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  1. Dollywood closed there water rides a few weeks ago, a lot earlier than normal. I think it was more people than temperature.
  2. So you trust the ride ops to ensure you're in properly but not him? You think your hand on him is going to hold him if there's a failure in the system? Helicopter much? I was so happy when my daughter jumped to a short line up front without me on WE. (She came back around and rode with me too) Or when she ran from LR to Drop Line to get one last ride before close, then back to LR for the last train of the night with me.
  3. And I've been more times than I can count in that period and ridden LR 2 or 3 times on most visits since it officially opened.
  4. Um, there's no safety chain to catch. Just the braking from the LSMs. And does the next train enter the station before the train clears the launch hill? I didn't think it got in that fast.
  5. For sure not happy. I doubt RMC is happy either (might be a black mark for them). But a black eye on the whole park? Nah. And outside of enthusiasts it's an annoyance but not that big of a deal. For every complaint I see about it being closed on FB/Instagram there are 2 from people that rode it and it was too much for them. It's extreme and too much for the majority of the park visitors. I'm still surprised they did it (glad, but surprised). If WE wasn't so smooth, it'd probably be in a similar boat. Too much for a majority of guests (might be anyway, but I don't see it mentioned as much).
  6. I think they have. The last few visits (pre pandemic) it seemed different than 2012-2017. Still good, really good. But not the same and not as good,
  7. My thought is parts supply. Something is a little flakey and needs replaced but not available so limiting operating days to stretch it's life. Not a safety issue, just prevents the ride from working. There was a report earlier itnwas down waiting on parts. It has been more reliable this year than last year. So it was improved. Still parts wear and break. If not available to replace what can you do? But it's just speculation. DW has been tight lipped about LR issues from the start. Could be personnel shortages during the week, though I'd think LR was a ride you'd prioritize. But I could see training being a factor there. Can just pull someone from another ride.
  8. That was my speculation earlier. Just need some more data points.
  9. The week of the 1st looks to be when it when down. I think on FB there was a post motioning parts. But ran OK the last weekend of August up til Sep 2. About half the day on Sep 3th. And down until the 10th, running until 6:00 then down. Good start Sat, but down for an hour around 4:30, but then ran til park close. Didn't run Sun or the rest of the week. Waiting on parts again? Only running on busy weekend days to prolong parts that need replaced for reliability (not safety)? Waiting to see what happens this weekend to see if there's more of a pattern.
  10. Soon... A week? A month? It was testing with 2 trains Sunday. One had dummy weight and the other looked empty. The time between trains was really long.
  11. And I see they extended the sale on the crappy passes. Must not have sold as well as they thought. Too many like me that don't want the limited pass nor memberships.
  12. No company I deal with regularly does, at least until SF did this. My insurance providers either require annual payments or offer discounts for paying in advance And we almost know how insurance companies view profits. So I don't see how monthly memberships look better in a P&L. Paid in full, means get guaranteed got the full amount. Monthly, sure one year but then that money can go away at anytime. While one might forget to cancel in month 12 or 13, they will soon. That extra payment or 2 doesn't add up to much in the long run. Or in August I plan to go a lot, but the pass. Come March that changes. Well the pass is paid. Use it a little then come August again and I buy again. Membership? That March in year 2+ I cancel and don't visit all summer. No food/merchant sales. I won't bother in Aug/Sep either as there's no benefit. Sign up any time for the same cost. I had membership for 1 year. And canceled, went to a pass. If it was so great I would have stayed. It's only good for people that can't save up $70 to buy a pass. But not really, it's more like pay-day loan companies.
  13. Some people (like me) just don't want the hassle of recurring payments. That's why I pay for my car insurance the full 6 month premium, not monthly. And lots of other services. And no other place charges more to pay in advance. Usually there's a discount for paying upfront. So if I stay with SF I'll open a new account, deposit the annual cost and use it for payments.
  14. So renew automatically at the monthly rate unless you cancel or prepay another year.
  15. Costly? If it's not the same or less it's a ripoff. It's cheaper for them if they don't have to process payments every month. Just a fact of how payment processing works. Those fees are why so many small stores have minimum purchase requirements for card transactions. Less than that and the fee is more than their profit margin.
  16. This. Exactly. I've never paid more for the gold pass (or whatever name, all parks and parking) that the price of the cheapest membership ($72/yr now). And I'd have to check, but last few years, the season dining with 2 meals was cheaper than the same member dining. The membership perks were useless to me, so not worth the extra cost.
  17. That sucks. I like that they added parking to that single pass, but I travel for work and occasionally go best other parks. $40 for the single park pass isn't bad, but I'd like at least the option for more without being stuck with monthly payments
  18. Just for the special 2022 pass offer. But it's only the single park pass. And looking closer I can't find the gold pass anywhere. Is it just me or has SF killed off the multipark season pass?
  19. I thought that was Florida. That's all the news ever talks about.
  20. Looks like it was open most of the day. Down for an hour around 2, then an hour for weather later. https://www.dollywoodwaittimes.com/ride.php?ride=Lightning+Rod&day=2021-08-15
  21. it ran Sun and Mon, Aug 1st and 2nd. So technically today, Aug 9, made rne 7th day, so only a week not over. park closed Tue, so doesn't count. Maybe it'll be up Wed. I wouldn't call it over a week til then. But I am curious what happened Aug 2nd to have it down most of the last full, week of the season. Over all it's had a great year though.
  22. I haven't seen that since the year it opened and lines went out past the statue/sculpture.
  23. After the initial mess, I wouldn't count on it. Maybe the guy on ParkFans can find something new. He found where they finally got the rezoning approved June 24, 2021, well after they started teasing the ride.
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