty quickly. Mind Bender is looking very GREEN, minus the section on the "second" loop. It's looking very good, but is nowhere near opening, let alone testing. From what I saw, the ride has no chain and no sign of any new trains either. Looking towards the bottom right, it looks like they are adding on the stati
  6. Park is becoming very crowded. Heads up to anyone planning on comming today!
  7. Say it ain't so!! They still exist on the app for now, but are labeled "Closed for the Season"
  8. ^Good thing to know! I did not have a pass for last season mainly because of MB and GASM not being open when I went on opening day. Def rubbed me the wrong way, might just be spoiled from how good 2019's opening was.
  9. After looking at season passes, might just go anyways. 50$ with free parking is a smoking good deal.
  10. Do we know if Mind Bender is going to open on opening day? Thinking about continuing my new tradition of attending opening day for the 3rd year in a row, but if there's no MB idk if I can really justify it.
  11. We had a blast yesterday and even got to ride Hargird's at NIGHT which was a truly amazing experience. Velocicoaster looks fantastic as well and is gonna have me comming back sooner then expected. All in all great day!
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