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  1. I never miss the Zephyr, that little old man loves his job. Since 2016, when I first started going, I have seen him work weekends, weekdays, everything... Be a shame the one day he's not there.
  2. Gotta do Zephyr. The conductor / story teller is great! I would skip the Wild Mouse at Dorney, if you aren't there early, you are going to burn time waiting and it's nothing special.
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the Atlanta park take off... I enjoy both of their other parks.
  4. I would recommend taking any Six Flags pass to Diamond Elite if you frequent that chain. You will end up far ahead in $.
  5. So happy I didn't grab the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass this year... Six Flags is really doing a number on Cedar Fair. Six Flags Darien Lake kept their waterpark open until 8 PM on Saturday due to demand.... they are doing the opposite of what Cedar Fair is doing this year/
  6. Just visited the park over the weekend... Full capacity on the Viper train, social distancing on the Superman train. Makes zero sense to me... unless you are trying to piss people off. The queues were full into the midway on Fri, Sat & Sun for Predator, ROS & Viper. Never thought I'd see it for Predator. Was running better than 2017/8/9 from my recollection. Can anyone refresh my memory on why they dumped the 2 Intamin trains on ROS? Are they still available perhaps for 2022? I think it runs better with this train vs. SFA, but would rather have 2 train ops. They boa
  7. That is different than years past. I remember going out there on weeknights 5 years ago and they were running 2 trains. Seemed odd to me since neither of the trains were filled.
  8. That's not my video. The guy who posted it, is a member here.
  9. Last year must have been too good to be true for me... a Saturday in July and there may have been 1,000 ppl in the park. No waits, even in the water park. Guess that might not be the case if I run up there in the coming weeks
  10. Has anything been improved with loading trains here? I really hope we are still not on every other row. I'm headed there on Friday.
  11. Unfortunately, it looks like Waldameer may not be safe this year, lot of fights! I really thought we locked the bad guys up on Jan. 6. looks like we missed a few.
  12. If none of you ever ventured into white water bay at this park, my wife and i did for you. Watch it!
  13. I was there today, the crane was moving the ride through the layout at 8 pm
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