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  1. Surprised no one posted this yet. https://www.dollywood.com/Tickets/Season-Passes/Passholder-Reservations No more reservations for Dollywood pass holders. Still needed for Splash though.
  2. Doesn't mention selling, but the FAQ page says they will be available. https://www.dollywood.com/playsafe/faq#maskFAQ "Guests are encouraged to bring a mask with them when visiting. However, masks will be provided for guests in need."
  3. They'd only have to kick a few out before others got the point.
  4. Lots of good zip line options. This has been my favorite so far https://www.legacymountainziplines.com Of course lots of great hiking in the national park.
  5. Same price. They just might sell out, not that I know of thst ever happening.
  6. Hmm, I'd expect both rows on MM, just only one group on a row. Maybe 2 singles in outside seats.But 3/4 people together on one row (like in the cat they rode to the park in). And MM is one of the few rides that the queuing setup works for that. Harder to do with the 2 across trains, sometimes skipping a row and other times not.
  7. Haven't heard about any changes to Timesaver. Don't know that it'll be particularly useful. Depends on the capacity they are limiting to and how coaster oriented the crowd is.
  8. I did think it odd for you not to type the full word...
  9. Agree which is why I posed the question. Nope, since I'm not going while masks are required. If I drive 5 hours there I want to enjoy myself and that doesn't include wearing anything over my face. Agree. The only one I saw in June earlier was the 16th. I forgot to check July. So best I can tell is it's just the number of remaining slots. Looks like 3 levels and the 2 closer to full when reserving count against by the limit, but the green level doesn't. Still subject to the weekend and consecutive days limits though. Real pain to test as you can only do 1 day at a time
  10. Ok I just tested (didn't have my pass handy last night). I reserved 4 week days, 22, 23, 29, and 30. That's Mon & Tue on 2 separate weeks. All were green/available days. Now to cancel those...
  11. Are you saying it let you book more than 3 weekdays in one month? Idk, they need more clarification. Maybe list the days so folks know ahead of time, similar to a Disney blackout day I haven't booked anything (won't be as long as masks are required). Just saying point 2 is not clear and proposing scenarios.
  12. So it's not clear what the second point means. I get 2 days on weekends (so a Fri and Sat or 2 Fridays and such). and no more than 3 days in a row (but can't be Fri, Sat, and Sun per #1). But what are "Low Capacity" days? And is "Almost Full" based on when the reservation is being made or some other measure? So today I could reserve Mon-Wed for 2 different weeks but if any are flagged with those tags then they count against the 3 for the month? And while today a given day may not be "Almost Full" and wouldn't count against the 3, tomorrow it could be and thus count?
  13. The the email I got yesterday says they are adding a BAF and it and the earlier BAF tickets are now valid Jun 20 - Aug 2. The one dated Aug 24 - Sep 20 doesn't change.
  14. A membership is not a season pass. While I never saw an announcement nor received an email there is something in the FAQ now. Basically the same as DW, extended for the number of days closed and promised renewal special.
  15. dstephe9, what about the extended validity and proration for 2021? Does that not help make up for the current limited use? I agree it's all around a bad situation but DW is offering more than many (most?). SF hasn't offered an extension on my pass or a discount on next season (not to my knowledge any way).
  16. Which I agree with. And why I'm not saying they are wrong, just that I won't be going as long as that requirement is in place. Much like I wouldn't go to a restaurant with a dress code if I didn't meet it (or want to meet it) and not take to FB complaining about said dress code. I simply stated I wouldn't go and why. Plenty won't go places due to policies at them. But this instance brings a lot of vitriol from both sides instead of just "I don't like this policy so won't go" and "that's your choice"
  17. There's no mask that I'd find comfortable in summer heat. I could barely stand them in sub zero temps to stop frostbite, and only then for short periods. I just don't like things in/on my face. Never have.
  18. Hence: I've worn masks in summer heat and humidity. No thanks. I'll spend my money elsewhere.
  19. And I'll go once they aren't required. I know what a mask is like in summer heat & humidity (thanks Paris Island). And I've worn dust masks when working outside for a few minutes (sanding body filler). No thank you.
  20. And they will get soaked and not able to breath through on water rides. I won't be visiting any park as long as they require a mask.
  21. In the past I've had good results using Facebook Messenger. But as mentioned expect slow responses right now, especially with the announcement (which will have lots of questioners).
  22. It just acknowledges the Governor's latest order pushing opening until June at the earliest (Order expires May 29). https://www.wate.com/news/coronavirus-in-tennessee-gov-bill-lee-issues-executive-order-no-30-repealing-most-previous-orders/
  23. With other places limited to half capacity I could see DW having higher numbers. Look at what happened with GSMNP. They had a flood of guests that normally would have been somewhere else.
  24. Hopefully many beats of luck! Dang it. Fat fingers/tiny keyboard.
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