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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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I don´t know the dates, but I personally expect that they finish all this until they open the park in April. If they are late with "Maus au chocolat", I expect, they´ll finish it until the end of may. I guess you might be safe with July.

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The new attraction Maus au Chocolat800644925_MausauChocolat.jpg.e267681f81f18b3a1e07a185268802b5.jpg

Maus au chocolat

isn´t opened, yet. I planed to visit the park in april, but I do wait a bit or maybe I will go in the next to weeks. There are some other changes and additions in the whole park:



They did go on to built up the new huge place in the "Old Berlin" area - built up a massive tribune; the wave swinger "Wellenflug" Wellenflug.jpg.a9aa918db1533a2904edf21472097513.jpg


should be installed now and they made changes in the Colorado Adventure area and add some Kiddie Free Fall Towers called "Tikal"Tikal.jpg.a042b2f8e9353c4e0588f2da86811161.jpg



Here you can see a video of "Tikal":


That´s for you Larry:


actual Park Map

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I like everything new here, and that kiddie drop tower actually looks quite fun, much more enjoyable than something like a frog hopper. Elissa, watch out, Kristen may have a new favorite ride in the park, lol! Heres something new to ride a TON of times with her, lol.

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Hi there!


Today was Mother´s day and I invited my mom to a Jamboree-Brunch at the Matamba Hotel Restaurant "Zambesi" at Phantasialand.


You pay 33,50€ for a All-You-Can Eat Brunch between 12am-3pm and get free entry into the park after the brunch and you don´t have to pay the parking lot. We enjoyed our Brunch and the great weather, but now I´m very tired and go to bed soon, because I´m looking forward to go to work early in the morning


I know I should made pictures of the great food, but I couldn´t resist and it´s gone straight into my stomach. Sorry for no pictures


I don´t plan a Photo TR, but want to get you updated about the progress at the park. MAUS AU CHOCOLAT isn´t opened yet, but let´s have a look at the few pictures I made:


The great Hotel Matamba


You have a nice view from the Hotel garden into the "Deep in Afrika" area...


Yeah baby, do it!




There is the new wave swinger "Wellenflug"







They built up a tribune and a wall as soundtrap in the Old Berlin Place area and made a new passage into the Western / Mexico area.


The "Maus au Chocolat" building is still closed.


But the "Eiscafe" looks great, sad I can´t eat more after this huge Jamboree Brunch ;-)



Wuze Town


Because I missed it in my Photo TR, here they´re...


Winjas Fear and Force...


upps, sorry... only one of them was opened today (I think it was FORCE).



That´s the passage I talked about before. You get into the area where the Churro Snacks and the Casa Magnetica are located.


The Mexican Entrance section is replaced by a interesting looking Mexican Restaurant.


Mystery Castle and River Quest


Hey here is missing a mountain!




They needed place for the new Kiddie attraction... a turning Frog Hopper called "TIKAL"


There are two of them.


And now a last ride on Black Mamba


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This are really sad news.


Just to give additional informations - missing in this article:


The man was in the cautious risk group of this attractions and had high blood pressure and diabetes (which form wasn´t mentioned):

RTL aktuell (German)

... Uwe W. said to have suffered from high blood pressure and severe diabetes, which has apparently attacked his heart. With his medical history, Uwe W. belongs to the risk group, carried signs warning against such rides in Phantasialand explicitly. To elucidate a death, the prosecutor now investigating Cologne...
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Did a quick visit to the park this saturday and noticed the following..


Looks like they are doing work at/near the logflume's..


this area does look different


yeah, looks like they teared down some stuff


there's alo a cleared area nearby


yeah, keep digging


and i spotted this as well.. not sure if the red barricade was always there..

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Thanks for the update. It's tough to tell from the pics, have they ripped out part of the flumes?


Look like they did. I have no idea what used to be in that large open area, but the location where the digger is in used to be a turn for the flume (well for both of them)


I don't really follow much of Phantasialand updates...do we know what this construction is for?

Don't remember reading anything final/specific about what is being done.

Looks like Casa magnetica and the Churros place have been torn down as well...


Only thing i've found was on screamscape that something new is planned for that area (they basically are taking out all of Mexico) and most likely to open in 2013

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