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  1. Any idea if they will do previews again this weekend, might make the trip.
  2. Thanks Mike! Sounds like the ride is still as intense as it was before the refurb. Can't wait to experience this when it opens to the public.
  3. Somebody said it would open last week too, I'll believe it when I see it.
  4. Glad I took the time to ride OG MindBender a couple of times before the revamp began. So glad that there finally is some kind of light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. Anybody been to white water lately? I looked at the app and several of the slides are listed as temporarily closed.
  6. I would kill for an S&S Air Launch style coaster, but I feel like well end up getting a 4D Freespin since were overdue for one anyway. Fingers crossed though.
  7. So Fiesta Texas is getting a dive coaster. I think this really broadens the options of rides the park could see in the future, now that it seems like SF is working with B&M again.
  8. Saw the video of Mindbender testing. I was worried about pacing due to shorter trains, but it looks like it's moving pretty well.
  9. That's great to hear!! On the note of the shorter trains, I'm pretty sure there's going to be 3 of them again instead of 2. Will they use all 3? Probably not.
  10. Went to the park today and got there a little after 12:00. Lots of people for an overcast day. Probably the shortest wait to get into the park I've ever had, much better than opening day! We only Todd a couple of rides before leaving due to our hunger and not wanting to wait an hour and a half for overpriced food. Ride operations were on point and the only slowdowns experienced were due to guests and not the ops. There was visible work happening on Mind Bender but no sign of new trains or testing going on. It looks sooooo good now that it's all painted. I hope they get it open before the end of the summer.
  11. Are we still in the dark on when MindBender reopens? I drove by yesterday and it looks like it's all back together.
  12. Just went there today, Rollin Thunder is worth the price of admission alone. Solid collection of rides and good operations.
  13. Motivate riders to ride multiple times huh?? Backwards Train niarT sdrawkcaB
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