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  1. I really love how you can retrofit it! Im really hoping that they don't put the 4d cars on the Smaller Shot Towers. The smaller the shot tower the better the ride is! I would love to see this on a shot and drop!
  2. Looked through Forums, this is the apparent layout to the Maurer Spinner Coaster
  3. I just found a video from Amusement Insider's and Im surprised no one is talking about Marineland. According to the video, the Zierer Starshape, and Family Drop tower (The park has one already but it was getting old) was supposed to be built last week, but the Canadian Government decided last minute to not allow the German Engineers to built the ride even though the engineers quarantined for 2 weeks and everyone that was going to the during construction came back negative. Looks like there is big construction taking place at the park and the future might be big for the par
  4. Cyclone is easily not going anywhere, its just the others rides and businesses
  5. The 2 parks at Coney Island are at big risk for closing, I have a feeling Deno's Wonder wheel Park, and Luna Park. Deno's spent 5.5 Million to expand the park and buy more land, then spent "$6 million to commission a splashy new European thrill ride of an undisclosed type." According to this article https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/07/realestate/coronavirus-coney-island-wonder-wheel.html Inside Edition filmed an Interview and you can hear in there voices on how financially unstable they probably are with the park. (Also Zamperla closed down Victorian Gardens and relocated the ride
  6. I'm thinking about going to DreamWorks. I'm assuming you still have to pay for a Locker, also how is the food situation? Same as Nickelodeon?
  7. Space Factory construction update Looks like the track will be finished soon Speculation of the manufacturer is Gerstlauer because of the shaping of the supports
  8. Funplex Myrtle Beach Funplex Myrtlebeach is a park with just SBF rides. The park is going on 1406 Withers Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 and will be replacing an old parking lot. The Funplex CEO that owns 2 other Funplex locations in East Hanover,and Mount Laurel NJ Said,"“It’ll be a small amusement park that you can stay in for a few hours and keep yourself busy,” Williams said. “It’s a tight footprint, but we’re trying to provide the best experience we can by trying to reach as many people with the rides.We’ve been operating for 23 years, and we’ve developed our parks in a really, really th
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