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  1. Not at home to get a pic, but the lid is very different. Didn't notice a lower capacity though. Thanks!
  2. Hey y'all real quick can someone tell me what the 2020 membership refillable drink cups color is this year. I have 2 red ones from last year and not sure if I should save them as backups. Thanks.
  3. Anyone roughly know when the buy a 2020 pass get the rest of 2019 passes go on sale? Thanks
  4. I was thinking about this the other day, would you rather Six Flags not add anything for 2-3 years to save up enough for a bigger attraction or do you like the yearly flat additions adds?
  5. Sunday 9/8 (as well as 9/15) is a bring a friend for free day which is why it was packed. I agree about maintenance lacking this year. I'm still 0-2 for Spinsanity both times while in line. One was for biological and the other was mechanical. I was at White Water last Sunday and it was pretty quite until the church goers started to arrive around 12:30. White Water had a bunch of rides closed until 12:30 which is crap. One thing I have to give SFOG credit for this year is how much easier it is to get a refill.
  6. I’m almost positive you can activate at either park and get all your benefits just fine. I think it says that somewhere in the long season pass purchasing page on their site. Thanks. I called just to make usre and they said it was fine to activate at White Water. In the Season Pass printout it says: Use by 9/29/19 to receive free Gold and parking. Pass card must be picked up at Six Flags Over Georgia or White Water before visiting other parks. Then directly below it says: Gold upgrade will expire if your pass card is not picked up at Six Flags Over Georgia by 9/29/19. No mention of White Water.
  7. Before I call and ask tomorrow I'd thought I'd ask here first please. Does anyone know if we can activate our 2020 SFOG season passes over at White Water? If so does this count for the upgrade us to gold, benies, etc? Thanks!
  8. Thank you both! Decided to hold off and head up at a later time.
  9. Hey y'all 2 quick questions please: Any clue what the crowds might be like tomorrow (5/24) from open until 2 pm or so? Thinking of driving up to checkout Wildwood Grove. Also, I tried to call and wasn't able to connect with anybody who knows but can I buy a single day admission and convert it to a season pass at guest services before we leave? Thanks so much!
  10. My 11 year son and got Diamond memberships this year and would like to use our single haunt/maze wristband perk. Could you recommend a good one for a 11 year (if there is any). As his parent I want a good scare but not a my kid will need therapy type of scare if that makes sense haha. Thanks so much!
  11. I assume you are showing your starting point? From that location, SR 68 will be fine. It isn't on the same planet as going through the national park. Your only risks are that it is two lanes and you are at the mercy of the vehicle in front of you. If a scenic drive is your thing, definitely recommend that route. If you are in a time crunch, use the interstate. Thank you. Decided on 68 on the way up to test and will either do it or interstate on the way back.
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