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  1. I was honestly very impressed, especially compared to last year's HalloWeekends. They had a great Opening Scary-monies show and the Midnight Syndicate show was great too. It was really fun to have a mascot for this year in Mr. Midnight. I felt that all the houses were better staffed than last year and the actors seemed very motivated and into their roles.
  2. Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers are both longer than the originals.
  3. I read that article and it sounds great! Between Zambezi Zinger and the renewed focus on the lands and their identities, Worlds of Fun is high on my list of parks I want to get to next year.
  4. 2019 for the Mine Ride's 50th anniversary. Fun fact--the figure was originally from the Pirate Ride!
  5. The biggest piece of the 50th were the (really great!) shows, and unfortunately they almost all ended on either August 14 or 21. The only one left is Fun, Fireworks, and Fifty which only runs during 10 p.m. closes.
  6. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2022/july/kings-island-to-host-qa-session-july-13-with-phantom-theater-designer-rick-bastrup Great opportunity for anyone in the area. Will no doubt be a fascinating session.
  7. Anyone know if Oscar's Wacky Taxi has been open? I've heard it's been down a lot but have not heard anything recently.
  8. I don't usually editorialize on this site but...red, white, and blue was what The Racer was painted for for 20 seasons. It was hardly just the Brady Bunch that saw the ride in that state.
  9. I do not mean to spam this thread. But the park shared this beautiful photo of the status of The Racer's new (old) paint scheme. This is not a photo from 1972--this is a photo from today! https://www.instagram.com/p/Cbs6P-tJzCy/
  10. The water wheel has returned on Race For Your Life Charlie Brown (the log flume). It's an original feature of the ride and was removed around 2005 or so.
  11. Some theming is finally being added back to the train. More reversals of Paramount damage. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2022/march/k.i.--miami-valley-railroad-part-of-kings-islands-ride-refurbishment-program-for-50th-anniversary-season
  12. New paint doesn't mean anything. King Cobra at Kings Island was repainted in 1999, and then removed in 2001. I'm not saying that Xcelerator is going to get removed. Just that new paint does not prove a ride is staying.
  13. The arcade/Coke freestyle in Rivertown is being repainted: And here is what The Racer's new paint job looks like today:
  14. Here is a nice photo update from Winter Chill Out on Saturday, with lots of photos of the progress so far on the new Farmhouse restaurant. https://www.themeparkarchive.com/updates/cedar-point-winter-chill-out-2022
  15. The Scrambler is being rethemed to Arachnidia for Jungle X-Pedition: https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/2022/aannouncement
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