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  1. I'm thinking of attending the VIP ride night for Pass Members on the 24th. Anyone know what to expect in terms of ride times?
  2. I'm still kicking myself for missing out on the $79 annual passes on Black Friday.
  3. I was there the week after Thanksgiving last year and every coaster was open except for Great American Scream Machine.
  4. Kinda like them putting extremely tight seat belts on the Cedar Creek Mine Train. I think those restraints are honestly a tighter fit on me than the ones on Dragster. I don't get it.
  5. I was there. They also shut down Orion and The Beast for 2 1/2 hours due to fireworks.
  6. How many Six Flags parks do you think shot off fireworks in complete daylight?
  7. People can say what they want about Paramount Parks, but there's no way in hell they would have done something this ridiculous!
  8. Cedar Fair has already said the Haunt is returning this year for Kings Island and Cedar Point. I don't see why Knott's would be any different.
  9. I have All-Season Fastlane Plus but I've always gone in the morning. If I show up in the late afternoon, will I still be able to pick up my wristband?
  10. I wonder how that's going to work in some of the other parks on rides where phones are forbidden on certain rides (El Toro, Jersey Devil)?
  11. I think Kumba would be the next logical coaster to try. It's a much better transition than Montu, which is a great ride but easily the most intense of the 3 at BGT. Don't miss Kraken at SeaWorld. I think you'll like that one as well. By the time you get to Universal, you'll be ready for The Hulk (which is IMO the best B&M Looper ever).
  12. It's probably too late, but I'll do my best. 1) My understanding is that you'll pay the Gold price for the Platinum Flash Pass. 2) It seems perfectly safe to me. I'm not sure if there's any height or weight limit. 3) I believe you can ride however you want. I rode by myself, so there's certainly no "two per seat" rule.
  13. Hopefully they will allow vaccinated employees to ditch their masks too. That would certainly help.
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