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  1. Looks like American Dream is getting a couple new kiddie flat rides -We have a Zamperla Speedway that looks like a clone or similar to Zooma's Zoomer, a Paw Patrol ride at Movie Park Germany -According to someone from Reddit who went to Nick Uni (Photo is from him) he saw, "a mini jungle looking swing ride. It’s already put in place, just boxed off from everything. You can see it clear as day." Link for the Jungle swing comment Link to the photo of the new ride
  2. The thing is this isn't the first time the leg thing happened, there is a photo out there were a dude didn't have his legs secured in the restraint and the ride ops still dispatched the train onto the lift. Great Adventure employees are trained to kick the leg flaps, I also know Great Adventure was strict with cameras and he complained at that time, he also complained majorly (At that time) of the El Toro Locker Policy. I remember when his friend group went to Japan it was constant complaining about how the parks assigned seating and how Japanese parks did there own thing unlike the US. T
  3. Phoenix Coming to Deno's Wonder wheel park (Date/year not announced yet) In an interview with USA Today Deno “DJ” Vourderis, a third-generation member of the family that owns and operates the park announced Phoenix https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/3957029001?__twitter_impression=true This Vekoma Family Invert is 68 feet tall and travel at a speed of 34 mph. This family invert will deliver thrills, but it will be accessible to younger children and those who might be intimidated by bigger, faster rides. The name, Phoenix, represents the sensation of flight that the suspended coa
  4. Finally, it's been too long since this park has gotten some love. A county shouldn't be operating a park, it took so long just to get a new ride.
  5. Ski lift's are a lot of fun to operate, especially when you have the Jerry's. I have only operated a carpet life within my department of Children's ski instructing
  6. How is working Big Snow? Know a couple former coworkers that now work Big Snow
  7. The layout for Space Factory Coaster at Yomiuriland has been unveiled! The first Gerstlauer invert is sure to be fun for all ages! It has a surprising amount of track inside the building!
  8. Today a news segment aired on the Construction of the park, Pretty interesting how the park puts Miniland together, the park looks pretty good compared to a couple weeks ago.
  9. Looking at Legoland Dubai the park was in Previews in October,A couple months earlier it looked the same. They where def a month or two behind, but they where probably gonna put more construction workers on site. Remember rn that there is limited construction workers on site.
  10. I really love how you can retrofit it! Im really hoping that they don't put the 4d cars on the Smaller Shot Towers. The smaller the shot tower the better the ride is! I would love to see this on a shot and drop!
  11. Looked through Forums, this is the apparent layout to the Maurer Spinner Coaster
  12. I just found a video from Amusement Insider's and Im surprised no one is talking about Marineland. According to the video, the Zierer Starshape, and Family Drop tower (The park has one already but it was getting old) was supposed to be built last week, but the Canadian Government decided last minute to not allow the German Engineers to built the ride even though the engineers quarantined for 2 weeks and everyone that was going to the during construction came back negative. Looks like there is big construction taking place at the park and the future might be big for the par
  13. Cyclone is easily not going anywhere, its just the others rides and businesses
  14. The 2 parks at Coney Island are at big risk for closing, I have a feeling Deno's Wonder wheel Park, and Luna Park. Deno's spent 5.5 Million to expand the park and buy more land, then spent "$6 million to commission a splashy new European thrill ride of an undisclosed type." According to this article https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/07/realestate/coronavirus-coney-island-wonder-wheel.html Inside Edition filmed an Interview and you can hear in there voices on how financially unstable they probably are with the park. (Also Zamperla closed down Victorian Gardens and relocated the ride
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