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  1. Park was buzzing today. Lines on everything, however one train ops. Great opening day. As promised a few months back here is some more shots of Spinsanity https://youtu.be/cALN61XPgh8
  2. Let me know if they still check reservations too next time your there... haven't for me since maybe August at a variety of their parks (St. Louis, SFHH, SFGadv, SFA) These protocols will be posted long after their enforcement periods... As a matter of fact, you could walk up and buy day tickets at SFGADV for hallowfest... quite a line too.
  3. If i had to guess, it will be lip service. Put a sign up and let the patrons decide what they want to do. Already some parks have gone that route (kentucky kingdom, waldameer) And by the end of last season, Six Flags was packing the coasters full at the two parks I was at in Oct (America, Great Adventures) whereas the previous visits last year to the same parks, they were every other row. There was clearly a shift from management, that didn't make it out publicly for fear of backlash online I'm sure, why else the sudden change in operating procedures? The visits in Oct. had staff refilli
  4. Yes and go to Superman and Blue Hawk first, both those lines can get long.
  5. Glad I got to visit and document it in one of the last weekends under Ed Hart. Park was empty... so this makes sense now..
  6. Going to do my first trip out there this summer. Should be fun.
  7. I visited every SF park that was open last year, sometimes 2-3x. (Frontier City, OT, Fiesta Texas, Over Georgia, America, Great Adventure, etc.) I really like Darien Lake though, the hotel on-site is a big plus. It reminds me of Geauga Lake. Personally, my least favorite park in the chain is Over Texas, I felt that place was an absolute dump in my 2 days there last year. That place needs a huge makeover, that it won't be getting for a while, obviously Fiesta Texas is their jewel in Texas.
  8. Pretty excited about this. Darien Lake is one of my favorite parks in the chain.
  9. Comes off as bit of cheap hire to fill a role. I feel they would bring in a seasoned vet if they were prepared to invest in this park, seems like a tread water type of move. Promoting someone from Great Escape that background is mostly in food, doesn't exactly scream park expansion coming soon to me... Great Escape is one of the smallest operations in the chain... Most of these Six Flags park have the same food anyways, Primo's Pizza, Johnny Rockets, Totally Kickin' Chicken, etc. Hope I'm wrong though...
  10. Have they opened up the Pirates dark ride yet this year? When I was there in June, it was closed due to social distancing.
  11. Right - it was screamscape. But considering no closures at SFOT & SFFT and nothing out for SFA yet... perhaps it won't be one at each one.
  12. I would've thought the same thing... but I remember reading 3-4 months ago that they were going to close a ride at each park. I was figuring Penguin's Blizzard River was getting the ax and went to check.
  13. Interesting, they don't have rides posted on their website. So maybe they will slowly open the rides as has been suggested...
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