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  1. Pretty clear whoever came up with the plot/storyline is a HUGE fan of Dr. Doom's Fearfall at IOA!
  2. Pure Tragedy. I won't go as far as the Youtuber Theme Park Crazy to call a Boycott, but to defend this park is OUTLAW. This was a human life loss. A 6 year old life who never had the chance to experience the sweetness of this world. It makes me sick and there is no room for defense. The ride alerted the "operators", what more could you ask for? Total human negligence from those running the ride. To outlive your own child....
  3. Seems like a great idea and it's hilarious seeing all the panic / hysteria that Disney Vloggers are going through. Only outlaw part is the "Wait Time Forecasting". Already taking bets on how accurate that'll be.
  4. There's a video circulating of a huge brawl that took place on the 11th inside the Griffon Queue line. Don't know if links are allowed but you can find it if you search "Busch Gardens Williamsburg Fight". Really wild stuff
  5. After all these years we finally get a land/ride similar to the 1995 film "Congo"
  6. My understanding is due to contractual obligations, USF had to open Beetlejuice last year (even if it was for a week) if they wanted to bring it back for 2021. Since they were able to do so, Beetlejuice is only coming to Orlando. USH never got the chance for that.
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