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  1. Oh, LR is first on my list, just not because of reliability. Start there work around the park, hit LR again. Maybe eat then LR again. Random stuff (rides/shows/shopping) until dark and hit LR again after dark.
  2. It hasn't done that in a long time. I just looked at all of July and not once. It has a few rough days, but the worst looked to be Jul 16. opened at 10, down at 1:15 for 30 min then up from 1:45 til 2:30 before going down for the rest of the day. (Was that a weather day? a lot was down that afternoon) Back up the next day after a late start but only down for an hour around 5:30.
  3. Money for gas, to go to movies and such with friends, buy clothing your parents won't, buy video games, All the same reasons most teens worked 30-40 years. We didn't have too, but wanted the money to do/buy stuff. I was buying concert tickets, records/tapes, car audio, etc. At least my kids peers aren't/weren't investing in anything that would help their future. Video games and consuming social media. As for bouncing around, maybe in high school and college. A year+ at a steak house, about that long at a grocery store, then a technical job in college for a few years ($10/hr for part time work in the 90s). I started my first post college job at 25 and stayed there 12 years. I'd probably still be there if they had not closed the location I was at.
  4. You know exactly what that term means. Specialized skills above the general level with specific training and experience. Changing the oil in a car is unskilled. And random person can be quickly taught how to do it. Rebuilding a car engine is not something you can teach in a week. Any random person can make burgers food restaurant. That doesn't mean they are a Michelin star chef. Most can drive a car, that doesn't mean they can safely operate a semi-truck.
  5. Yet. Right now they are just trying to stay operational. We haven't seen the effects of the higher wages yet. If they raise prices much right now they will loose customers. But just like in the past with increases in minimum wage it takes a while for the effects to be felt. But every time it's been increased in my lifetime the result was the same. Within a year prices increased such that the buying power stayed the same for those that were making minimum. And those that were in the gap between the old and new minimum saw buying power reduced to match those at minimum. And those slightly above minimum saw a reduction in buying power.
  6. Mainly because the effects are just starting to be felt. Sure they announced the terminations in May and June, but most weren't effective until July. Tennessee announced in mid May with an effective date of July 3. So it's barely been a week. Here in Alabama the effective date was June 19. And that was only the federal $300 extra. Regular unemployment continues, though they have started requiring reporting again. Hopefully they add back the requirements to show you are actually applying for jobs. Beyond that, most teens don't appear to interested in working and that was the case pre-pandemic. Even fast food places were staffed with a lot of older people instead of the teens that were the norm when I was a teen in the 80s. My kids peers don't generally don't work nor want to. Both 10 years ago when my soon was a teen or now when my daughter is one. And a lot of his peers still don't have long term employment. They bounce around changing jobs all the time, seldom staying at one place for more than a year.
  7. $20/hr for that sort of unskilled labor? Might entice a few but then ticket and food prices will increase a lot to cover such high labor costs. The problem with the government paying more to sit at home and do nothing. At one point here it was equal to $15/hr for a 40hr week (more if you include taxes which generally wasn't deducted), For part time people with only 30 hrs it was like $20. $20/hr is more than my son makes as a mechanic for the city (not unskilled labor).
  8. Where do you suggest they get employees. Close rides to put bodies in food servIce? I'm sure they hire anyone that applies right now. Per the wait time site, WE tried to run Fri (10:00-10:30) but otherwise down since. It did run all day last Thu though.
  9. Have to have a license to perform it in public. Different licenses for different types of performance, but still a license. And every band that records a cover has to have a license a license to do so. Oh and Disney will happily license their property for the right fee.
  10. DW has had problems before. They had a license to play some songs in the park and got in trouble for performing them in a show because they didn't have a license for that. Here's one https://www.wbir.com/article/entertainment/dollywoods-response-to-song-lawsuit-yeah-we-used-it-but-we-did-nothing-wrong/51-08f13219-2155-4279-ae11-988c92271d2e
  11. Funny, but yes there are height restrictions. But they can usually get a waiver. As I recall Drop Line required a waiver.
  12. No. That's 2 or 3 people from each ride to help with rides than need a lot more people to operate and speed up operations for those rides with long lines. If closing Barnstormer and WPC speeds up popular rides like LR and WE, which do you think would be better for guest relations? That said I wish all of Owens Farm was more visible. Not much there anymore other than the bathrooms. Even the mill does most business downstairs now (I remember when upstairs was the main shop).
  13. I think it's staffing. Not the first ride I've seen closed with staffing given as the reason. A few days ago someone mentioned Whistle Punk Chase being closed for staffing. Just checked and the web site still show it closed.
  14. A long terrain following inverted coaster sounds like fun with the right terrain, no inversions required. Having been in a helicopter sitting in the doorway at 60kts and 100ft AGL following rivers and through mountain terrain, replicating that sort of experience with an inverted coaster really sounds good.
  15. There are lots of rides that aren't in Timesaver, but the big one are generally included. The bottom half of this page shows what Timersaver can be used with (rides and shows) https://www.dollywood.com/themepark/Guest-Services/TimeSaver-Pass
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