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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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Could it be an S&S Screamin' Swing?

Too big wouldn't fit anywhere in the park. Those things need a lot of space for them to swing space that isn't in the park.


I hope Aquatrax because they need some water replacement for the 2 lost Long-flumes. So why not replace it whit a water coaster? This is what I would do if I owned Phatasialand. Aquatrax is something not know to the European people plus they can have the great theming where the park is good in. So I hope it will be a Aquatrax.

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But... what makes me curious is the lovely smile on the face we can see until now. That´s no screamin and scared face while riding a thrillride... Maybe it´s not that big attraction we´re looking for...


She looks more like she has a nice soft ride.

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I'm going to throw out a nonsensical guess and say its going to be either a Vekoma or Zamperla launch bike coaster based on the pics posted on the other page. I see people all the time on theses coasters doing that.

I would agree in that, it´s the only thing I can see in it until now... A Launch bike coaster - for sure with a different theme


It's not the only type of coaster where people ride like that.



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Seeing the people I don't think its a S&S Free Fly. Look at the arms they're not further than a angle of 90 degrees. The person on the picture is holding them wide up.


By the way has someone els have the feeling it's a Asian on the picture? Don't know why because of the light coloring in the face ore the dark hair but I have a feeling she (ore he) is Asian.


Edit:The red i was talking about. I read just a sec ago on a Dutch forum that it could be the seatings from Atlantis Adventure at Lotte World. Looking at it I could see the comparison. So who knows maybe it is a Aquatrax.

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Maybe "Birthday Event"?

because Phantasialand will be 45 years old this year.

^ This made me starting to think about a "anniversary gift". So maybe a attraction as a Anniversary gift? Just guessing here. Can't wait to find out what it is.

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Phantasialand already confirmed via Facebook, that it will be some kind of Flume Ride !


(Somebody guessed "Flume Ride"...and PL answered "Yes...but what is the word we`re looking for ?)


As for the name...I`m gonna go for Evolution or Revolution !

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It seems like they all sit in a row, So no side by side

You have that feeling? I Don't know for sure but how I looking at it I see 2 rows if I look at the red arm(?) I think is see something on the background that give me the feeling there are 2 rows. I still hope the aquatrax so much.

...but Phantasialand HATES to be predictable...so no Chance at all for that

Well the don't hate to be predictable but they like to teas there fans, make them think the one while it's completely different. The park is one of the best in keeping secrets and teasing fans. But they prefer to have some rides that are not in the near area so a Aquatrax could be the one the build.

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^They are tearing out a log flume ride to build a log flume ride?????


Yepp, that doesn`t sound logic...but what you need to know is that the german TÜV (MOT) didn`t allow the park to open the flumes again in the 2012 season out of safety reasons...they were too old so the park HAD to renew them

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Well this was uploaded just minutes ago by Phantasialand. Well this is some what sad for the ones how expected the Aquatrax because this proves that it isn't Aquatrax. See the side of the boat(?) this doesn't look like on the Lotte World Aquatrax. But no doubt it would be a good water ride.

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