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  1. Really bummed out about Mind Benders big neon question mark being gone, but at least the ride is still there. Also, about time they got fans in the back of Goliath's station.
  2. Yeah, it never was the same after the 3 benches left. RIP buzz-bars! You will be sorely missed!
  3. Is scream machine still terrible after all the re-tracking they did?
  4. At the park today and Storm Chaser just closed to replace a screen*??? That's all they told me, no idea when it will open back up? Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea if the ride will open back up before the park closes? Update: Matinence says it's probably gonna be closed for a while "not for the the rest of the season, but it won't be back up today"
  5. Amateur hour, I'm gonna try break my record of 31concecutive times.
  6. I'm planning on hitting up the park tommorw after work, does anyone know if Rampage has been running?
  7. Does anybody know if the timesaver is more expensive if you buy the day of instead of online?
  8. Very Disappointing to hear, was planning on comming back this season, but might just wait till next year.
  9. It's a fantastic experience if you go on the right day, other times it can be the most frustrating day you've had in a long while.
  10. So I just checked the app and it seems like the park is closed until the end of the year?
  11. I stand corrected! Sorry for the misinformation, I'm glad their not downsizing the cups capacity they seem to keep shrinking them every couple of years.
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