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  1. In the tunnel after the second lift hill, about a quarter of the way through. Slight injury, nothing major. It probably didn't help that I am tall/lanky. Also, night ride on the beast was the best!!! We had a blast, and the park lived up to the hype.
  2. Reporting in from the park, today has been a major success. We arrived at the park at opening and had all the roller coasters done before 4:00. Plenty of re-rides later, tragedy struck my left hand on the beast, but I am ok. They rebuilt me in medical, and I'm gonna get my night ride (hands down).
  3. Ok the 8hr drive was definitely worth it for storm chaser, tons of wacky ejector! Park was slammed today, but still had a good time.
  4. This is all excellent info! Just what I needed! Weather is looking to be rainy in the early morning before the park opens, but shouldn't be an issue. I guess my main question with fastlane is will it be cheaper to buy now than buying day of in the park? This will be one of my last big coaster adventures before I enter the real world, so I'm trying to make it count.
  5. All right, my first trip to KI will be this coming Sunday, last day with the late hours. I'll be there all day 10 to 10, so I want to hear all the veterans recommendations on where to go/what to do. Obviously planning to ride everything and I'm leaning towards starting with the Beast. How slammed are we thinking on a Sunday? Super excited
  6. This Sunday is my first time at KI and on Saturday I'll be hitting KK on the way up. My last visit was in 2020 and I was unlucky enough to have storm chaser breakdown before I could ride. The plan is to get there around 3 so theres plenty of time to ride. How slammed should I expect the park to be?
  7. Was planning on swinging by the park yesterday after visiting a friend but saw they were closed! Did school start back real early this year or could this also be a staffing issue?
  8. First time at the park this year. I was worried the improvements that had been touted would be all talk, but I was blown away by the improved operations. Operators consistently rolling trains and counting down to encourage people to get seated is a major improvement. Park seemed alot cleaner too, and while we didn't order food, the lines didn't seem to be very long. Almost everything was open, minus DDD & Sky Screamer and some others. Crowds were about medium and we probably waited about 40 mins tops for any ride. I can firmly say that Mind Bender is back in business, the trims barley grabbed us before the last loop and I didn't feel any hang time. In about 5 hours our group of 4 has ridden pretty much everything. Great day overall.
  9. I'm planning to get out there this summer if they end up opening GASM, anyone got an idea on that timeline?
  10. Everything said about SV is certainly true, the main reason I personally like IG better is the ability to marathon it. Back in 2018 l, my family used CPs busted fastlane system to get 5 rides in a row on SV late one Saturday night. It broke all of us and we were super sore afterwards, but totally worth it!
  11. It looks like those track pieces pictured earlier were for the "Surf-Coaster" going to SWO.
  12. Very glad to hear Kumba will be sticking around, glad this was just a rumor. Seems like screamscape got trolled.
  13. Very sad, I'll need to get back down there again to get several last rides in on it before the supposed closing date. A point of contention however, when we were there on the 11th they were running two trains on Kumba. Maybe this was just for the IG media day?
  14. I hope thats the case, rode it in the front and rear on my most recent visit and it was fantastic. If they do retrack it I hope they leave the imperfection of the zero g roll. Such a classic ride, I got giddy to ride it almost as much as IG when we got there.
  15. Ended up getting 4th train today, but we were present for the grand opening ceremony! Absolutely fantastic ride, even better than Steve imo. Gonna have to ride it again at night!
  16. Lol I know, let me rephrase. "First in line to ride on it's Grand opening day" How's that?
  17. Alright, I'm in Tampa and the plan is in full motion to be one of if not the first to ride IG. Does anyone know if they do rope drop around 30 mins early like some other parks do? Planning on getting there around 8:30-9:00am to beat the rush.
  18. I really hope this ends up being true, still waking up super early to be one of if not the first in line for the official opening. Excited to get back to the park, just realized it's been over 10 years since I was last there!
  19. Glad the rider was ok. Glad that it isn't going to affect the opening date.
  20. Will Sheikra and Montu be open? We had been leaning towards not going due to them being closed. Those two being open would definitely help disperse the load for everything else. Edit: Nvm I see that they have them both to reopen on March 4th
  21. Thanks for the input, I'm from out of state and how my universities spring break works out opening day is really the only chance I'm gonna get.
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