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  1. I'd be curious to see that comparison. Specifically to know when each was filmed. I know a bunch of 1 vs 2 comparisons that had vastly different temperatures, and LR was always slower in the cool months (like March/Nov/Dec). And even then March 20th one year could be significantly colder than another year This year it wat 61 at noon. 2020 it was 68 at noon. 2016 it was 45. I guarantee a video at 45 is a lot slower than at 69. Even the same day could see 20-30 degree change from morning to afternoon and you could really tell the difference. So you need videos at similar temperatures to compare with.
  2. Check the calendar for the days they are open. They have a few closed days the first week of September. The rest of September and October is Harvest Festival. https://hfe.widen.net/s/hm2pjhbzhb/24dw_opcal_festivals Everything runs every operating day, whether permitting, from March to Jan. https://www.dollywood.com/themepark/Rides/Ride-Temperature-Guideline Of course rides can have down time, and getting parts can take days/weeks. And water rides, like Daredevil Falls and Smoky Mountain River Rampage, and are closed when it's too cold, but not an issue in September.
  3. Nothing controversial. It's clear what devices have issues.
  4. Pixel 7a, Chrome. Thumbnails show properly. Videos play properly
  5. I see. I was looking at the purchase page for the Black Friday deals. It just say: "Enjoy lunch and dinner every visit today and throughout the 2024 Season. Only a 3 hour interval between meals. Drinks not included." Nothing about a snack
  6. The 12-14 have 4hr blocks that appear to be passholder only. That's an unusual way of opening. Maybe some exclusive time Friday, but Sat and Sun too?
  7. I'm going to have to get there soon before they install trim brakes before the quad down. No, warmer weather will not help at all. I was waiting till mid-late May for it to get faster but that may be a double edged sword now.
  8. Sounds like people not going where assigned more than the grouper making a mistake/miscounting. But that goes back to my funding it less than useful. They didn't try to fill the trains. Group of 3 goes up and they never ask for/send a single to fill the seat (I've seen similar happen at other parks too).
  9. See or hear more on this? I'm hearing from others that new signs haven't been posted and it was just a few new employees misunderstanding the rules, particularly on LR.
  10. Well, I know plenty that like both. And my understanding was they are new, modern versions not old refurbished ones.
  11. Got a photo of the signs? Maybe a link to one? I trust you, but I'd like to have it to share with others that don't know me. Seems like a big mistake. Lots of 8-13 year olds there with parents/grandparents that don't ride. Shoot if my daughter was there with her mother (who won't ride coasters) a few years ago she wouldn't have been allowed to ride.
  12. That's a bummer. They need more not less. Though it wasn't real useful. The grouper would often ignore people in the line for long periods instead of filling trains.
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