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  1. Interestingly I didn't see the NE much different when I was CT and NYC back in October.
  2. Just the nature of a short ride. It's listed as 3 minutes, but we know it's shorter from dispatch to brake run. I just don't see a train rolling in, unloading, reloading and being ready for dispatch when the previous train hits the brake run. But they could dispatch with only a 30 second wait if they didn't spend forever trying to get bars latched and dealing with loose articles late in the process. How hard is it to have everything ready before the entry gates open? They've been selling out onlIne. I think they save some for in park sale, but they probably go fast.
  3. That's some the fault of the ride ops, but even more the riders. I remember a few trains that unloaded, loaded, and dispatched smoothly. But certainly wasn't the norm. Seems there's always a couple that don't get the plan and slow things down. And of course the ride is so short you'll always hit the brake run before the next train is loaded. But I think with smooth ops/riders they could get 50% more throughput than single train. Back in the 1st or 2nd year Pete Owens gave the expected riders per hour but I don't remember the number.
  4. Looks like Rowdy Bear has changed a lot since I was last there (a week it two after the suspended glider ride opened). There were no targets and no braking as mentioned. And they had a normal Alpine coaster, not the powered one. Oh, now I see. A new PF location not the original one in Gatlinburg. Try the Rowdy Bear Glider in Gatlinburg instead. The PF location looks flat and that's killing the rides that need elevation change, like mountain coasters. Tubing hill looks fun though I'd go with the indoor snow tubing instead.
  5. No doubt, but having Knox on spring break really adds to the week day crowds. Same at SFOG when Atlanta area schools are out. Almost as bad as summer crowds. Other schools don't contribute nearly as much normally. I've been once when Knox was out and many other times late March-early April and it never compared to when Knox was out. Same with early/mid May. The end of year school trips weren't bad. Sure, there's always outliers, like a big competition in the area (band, cheer, etc.) But generally not bad.
  6. It is spring break season. I checked and Knox and Blount county this week. That's the 2 highly populated counties west of Pigeon Forge, with a combined population over 560k. Also Jefferson county but it's a small addition (50k). May is a very different situation.
  7. Sure, but I suspect 90% of the sensors that cause aborted launches would stay if they changed the start. So there would still be a lot of stoppages due to the sensors. I hope the Fri/Sat was just tweaking the sensitivity of a few sensors and similar tweaks and Sun are the new normal. I'd also like them to be more forgiving of an aborted launch and treat it more like other parks do with roll-backs (see TTD/KDK relaunches w/o unloading the train). Maybe unload, hold those people in a queue, run one or two test trains, then load them back up. 5-10 minute delay. Not shut down for an hour or t
  8. Was that Sat or Fri? I thought it was down all day Sat, but that implies it ran a while Sat.
  9. The launch was aborted, not failed. The same safety systems that caused the abort would stop a chain lift.
  10. My favorite part of the ride. Truly one of my favorite elements from any coaster. It just feels Like you hang so long. Watching it it's not, but sure feels like it.
  11. Agree. I think it's the temperature. I stopped and resynced in a few spots. It'd stay in sync for a while then the current would get a bit behind. But it seemed to take a bit, not a stead shifts like it was slower overall. Particularly I got them in sync coming out of the turn from the station, before the launch and they seemed to crest the hill together.
  12. Imagine signs like that at Dollywood… Honestly I think they are Inglewood and a east of space. Did the paths change or did they suddenly decide after decades that people need such warnings?
  13. Really discouraging preferred parking now. When they gave full credit for regular parking (with gold pass) it was great. But only half the value? I paid the extra $10 many times, but doubt I'll pay $20.
  14. I went back to this early video (June 8, 2016). I don't see any difference in the speed at the top of the hill vs the recent one of testing after retrack.
  15. Completely useless. Even after waiting I'm the main cue forever then you wait in the single rider line as they dispatch trains with half full rows. Occasionally they look over at the single queue and take one or two. Totally unlike the single rider experience I had in Texas several years ago (2014?). Bypassed the main queue (using fast lane) and they filled every empty seat from the single rider queue if people there. So SFOG almost never has anyone in the single rider lines because of that. Once or twice I got the fast lane person to let me up to the single rider line on Cyclone, like in T
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