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  1. From the pictures looks like the wheel assembly just fell off causing the train to derail. Crazy part is of the 3 people who got dumped from the train the third one actually managed to grab one of the beams so he didn't fall all the way to the ground. Kinda amazing. Thoughts and prayers to all the victims, witnesses, operators, and their families. I do wonder if some of the other Schwarzkopf coasters are going to shut down for a bit for inspections. Was looking at my home park (over georgia) on the app today and mindbender is showing temporarily closed. Not sure if related but wouldn't be the worst idea to do an extra inspection even if you think everything is fine.
  2. Does appear legit and their IT department screwed up as usual. So the details are you cannot get this new VIP card until march when parks reopen next year. I guess with the shortened season they are trying to avoid people cancelling during the off-season since there was not much of a season. I'll admit a PERMANENT 4 skip the line passes every trip is a pretty good incentive.
  3. I'm talking to them on chat so seems legit but sending a bad link out and no real details on how you get this new card and so forth ... pretty much par for the course for six flags. While talking them they just told me "you'll see the new VIP indicator on the app not on the website"... nope nothing on the app either. Six flags is a pain sometimes...
  4. I am a diamond elite member and just got an email from Six Flags (maybe) offering me a chance to pause my membership or upgrade to a Diamond Elite VIP membership. I click on the upgrade link like an idiot and the resulting website failed security checks in my broweser and would not load. Does anybody know if this is legit or is it some kind of scam? I moused over the link before clinking and it does point to newsletter.sixflags.com.
  5. It is unbearable after the second drop, which is where the retrack stops. I rode it last weekend. Last tine I rude it this season. Horrible.
  6. I got the same survey. I was very specific in my comments that my main issue with dining was long lines and not enough staff. I remember one eat at fright fest I was in line over an hour to get food. Longer line then any of the haunts. The new mobile ordering helps a lot but only because not may people are using it. If it become popular staffing is still an issue. I also on the food survey selected as many options for "craft beer" included as possible. More craft beer is a good thing.
  7. Went to six flags white water today and was overall not impressed. For the two big items - wave pool and lazy river. No tubes for either. Lazy River was closed. There was a spot with a sign about how to use lazy river and social distancing markers but it was not open while I was there. The wave pool was open. However you had to go through this chute with barriers on the side so was only one entrance point to the pool. A lifeguard at that entrance would let people into the pool. At first I thought it was going to be when people leave more people can go in but it was actually more every 15-20 minutes they wave pool would close for "safety check" though I never saw anybody check anything and was basically empty the pool and let new people come in. The good part was they had the rope WAY out (was on maybe the second hook) so you could swim into the real deep areas of the pool. They did have waves but the intentity was toned way now. I'm more a water slider person and when I got there they had body flumes by what used to be rapids running but only 2 of them (not 3) and the junior lizard slide. Where rapids was is just torn down and nothing build there yet. They opened at noon. Around 2:30 they closed all the slides in this area. Not sure why but they even turned off the water and put barriers up at entrance and exit. When you go up from that, they had dragon's tail and blackwater falls running but all the rube rides above BWF were closed and you couldn't go beyond BWF. Yahoo Racers was open but had to go down the other path to get there. They did have the multi-person tube rides like bahama bobsled, typhoon twister, and tornado open. I went by myself and left shortly after they closed the slides by rapids and there was lighting in the ares which shut everything down. But at that points as a solo person my only options were a 20 minute wave pool shift (then leave and re-queue), dragons tail, blackwater falls, and wahoo racers. Just not enough to stay around for. Since so little was open as the day went on crowds increases in areas around chairs/recliners and so forth because there were not enough things to accept crowds and give them things to do. Allowed capcity reservatuions was too low for what was open and then closing slides in the middle of the day only made things worse. The main kid play area was open but the area around where the bucket drops water on people that complex was shut down. On the plus side, they did require masks when entering and did have the walk though temp scanner and walk through bag check which was great. I did talk to one of the managers while waiting to enter ( rope drop crowd was big so I went and sat in a "mask free" zone to wait instead of standing in rope drop crowd) and he said the rules they have given their people are if somebody is wet don't ask about mask since they might be going from one body of water to another but if somebody is just walking around without a mask a dry then do ask them to put one on. They also have signs saying that in food lines masks are required. My overall opinion especialy on July 4th - too few things open (and then adding to issues by closing things in the middle of the day) for the number of people allowed in. Created too many crowds of people with nowhere to go. They are trying but execution left a lot to be desired. I left with the impression they were trying to keep staffing as low as possible be that for cost reasons or because they just don't have enough people on staff yet I don't know It felt more like staffing issues then safety issues.
  8. Went again to SFoG today with good and bad reports. The good is the new re-themed Gotham city is really great The new rides are ok but nothing awesome. As we know they are both basically carnival rides but it does with Gotham an amazing number of rides. 2 coasters, the swing ride, the joker loop and 3 carnival rides which is a lot for that area. The bad news is the cleanliness has aleady dropped off. When I was there 2 weeks ago on MM they were trying to wipe down boats all the time. Didn't see that once today. Last time when I was at JBs when somebody got up somebody was right there to clean the table. Not anymore. A lot more people not wearing masks or not properly and little enforcement. and many guests ignoring the social distancing markers. I did bail early today but not due to covid/sanitation issues but it was just so hot especially with a mask I couldn't do it past around 3 or 4. I loved what they did week 1 when I was there. Not impressed this week by both guests and employees. Tomorrow I'm going to white water and I'm not sure what to expect after six flags today but If I'm not happy with what I see I'll bail early. I'll post something tomorrow about how WW looks. Slides shouldn't be an issues but wave pool/lazy river I want to see what they are going to do.
  9. When it worked it worked well. Order from wherever get near restaurant and click I'm here and they notify you when ready and then you just walk in and show your order number. I just had situations where it wouldn't load restaurants or let me make a mobile order but if it let me make a mobile order it worked really really well. I did Macho Taco as the one I got to work and that place can be backed up (but IMO one of the better food places at SFoG) and so I put in my order, when I got there sat on a bench outside and once it said order was ready walked inside and to the mobile side and just showed them my order number on my phone got my order which was in a heating unit. Easy and quick. If they can do that realiably will be a great improvement.
  10. The two new rides for this year are both in Gotham so looks like they have the whole area closed due to that. It is planned to open on 6/29 with the two new rides with the exception of mindbender which won't be back until 2021. Mindbender is missing track right now due to the work going on. So looks like it is just a construction thing while they finish the two new rides. Probably are behind schedule due to covid and by keeping the whole area closed a week or two can get things finished quicker.
  11. I went Sat and Sunday and was impressed with what I saw. Parking was every other spot. Make it take a little longer to get in with them directing people to places but with lower capaxcity not a big deal. The temp scanner and new bag/person check scanner were cool and made for the easiest time I've had getting into the park ever. Lots and lots of sanitizing stations and hand wash stations all over. Most rides were ever other row and one party per row. They were enforcing this. I went solo and the 3rd time I rode goliath when i got on a couple tried to take two of the reaming seats and the attendant saw and said "stop. one party per row wait for the next train" and they apologizd for now knowing and complied. Maks in the 95 degree weather was tough. No way to get around that but they were enforcing it. I went to mine train for one of my first rides and they kicked a kid who looks 5 or so off because of no mask. I expext the mom though after they got into the park they could ditch it. Saw them later and he had a mask so must have bought one. I was on skyscreamer later and the attendent made an announcement "your mask must be on properly in order to ride this ride". I can only assume somebody was doing the mounth but not nose thing. They didn't bother people walking around (though 90% still complied) but rides would not let you ride without the mask. Good to see. Sanitation was much better then normal. Lots of cleaning going on. When I stopped fro a beer at JB's spoorts bar as soon as somebody got up they would come by and clean the table. Never seen that before. Food was spottty. They have the new mobile ordering and when it woked it worked well but I had issues with it. The six flags wifi wasn't working for me so had to tun that off. Early in the day was getting "cannot load resturant list". tried a fewe times and finally got it to load and did a mobile order and it worked well at that point. Went ouotside resstaurant, said I was there, waited for it to tell me it was ready and went inside and picked it up. Later in the day when I was doing dinner app was saying no restaurants were supporting mobile dining and had to get in a LONG line. Even for low capacity food wasn't staffed properly as usual. if mobile ordering was working wouldn't have been an issue. Hope this is an opening week growing pain and it works better next time. Lines were really really short. I have season gold flashpass so used that since I had it. Most rides on there wee at 5 minutes. Longest was goliath at 12 minutes and I would guess about 30 minutes normal. Thunder river was also likely around 30. On the bad front a few things were not running. No skycars, no train, no shows right now, of course gotham is closed right now. The biggest one though was Justice League. If you go to it they have a sign that says it isnt open due to heath and safety procedures so I guess the cleaning of the guns is an issue so not expecting that to open anytime soon which sucks since I like that ride. Batman, Justice League and mindbender all down is a bit of a bummer. Capacity and/or attendence was low. When I was on skyscreamer lot looks maybe 1/3 full and that is at only every other parking spot in use. This was march/april crowds not June. One more story of enforcement. As I was leaving about 5 I was walking past the place after you leave scanners but before you enter park and there was a securrity guard going "mam! Man!" and this woman who was with a few kids (who had already pulled per mask below her chin) kinda went off going "Look.if I have covid they all have covid and they can't do anything in here without me" holding up her phone. Security guide was firm "Mam.. mam" and I couldn't catch all the rest but the woman eventually went back to the scanner area with the guard. My guess would be she failed the temp scan and since she was with kids figured she was allowed to go in anyway. It was great to see the security guard being firm and making her go back and pass whichever test she failed (temp or the security bag scan). I was nervous about going out to six flags with everythig going on, but Six Flags went above and beyond what I expected (outside of food but if they get mobile ordering reliable that will change) and I was very impressed. I'm going to check reservation slots for next weekend and plan to go back and see how hurricane harbor looks and already have July 4/5 reservtions for white water but may switch July 5th to six flags to check out new rides at gotham. I don't say this often but Good Job Six Flags.
  12. Looks like preferred parking is up. Saturday shows sold out but sunday on is available
  13. One other question. I'm diamond elite and so far don't see any availability to sign up for priority parking. Is that not a thing now? If I try to reserve no dates show as available.
  14. I had the same question on the bottle. Do I actually need the bottle or can they scan my membership or pass and see I have a plan that includes them and give me the cup? I'd rather not have to carrry it around all day and put it up on rides if I don't have to (have reservations saturday). And on a similar note - are they actually selling new bottles to people at this point? I am guessing the paper cups were used to minimize contact points. The attendant wore gloves, and just by having your member cup (or season bottle) the attendant knew you were entitled to free refills. The member drink cup is much easier to tote around the park than a flimsy cup so yes - I transferred my beverage. I did not see a scanning device being used so no - your member ID probably would not work. There was a register for those guests needing to purchase their drinks. Something I failed to mention in my above report is there is a new option for members to purchase a stainless steel metal member cup for $19.99. These cups do look nice and they are hot/cold so they can also be used for hot chocolate or your favorite warm beverage. From what I saw, season refill (and daily refill) cups were available and were being sold at dining locations. Good info and appreciate it. I'd love not to have to carry my cup around but it is what it is. I normally go solo and will Saturday so I do worry a bit with the one party per row if I'll run into issues boarding the exiting to drop off my cup that people will think I'm not riding and the next group come on in. I've had that happen before all this a few times and it's quite annoying but if I'm the only person in the row makes me wonder if it will be worse. Guess I'll find out Saturday. Thanks for all the information
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