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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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I still can't believe just yesterday I said "well at least SFOG doesn't have any shootings or massive brawls like Magic Mountain or Astroworld..."


Joe jinxed us. Cant keep your mouth shut can you. Now are park is comparable to all the other shotty/ghetto sixflags out there i.e. SFA and MM. Now i have to wear my bulletproof vest to the park just to feel safe.

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I was walking out of SFOG last April to my car and these two girls got in a major fight. Both were on the pavement yanking at each others hair.


I got the heck out of there for fear one of them would pull a gun or something. lol

Me, I would've grabbed the camera and started rolling tape. I hear there's a pretty decent market for catfights these days.
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Hmmm, I guess this is final proof for me that Six Flags will always be "ghetto." Although many (yours truly included) noticed early on in the season (before school got out) that Six Flags had made some notable improvements, I now see that they will never escape true "ghettoness." Try as they will, Shapiro and company have the challenge of a lifetime if they truly believe they can transform all of their remaining properties to more of a "Disney-like" atmosphere.


I applaud their efforts in cleaning the parks up, and trying to eliminate smoking as much as possible. Unfortunately, all of that will ultimately be for naught. The simple truth is that eliminating Mr. Six, throwing in a parade, and creating smoking areas will never rid the parks of the typical clientele that visit from mid June through late August. Does that comment seem harsh? Sure, but admit it........it's true.


Six Flags will remain "ghetto" for many simple reasons. Location, price, and carnival atmosphere. It's no secret that most of the visitors to many of the Six Flags parks aren't about to pack up the family station wagon for a trip to Orlando. Why is that? Well, most of it's obvious, but a lot of it still has to do with the admission being cheap. Internet purchasing and/or a mulititude of local coupon options keeps the price reasonable. Finally, as long as you can pay $5 to spray a stream of water into a clown's mouth to win your trailer trash girlfriend a five foot tall stuffed animal (or a basketball to annoy every other guest in the park with), Six Flags will never truly eliminate the guests Shapiro wishes he could.


Sorry, Mark. Valiant effort, but I've officially given up on your hope to transform a chain into "family friendly." In fact, I feel stupid for believing it may actually have been possible. Oh well.


The park itself is not ghetto, its the people who are ghetto who do not care and just trash the place like its their house. I do agree with you on how Six Flags will never be a Disney, but I do not think Sharpio is trying to make it a Disney. He's just trying to clean up the park and make it more "friendlier" so families can go there and spend money, which helps Six Flags' debt problems. If teens spent money as much as families do, then there would not be as much of a problem.


It's sad, however, about this. Everyday on the news here, you always hear about violence. Channel 2, the #1 news station here reports only the negative things, and sometimes something positive (not often though). The news is either about a killing, a rape, a robbery, or some sort of arrest of a person, and then they'll get to the weather.

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I've only been to SFOG and no other SF parks. My thinking was that most SF parks were in or near larger cities with high urban crime. Disney or Universal Orlando attract tourist from all over the world. These people go to Disney for a vacation. Urban teens go to a Six Flags to hang out. Dollywood, Holiday World and other smaller parks are in smaller rural areas but agaain are visited mostly by tourist and not the urban street thugs. I'm not sure about the Paramount parks. I've been to Carowinds and PKI and didn't notice a thug problem like SFOG. At my home park, Lake Winnie, anyone under 21 isn't allowed in the park without an adult. I think that is a little extreme, but a few years ago a huge fight broke out in the park. I haven't heard of any major problems since the new policy has been put in place. Maybe Six Flags should consider doing something similar at the troubled parks. It might turn away potential patrons, but it could also increase attendance by families who might no longer be afraid they will be shot.

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I've never heard of something like this happening at a Canadian park... infact... the Canadian parks that I've been too were very peaceful with great employees. Then again, I've never been too PCW (been told it sucks) or La Ronde. I adore fairs here, and I don't see the "carnie" atmosphere that I've been told by many, that US fairs have, so I don't see "carnival atmosphere" as a very fitting statement. Infact... most of our carnies are funny .


Ok, I highly doubt the Mindbender accident was even remotely peaceful but thats like a once in a lifetime happening, and quite a bit different than a drive-by shooting.


Has a Canadian park ever had a shooting or voilent activity worthy of recognition happen?


I feel very bad for what happened though. I find it strange that people use the fact that human life is perishable to their advantage. Death is inevitable. It will happen no matter what is done to prevent it. Why shorten the experience?

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These are sad times for roller coaster crashes. And we can all blame it on Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland.


Anywho, it seems that most of the people that die on roller coasters have a pre-existing condition. I wish people would know what conditions they have before going onto a roller coaster that might hurt them. Sometimes, I wish people would think before they ride.


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I smell strict government legislation coming if people keep dropping dead at this pace.


And to those who say "Know your pre-existing heart coditions before you ride" is much easier said than done.


A lot of these people that dropped dead on coasters looked and felt as healthy as you or I. People who look and feel healthy don't have echo-cardiograms or other similar tests done for the hell of it.


Myself being an example of unknown medical condition: I found I had a degenerative spinal condition that was discovered when I had an unrelated hip problem checked out. My back felt and looked fine before this was discovered but unknowing to me my spinal column discs were deteriorating and developing spurs. That was total news to me.


It's just going to be a sad result that people who have unknowing illness' will keep dying like this.

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Looks like the Alvey curse of 2006 strikes another victim.


Oh, and I blame HMOs, otherwise more people would go to the doctor and get diagnosed properly. HMOs suck, pretty much all of them. But if I have to pick just one, I'm going with Lance Bass.

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I read the article and he didnt die on the coaster he died on the way to the hospital. Theres a BIG difference...


According to WIS-TV:

Dupree says firefighters arrived to see Emergency Medical Services workers and employees of the park treating a man who was suffering from cardiac arrest. The man was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


He was in cardiac arrest on the scene. They simply pronounced him dead later.



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Very sad news to read.


I wonder if today's coasters have reached their limit for the Human Body.


Could it of been the Spiral 540 helix which did it or the 175ft drop..?


All the death's this year make the coasters look bad, in the end it is down to the person who rides em, no-one knows your limits except youself.

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