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  1. New for 2022-Lego City Water Playground Legoland NY has announced Lego City Water Playground, located within LEGO City, it’s the perfect way to beat the heat during your day at the theme park. While you there; build an race your own LEGO® watercraft at the Build a Boat feature!
  2. My Family and I did Kings dominion one day then drove 2 hours (1 hour from BGW) to Norfolk, Virginia in which theirs a Naval Base. We went to a Bunch of museum's, walked around the "city". Its a really nice area and we enjoyed our time their.
  3. Demolition has begun at Hard Rock Park. The Front entrance is now Rubble
  4. Many of the coasters the merge Points are all in different points in the queue. Most of the merge points on coasters lead mostly into the station, or stairs before the station. Joker's is my least favorite because you still have to wait 20 minutes because they merge you at the split point. But most of them are walk on or station wait, If you want to do JDC and Wonder women and skip that line I would recommend Platinum but JDC line moves quick and Wonder women I use my member Skip the line on it. (JDC has no Skip the line rn)
  5. I know you guys would get a laugh on this one. Someone at Kings Dominion had a bright idea to have 7pm fireworks when the park was closing, but funny thing is.... it was daylight outside.
  6. Construction is moving pretty quick for Lil' Devil (Rumored name for the coaster). Credit- Kyle Majkowski on Facebook.
  7. The poster did give us an update. They were on the block of 10 minutes, then maintenance forwarded the train into the station causing a collision. BTW they got a refund and they did call a lawyer.
  8. Shivering Timbers did bump. Credit to Cassie Villarreal on Facebook. "So FIRST ride is Shivering Timbers. Ride went fine but then we got stuck trying to get off. They literally SLAMMED us into the cart in front of us that hadn’t taken off. No apology except from the teenage employees working the ride. No medical check. They took our names and seat number and nothing else. No phone numbers or anything. They then just let us go. No compensation or anything for literally crashing us at probably 30mph into an object not moving at all. The metal and actual track broke from the impact. Michigan’s Adventure is a joke and needs to STEP UP."
  9. 1) I went a few years ago and parking wasn't bad. There is parking near Cyclone, We went with a payed parking location. I believe there is a couple of those nearby and we payed for a few hours. 2) You can DEF get your rides in within 4 hours, that's all you need I feel. 4) Deno's can DEF be done within an hour, maybe less 5) IDK about the single thing but I've heard sketch stuff from American Dream Employees.
  10. I've heard a couple stories of dummies' being ejected. You got the one at Playland's castaway cove, 2 dummies' were ejected and landed on a hotel roof. park laughed about it, and it's still safe. Dummies that "Blow Up" and have no legs are more prone to being ejected when water is loss. https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/national-international/roller-coaster-test-dummies-fall-crash-ocean-city-jersey-shore-hotel-roof/200210/
  11. Concept art for the new Adventure Cove Splash Pad replacing Hook's Lagoon. https://www.sixflags.com/stlouis/attractions/adventure-cove
  12. I was their yesterday too. They were enforcing it on Justice League (Played an announcement if someone took their mask down) and on Dark Knight their was a security guard in the "Pre Show" room
  13. Adventure Cove will be a new complex! From batman you can tell they completely tore out the old play structure. All they left are the slides. From sky screamer you can see they put the old bucket in the graveyard.
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