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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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Just read on screamscape that parts of Mindbender are being removed for matinence? Anybody have any pictures of this?

I do not but I did observe cranes and temporary fencing in the area adjacent to Mind Bender while driving by on I-20 and it did appear work was occurring there. Those SFMM Revolution trains spotted behind the ride are likely being installed as well. This is likely all part of the Gotham City overhaul.

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^ didn't they used to refer to it as Riddler when they first made that area gotham?


I mean there are question marks all over the ride, and even in the sign. .

When the area was newly themed to Gotham City in 1997 (and the new Batman The Ride opened), Mindbender was given its current theming. There was talk about re-naming it to "Riddler's Revenge", but the decision was made to keep the Mindbender name while adding Riddler theming (the question marks, etc).


Now, with all the work taking place in Gotham, including what appears to be a full renovation of Mindbender, including new paint and different trains, we can only wonder if the "Riddler's Revenge" name might finally be used. Personally I hope not. "Mindbender" is such a legacy name and has been in use since 1978.


I am eager to see the transformed Gotham City when the park opens.

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I didn't end up making it out to SFOG with my kids last Fall, as I had planned, so I'm thinking of heading down there during the week of Spring Break this year. Does anybody have any experience with Spring Break crowds there, and if so, what are they like during the week, typically? Thanks in advance for the assistance!

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Personally I hope not. "Mindbender" is such a legacy name and has been in use since 1978.


Same. I don't like how SF uses the same names in every park (even on different rides).


The more unique names/rides the better.


Even more so with a historic ride like Mindbender.

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There is definitely track missing from Mindbender when you do an I-20 drive by. Hopefully some re-tracking in the rough areas!

There were rough areas? Where? I didn't feel any of these supposed rough areas during the 2018 or 2019 seasons.

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^My thoughts too. Schwarzkopf coasters run like an absolute dream.

Agreed! Big time Schwarzkopf fan (who doesn't want a new train or new messed up bucket-y seats on our classic...)



None of the ones I have ridden have included a single rough spot at all.

The bottom of the horizontal loop and at the bottom of the 2nd vertical loop - the fastest parts of the ride - sometimes buffet as we used to say. It's the hard plastic wheels going over the track joints; it happens so fast in those parts - combined with high G's, that it gives that buffet or slight roar sensation. Add to that years of layers of chipped paint. If the track pieces are fixed where needed, sandblasted - primed and painted, it's as smooth as it's going to get. (SF Magic Mountain, for example, threw a layer of fresh paint on the Revolution track 4 years ago; it looks great but years of chipped layers are under that, adding to the clunk.)


Over the years, track ties (in all directions) have been replaced with brand new pieces. When these wear out it can add to that noise/feeling. It's really not rough... it just feels a little more aggressive in those places.


I think someone mentioned re-profiling the rough spots... which in modern terms could be the high-lateral-g entries to the top of the horizontal loop and the tree-covered turn before the last loop; these are my favorite spots on the ride! But I'm aware many newer coaster fans don't like being moved side to side, and they sometimes refer to this action as rough. To me, these actions are the very essence of a roller coaster. Action in a coaster seat is becoming harder to come by these days (due to bucket seats and super-tight lap bars) so enjoy it while you can.


As far as the Revolution train being on the ride, I'm hoping it's just for test purposes; to test how the Six Flags in-house manufactured train boogies run on Mind Bender, so they can build some new ones. The bodies/seats/headrests/set up of the new Revolution trains are a hot mess and don't enable that loose in the seat feel that Schwarzkopf designed into his rides (the aforementioned lateral spots).


Those old Schwarzkopf/Mind Bender trains are so plain looking, but really a genius design. It's basically the same position set up for your body as on an old wood coaster (the kind before seat dividers and individual lap bars), but with individual lap bars. But note there is no seat divider; the individual lap bar does allow a good amount of lateral movement so you get that classic feel in the turns. Totally genius. There is a small gap between the wheels and the track, which makes the ride run loose but not messy (like an Arrow, for example).


This is a concept that has been largely lost on modern rides which have spring-loaded wheel assemblies... from an engineering point of view, this is good on VERY fast and tall ride, but not a ride the size of a Schwarzkopf if you want that loose feel. Basically, these classic steel coasters/trains by Anton have some modern stuff for loops but have some ride experience features of a classic wood coaster.


Oh, or they could be testing that Revolution train backwards.


End Schwarzkopf love rant

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I'm hearing that Mindbender and Batman and more in Gotham wont be running for Opening Day. They are still working on installing the 2 awesome carnival rides for the new season among other things. That's going to be awesome if they are also doing 1 train Goliath on opening weekend again.


Anyone else got more details?

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Not sure being curious of the day's offering is freaking out. I'll have a good time regardless. Some folks traveling or making a special trip might be interested....and should probably reconsider opening day Six Flags trips in general.

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