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  1. I just found some old 1991 footage from Waldameer on a VHS tape. Going to throw it up on YouTube later this week.
  2. Hopefully those things made it out alive. I heard rumors of the Volcano being built on the Wild Life side in 02/03.
  3. Promise I have a 1994 POV of Mr. Rodgers on a VHS tape at my parents home. Will get that up over the next few weeks. Losing that was a tragedy, I have no idea what the new version looks like.
  4. Yes - you can read the facebook and instagram comments about how bad operations are... I wanted to go the past year or two, but didn't make it there. Hit up Lakemont park instead, which impressed. There used to be a facebook group dedicated to the downfall of Idlewild, but I can't seem to find it.
  5. No fights or mischief when I was there last week on Oct. 31 - posted a video of the trip
  6. On top of that, I hear a lot of stuff in the park is closed on a routine basis. Very unfortunate. I have some VHS tapes I took of the park in the 90s. I'll upload those soon to show how great this little park was at one time...
  7. Does Darien Lake get more snow on average than New England? I would think it's about the same if not worse in New England.
  8. Maybe next year... the bartenders at the bar were extremely nice but very bored. Very few people took advantage of the beer event, even though I felt it was great.
  9. Went out to Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday and Saturday. Park was packed! Lines for most coasters were 2 hours+. Not sure what restrictions they are operating under. Here's some footage of Jersey Devil construction from yesterday, not much movement -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYROHelpZys
  10. Here you can see a bit of the bar to the right of Harley Quinn's construction. There is 0 theming on the bar area, at least right now.
  11. The bar was open next to Harley Quinn. I took some video of the area, I'll have it up later this week. Took some video of Penguins Blizzard River as it I found it to lacking on the internet.
  12. Wow, Six Flags going above and beyond. Was happy to see I am Diamond Elite until the end of 2022. No plans on cancelling, so this is clearly a bonus. Headed to Six Flags America tomorrow to celebrate!
  13. Lapbar only on Tantrum, unless something explainable or really strange happened to it in the year of shut down it was perfectly smooth in 2019, a very nice small Euro Fighter. The two really rough coasters at the park are Predator (if you're in the front it really isn't all that bad but anywhere else is unpleasant) and Mind Eraser, but that's to be expected. Predator for me last year (2019) was actually pretty enjoyable. My wife liked it, who despises most wooden coasters that, thought it was fun as well. If they can keep it running like it was in 2019, I think it has a future. W
  14. I don't doubt they will get a new coaster (a video from 2014/15 said they were planning on one within 10 years) and would bet it would be a RMC Raptor as there aren't any close (NJ would be closest but that would be a far drive) so maybe this is the start of their campaigning. They cancelled their 2 rides for next year already though so 2022 is the soonest.
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