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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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On 7/4/2021 at 1:41 AM, BigJoe123 said:

I know you guys would get a laugh on this one.
Someone at Kings Dominion had a bright idea to have 7pm fireworks when the park was closing, but funny thing is.... it was daylight outside. 


People can say what they want about Paramount Parks, but there's no way in hell they would have done something this ridiculous!

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I was at KD Sunday. I rode TT 10x and they were allowing re-rides if there was no one waiting in your row.

There are no loose items allowed. And the lockers are for small items like cell phones and keys. If you have a bag, you can't even enter the queue. You walk through a metal detector mid-queue and they steer you to a locker if you have any loose articles. The lockers seemed to work fine for me because there was no crowd. It has to be a complete clusterfuck when the ride is crowded. One caveat, when you re-open your locker, it is easy to shut the door by mistake before you grab your stuff. I was able to retrieve my stuff by entering my DOB and symbol again. When I got my locker, it said my number was 36. When I found 36, someone else was putting their stuff in there. The person said they just assumed it was theirs because it popped open when they entered their info. I entered my info on the screen on the far right (there are three) and my locker was pretty far to the left side. The lockers have two doors and you can access the locker from the exit line. On my last ride, there was a logjam at the lockers/metal detectors, so I bailed for a tasty IPA at The Parched Pig afterward.

I checked TPR's facebook group to find that Intimidator had started running so I went over for 4x rides with no lines.

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  • 3 weeks later...

^It's the worst loose article policy I have ever experienced that's for sure. No clue what they were thinking, the locker area is way too small like you said and creates a bottleneck before the actual ride sometimes too.

It's also the perfect area for fights to break out, it's cramped and people are stressed about their expensive items. I've only seen a few aggressive arguments between guests but I would be shocked if there have been no fights there.

And the poor employees that have to work it and and have to enforce a dumbass policy that many guests will yell at them about. I get loose articles have been an issue on these RMC's, but this can't possibly be the only solution. 

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Visited the park for the first time since 2018, still sad to not have Volcano, but most of the other coasters are decent. Got on all the others aside from I305 which was down. Twisted Timbers was amazing as always but the crew was the slowest of the day. Surprise rides were the left side of Racer75 and Flight of Fear. Racer actually had decent airtime and was fairly smooth. Flight of Fear was much smoother than the last time I rode, not perfect but minimal banging around, and that launch is always amazing, it also seemed to pick up a ton of speed on the final lap just before the corkscrew, can't remember if it always was like that or not.


The park was pretty clean and looked beautiful, and while there were quite a few people in the park it was never really crowded and minimal long lines. I want to say TT had the longest wait at around maybe 20-30 minutes. Most others were walk ONS or station waits thanks to two and even three train operations all day. My only knock on the park would be the lack of food options open when the park opened at noon. Eventually we ate at the Country Kitchen which while not amazing was pretty good bbq (for an amusement park that is). 


The Carnivals offerings were nice but they had some slow lines especially the drink stand. It was a nice addition for the summer and a good answer to Busch Gardens Summer Nights. Didn't stay for the parade but the live entertainment was nice. Overall it was a good visit and a great way to start my vacation. 

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After waiting years and trying to get down to the park pretty much every year for the last 3 or 4 years and never being able to, I finally made my first trip to the park on Monday and had an amazing day. 


I305 (x7)- This ride has been the top coaster on my bucket list for a long time now and I’m delighted to say, it lived up to all of the hype and then some. This ride is absolutely f*cking psychotic. I have no other way to describe it, the thing is just the most intense coaster I’ve ever been on. Combine that with an incredible drop, that insane first airtime hill, lightning fast transitions with wild laterals and pops of ejector air you didn’t even think were possible, and you have one of the best coasters ever built. And somehow even with all that breakneck intensity, the ride still manages to be glass smooth. I truly can’t believe this ride is actually allowed to exist, absolutely mental. Superman @ SFNE  has been my favorite steel coaster for the better part of 15 years now and finally I’ve ridden a steel coaster that tops that, I never thought I’d see the day. It’s now my #2 overall just behind El Toro. 

Twisted Timbers (x2)- I’ve always been an Intamin fanboy and have found most coasters by RMC wildly overrated (including Steel Vengeance). This most definitely isn’t. This is easily my new favorite RMC (yes, I think it’s better than Steel Vengeance). Those first 3 camelbacks are reminiscent to El Toro’s first two hills, albeit at a smaller scale. I also think the quality of airtime on this is better than any RMC I’ve ridden. Part of that could be because I avoided getting stapled which I never seem to avoid on RMCs. At most parks, this would be the best coaster, but it’s shares this park with that gigantic red and yellow psychopath.

Dominator (x1)- I’m a huge fan of B&M floorless coasters, I just find them to be very fun and relaxing rides and this one is no different. This one has a bit more bite to it than the others ones I’ve ridden. Not really sure if I like this or Bizarro @ Great Adventure better but they’re both excellent rides. 

Flight of Fear (x2)- I’m not sure if it’s a popular opinion around here but I absolutely love these rides. I rode the one at KI back in 2018 and loved it and this was no different. 

Backlot Stunt Coaster (x1)- once again, rode its clone at KI. Fun little family launch coaster, not much else to say.

Racer 75 (x2, both sides x1 each)- This ride was surprisingly fun. Didn’t really expect much but had a couple decent pops of floater air and it’s relatively smooth. 

Grizzly (x1)- I’m honestly not really sure what I think of this ride lol. It’s pretty rough in some spots, it’s quite aggressive, has a couple decent moments of airtime. I think I liked it but at the same time it did bash me around a bit lol.

Anaconda (x1)- It actually wasn’t the horrific trash that I thought it was going to be. I mean it’s kinda shakey and has those wonky Arrow turns but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as a lot of people say. 

Windseeker (x1)- my girlfriend loves the Star Flyers at six Flags parks so we rode this so she could take a breather after I305. It’s a fun ride. No where near as good as the star flyers but still really fun none the less.


We didn’t do much for flats. I’ll be honest I don’t know much about KDs flats so I’m not sure if I missed anything I shouldn’t have? I’ve done a lot of the other flats at CP and KI and didn’t really feel the need to do them again.

Really awesome day! I’d been waiting to get to KD for years, mostly for I305 and it lived up to every bit of the hype. I want to try and get back down there for Haunt so I can get some I305 night rides. 

now for some pictures (beware it’s mostly just I305 lol)

41534B53-5B32-4338-8202-AFD6974CF239.thumb.jpeg.b9bd16401997cda93f4c4b2e8bcfdc09.jpegme and the girlfriend, very pretty entrance 8E8C63B5-F9C5-4A14-B367-785F3BD5F333.thumb.jpeg.87b81c4ff8037dbe8a2c51d3e46726fc.jpegwalking up to the ride for the first time, just like Millennium Force I can’t get over just how massive the structure looks

A6E91757-7B76-4535-B2CF-F76ABD5CC1F1.thumb.jpeg.c41fa340bdce3477e6a2b90f27e057d2.jpegI can’t get over this part of the ride. This transition is so fast and so violent I can’t believe it’s actually legal lol.ACF6364C-7A28-4C96-8661-80CFCB5FCF40.thumb.jpeg.e468a2c9edd2d2dcba8369b3a4bcb533.jpeganother angle. Just absolutely absurd lol.EED5F456-7065-402B-A150-8EDE4B130EDD.thumb.jpeg.bee5936bd0b8b059944a3c0772b5f74e.jpegyes, I’m aware there’s other coasters at this park, this ones pretty spectacular as well.67020530-34F2-49FB-9FCB-2CEAEFB6F07C.thumb.jpeg.fe9d455da925ae1db31087e7c8fc8fce.jpegThese 3 hills back to back to back feel like mini El Toro hills, so good. AFD5424B-FDF3-4664-B52B-8EBABD13D663.thumb.jpeg.73fe204c3b00ec8ea3309105fa30b0f5.jpegSome more RMC porn306AA3E0-0733-45BC-8BAF-A2024CE502F8.thumb.jpeg.ab45b0e19bc773c7dddaf7e67a3ef91f.jpegD43CBE10-0BB3-4DB2-A484-04F77D9E4421.thumb.jpeg.9a2d38c8d85604fb9629cb9be4a37a09.jpegGreat B&M!B4471F21-FD71-4531-BFEE-C54CB28FAD64.thumb.jpeg.3bdf74ded3d640598de01c2f14940461.jpegsome more Intimidator because we’ll, it’s just spectacular in every way.

71BC3F38-D477-42DA-892B-5CF3F014F1DA.thumb.jpeg.04a1cffc772005a8d0c1734ff2be7d3b.jpegAlright one more, even the hill into the brakes has a pretty wild pop of airtime lol. This ride is just ridiculous 

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Glad you liked it.

The one real tragedy about I305 is its dead end location, out away from the park. Just imagine how much better it could be if it interacted with the park, even a little bit. I think that's part of why it isn't as popular as it seems like it should be.

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9 hours ago, VF15 said:

Probably going to visit KD next week on Wednesday or Thursday. How busy has the park been on weekdays lately?

Queue Times crowd calendar for the month of July looks pretty good for mid-week days.  Next week's daily operation was a late addition to the calendar, so they don't have predictions yet.

EDIT:  In other KD news, Haunt has been announced and the calendar updated - Friday/Saturday/Sunday in October, 7-Midnight on Fridays, 2-Midnight on Saturdays, and 2-10 on Sundays.

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Has anyone else noticed the operation change in Racer this year? It seems some operators are manually lining trains up on the lift somehow! It's badass and my train was within a foot of the other one for the whole first half of the ride. Only saw it on one visit however, wonder how they do it. Made the ride twice as enjoyable. 

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^ I'm sure they're excited they can list the Jesus Chicken under restaurants, since these dates are Wed-Fri.


If I had a pass tho, I'd go just to ride Dominator, Woodstock Express, Delrium, and Bad Apple. 
(tho very very strange they aren't opening Racer or Twisted Timbers. . since both are right there.  (the Windseeker too)

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*sigh* Oh Cedar Fair, what are we going to do with you?

From a practical perspective, it makes sense to not open your two biggest draws (I305 and Twisted Timbers), because they're in areas of the park that are easy to block off.  From that list, it looks like the entire "left" side of the park beyond Planet Snoopy will be closed, as well as the entire "right" side of the park....leaving only the middle and the "bottom" part of Candy Apple Grove.  Logistically, that requires fewer barriers to block off the closed sections, and it's easier to do that than have guests be able to wander everywhere (even if nothing is open you'll still need cleaning crews and security patrolling those areas).

From a fan of the park's, not even an enthusiast's, perspective, this is beyond stupid.

But hey, better open than not I guess?

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12 hours ago, thrillseeker4552 said:

Very excited for the announcement tomorrow morning! (11am EST Facebook Live for those interested).

We all know it's a Free Spin but I am curious how extensive the theming is, and if any other attractions/additions are coming along with it.



We'll have a report from the official media event later. Please do not post any links to "leaked" information. Thank you,



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I know the free-spin has been known for a while now, but it's still kind of ironic to think that in a 20 year span, we went from having the innovative yet trouble-plagued S&S creation of Hypersonic XLC to an S&S clone.  

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Please don’t post leaks here. You’re obviously free to discuss the fact that it’s a free spin (it’s been sitting in the parking lot for a year) but out of respect for the park please wait for the official announcement to discuss any of the specifics that they’re going to announce today.

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Kings Dominion has officially announced the theme of the updated area, Jungle X-Pedition including the addition of a new S&S 4D Spin Coaster called Tumbili! We'll be posting more details from the media event today soon!


Explorers wanted! Kings Dominion is renaming and upgrading the Safari Village area of the park and introducing a new roller coaster in 2022. The new area, Jungle X-Pedition, is set to an exotic archeological dig site and research facility, where explorers can visit the base camp for a bite to eat at a new signature restaurant and shop at an immersive retail location. Around the corner, guests can climb aboard a brand-new roller coaster for a topsy-turvy adventure. 



Tumbili (toom-bee-lee -- the Swahili word for “monkey”) is a thrilling roller coaster that suspends riders on either side of the track as the cars flip continuously throughout the ride. Featuring state-of-the-art magnetic technology that induces and controls spinning, this 4D Spin Coaster will give riders the feeling of weightlessness as they cruise along the track. Guests will be immersed in the area’s rich theming with painted supports resembling bamboo and scenic ruins from the “Monkey God” temple as part of the Jungle X-Pedition discovery.

Other features of Tumbili:

  • 112 feet tall
  • 90-degree vertical lift
  • State-of-the-art magnetic technology to induce and control spinning
  • Ride time of 55 seconds
  • Seats eight riders
  • Speeds of 34 mph
  • Two beyond-vertical Raven Drops
  • Three layers of track vertically stacked



“Kings Dominion is in the business of making people happy, and the introduction of Tumbili and the Jungle X-Pedition themed area in 2022 is sure to excite our park guests,” said Bridgette Bywater, vice president and general manager. “We place a lot of focus on providing immersive experiences for our guests, and both of these certainly deliver on that promise. Riders will want to ride Tumbili again and again because, depending on the weight, position, and rider interaction, it provides a different ride experience every time. And, Jungle X-Pedition will offer delicious food and retail options for those who want to take a break from it all.” 

Tumbili is the first of its kind in the region and is slated to open in Spring 2022 along with other new discoveries in the Jungle X-Pedition area.

Guests can be the first to experience the new Jungle X-Pedition area and Tumbili with the purchase of a 2022 Gold Season Pass, available now at the lowest price of the season, or a free Kings Dominion Pre-K Pass that provides children between three and five years of age with complimentary admission all season long. Gold Season Passholders receive unlimited access in 2021 and 2022 to Kings Dominion and its Soak City water park; entry to special events like Halloween Haunt, The Great Pumpkin Fest, and WinterFest; free parking, exclusive discounts, and more. 

For details, animations, and illustrations of Jungle X-Pedition and Tumbili, visit kingsdominion.com. 

Kings Dominion, a 400-acre amusement park located in Doswell, VA off I-95, is home to more than 60 rides, shows, and attractions, including 12 world-class roller coasters and Soak City, a top-rated 20-acre waterpark. Kings Dominion is a property of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN), one of the largest regional amusement-resort operators in the world.


Here's a look at the media event that told us the story of Tumbili--and the transformation of Safari Village to Jungle X-Pedition.  And where does our expedition begin ?


Why, at the last outpost of civilization, of course.



A proper expedition needs a guide--and a special events kiosk.


Stick to the path and you'll be OK. Stray off the path and, well, it was nice knowing you.


This view is going to change quite a bit by spring 2022.


This will be the restaurant formally known as Outer Hanks next year. It's going to be part of a "base camp" for explorers, and will feature not only a new menu ad kitchen, but a covered patio and bar, as well.


Welcome to base camp, explorers!


We heard the story of Prof. Gerald Winston Whey, who discovered deep in the jungles of Doswell, Virginia, some ancient temples dedicated to different animals. People entering these temples could take on the powers of the beasts of the jungle.


It was here that Prof. Whey encountered a "wild contraption," which hurtled him spinning and swinging over the trees.


That "contraption" was the legendary Tumbili.


Thus, the Whey Foundation was established to explore the mysteries of this and other ancient temples in the area. But wait? Who's that lurking in the background?


It's an elf, with a somewhat creepy present from Santa.


Yes, it's the 20th anniversary of Haunt--Halloween has come early this year!


Better polish your crucifixes, sharpen your stakes, and break out the garlic.


Santa sent a nicer present, too.


Winterfest's new Winter Wonderland Parade.


The elf and the intrepid explorer seem very pleased.


"OK, folks, the presentation's over."


Who wants lunch? I think the transformation of the restaurant and the old Safari Village was overdue. 


I certainly wouldn't mind if the new base camp restaurant offered wild boar and bacon-wrapped gator bites on the menu. This was a great spread.


So, relax in your pith helmet and a nice umbrella drink on the veranda at the base camp. You've earned it after a long day of exploration.


I am happy to report that I-305 is as nuts as ever . . .


. . . as is Twisted Timbers.


TPR thanks Kings Dominion for inviting us to their event today. But remember, it's all about . . .


 . . .  Tumbili in 2022! But you can enjoy Haunt and Winterfest this year. 

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