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  1. Then I have a good idea which I'll confirm later. And if I'm correct, it's interesting he mentioned launch reliability as previously he was quite adamant that the launch was fine. Was this event under an NDA? If not I think public comments like that would be attributable.
  2. And it doesn't work for crap on my phone. I used it in forums long before it was a built-in feature, just copying and pasting from multiple tabs. And in newsreaders and email before that. Then the people quoted generally can't/won't edit and respond to the quote. Instead the whole thing gets quoted multiple times. So I practically gave up on multi-quote. The exception being to quote the same person multiple times.
  3. we'll, that's after they start being annoying, not out of the gate. But sure, have fun with them if you can 8) I've never really had the issue in question... Maybe I'm the annoying person? Hell, I'd be happy to be at a park that has/utilized the single rider line in a reasonable way.
  4. Been away and was just about to point that out. All modern wooden (at least 50yrs) coasters have a steel top layer on the wood. Just walkover to Thunderhead and look. "A wooden roller coaster is most often classified as a roller coaster with running rails made of flattened steel strips mounted on laminated wooden track." RMC's topper is just a box instead of a flat plate. "consists of replacing the traditional wood track top two layers with a 'steel box' . A new six layer laminated wood stack is attached to the Topper Track during the manufacturing process."
  5. Or just tell them you aren't interest and don't want to talk. 90% of the time they shut up. Then again I usually end up in conversations about the group (generally girls) ahead/behind of us and how silly they are reacting. We both have a good laugh at their expense.
  6. I thought the whole point of a log flume was to get wet...
  7. Some. But compared to being sandwiched shoulder to shoulder at a trough not that different. And I recall a row of toilets w/o dividers in a few cases. Not quite the WW2 log over a trench, but similar. But yes, human interaction is becoming taboo it seems. Verbal and physical.
  8. I'm not really sure what they'd be working on with a crane that size in that location.
  9. I never found such to be particularly awkward. Maybe different times. We used to have open showers and trough urinals.
  10. Your call. I had/have no qualms about a movie theater or other indoor venue. Then again, I'm not over 65 and in good health, so not worried about the SARS-2 virus. No more than I was about MERS or H1N1, or even Ebola (and I was in Liberia at the end of that).
  11. While they've never really responded to comments on FB posts, they were responsive to messages on FB. It was a good communication channel. But not right now. My question from Monday still hasn't been responded to. All indications are they haven't seen it yet. So I don't know what's happened to the team that used to respond.
  12. It's more than the renewal price of $79. I could agree with the upgrade price for an actual upgrade, regular to gold. But for existing gold pass holders it should be much less, like $35-40. And current gold passes should stay gold through June 15 even if renewed as regular, like they would if not renewed, but I'll bet they screw that up.
  13. Like I said, I went to the page. It showed all 3 passes with no warnings like you get. I didn't click farther as I'm looking into a refund because of the Gold pass pricing. I'd pay $80 to renew all 3, or even a few bucks more for the gold one, but not the full $85 upcharge.
  14. Hmm. Just logged in and went to the renewal page. I don't see that on any of the 3 on my account. I guess you'll have to contact them about the discrepancy. That said, it is not showing the correct pricing for my gold pass, or they are really stiffing people with Gold passes. It's showing $164 which is $79 + the $85 upgrade for Gold. So $55 discount top renew the basic pass, but no discount keeping it Gold? That's pretty lame on their part.
  15. I didn't actually try yet, but I did have trouble logging I earlier. I figure they are being hit hard this afternoon.
  16. Mine was a letter. Delivered Friday here in Alabama. Important parts: Oct 19-Nov 8 (today-Nov 8 ) Dollywood.com/21Renew
  17. Maybe you missed it. I got a letter last week saying $80 to extend through 2021 (vs just mid June). Included a refillable mug ($1 refills) plus 2020 Christmas BAF and 3 BAF tix good for full 2021 season (subject to blackouts) instead of each only being valid for certain days. I think $80 renewal is an OK deal. That said, 2 of my passes are unused in 2020 (other one was used last fall), so I might just get them refunded and get 2021 passes. Either way would be good for all of 2021.
  18. DW is the only artist connected park I known of. Not that I'm opposed to others, #MetallicaWorld (Yes I'm a metal fan who also likes country and bluegrass. And I play in jazz and swing bands)
  19. Reminds me, I got a letter offering to extend my 2020 passes for all of 2021 (instead of June 15) for only $80. And they'll throw in the 2021 drink cup for free.
  20. Well you're in a chipper mood this morning.... Country sure. Sort of what you might expect at a park named after/owned by one of the biggest country music stars of the 60, 70, and 80s. If I went to Van Halen's park I'd expect a lot of heavy rock. And if I went to some rapper's park I wouldn't expect much country or rock...
  21. Hmm.. different idea of what bluegrass is maybe. Only time they really have bluegrass is during the BBQ festival and the harvest festival, and always seems to be outdoor performers (back porch, gazebo, or just roaming) never places like showstreet, celebrity, or pines.
  22. Sure the rides are big attraction but there's a reason I dive 5+ hrs to DW vs 3 to SF. The shows, the festivals (food and shows), the shops, and just the scenery (in and out of the park). Most trips are 3-4 days and I catch several shows. During festivals I'll see 90% of the shows/acts and try about that many dishes. If there are special vendors I'll usually end up buying from 2 or 3. And yes, ride every coaster 2-3 times. Meanwhile SF is just a few hours to ride the coasters and go home. So, no people don't just want rides. Not all and I dare say not even most visitors to DW.
  23. Disappointing. Does that mean the Jordanaires will also be leaving soon too?
  24. Related, I just (around midnight) got an email saying my Gold pass (and dining passes/flash passes) have been extended through Dec 31 2021. So all of next year instead of just the few months they delayed opening. Now if only the other park I have a pass for would do the same.
  25. That was my main though when I said shoes that don't stay wet. Water shoes, like for rafting, would also work though really good ones cost more. Sure $10-20 versions exist, but so do $100+ versions.
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