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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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I'll be at Phantasialand on the next weekend with a big group of crazy Italian coaster enthusiasts. If you are around and you see me, feel free to say HI!

I'm really sad I won't be able to rida Chapas but I've heard you can sign a voucher to get a second admission for free!


Yes, until the end of may you can go to the guest service and when you show them your ticket of that day, you get one free!


Have fun with your group!

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Wasn't really sure where to post something like this, but figured this thread would be OK, as it's Phantasialand related.


I had to do a digital painting in my Digital Imaging II class, and I decided to do Black Mamba. I chose this because it's one of my top coasters, and it looks damn cool. I also figured it'd be fun to paint. It took me about 17 hours total, and the original is 11"x17".

Anyway, hope you like it.


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That ride looks AMAZING. Cant wait to see pictures of it running. From what I can tell from the pictures it looks like the ride wont open till late August even September. The ride hasn't even been filled with water yet let alone begun testing.



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^ This may be more like a tease, but a couple of days ago they had filled a section of the track with water. I think the boats will come soon with no long wait for the testing.

Source. I want to point out that the water is gone now.

I keep being amazed by the theming of this ride. I can't wait to ride it.

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I love how this small park that not many people have heard of seems to have an unlimited theming budget for everything they do! I know they got some insurance money quite a few years go but I'm forming my own conspiracy that there's drug monry behind it or something


This all looks immense!!

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I'm forming my own conspiracy that there's drug monry behind it or something

lol, nah, this is Germany, money is cheap and they have a 10 year plan to change the park. I am sure some bank will gladly loan them money for whatever they want to do.


On this particular project the attention to detail is really stunning. You dont see this that often anymore. Phantasialand could probably open this ride now, especially considering that it is hot as hell there currently, but no, they work on the little things and want to make sure that when everything is done, it will open.

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Interesting, steepest log flume drop in the world, and the biggest investment in a single attraction they have ever made. That must mean around €25 million.


It truly looks amazing, and I have no doubt that it will be a top 5 water ride in the world!

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We have water in Chiapas. Lots and lots of water this time.

Main Basin getting slowly filled.

Still not much.

Channel filled again.

First splash is full of water.

All the way to the turntable.

Source 1,source 2.


That they filled it whit water makes me very happy. Now lets hope they keep the water this time, because I can't wait for them to start testing this ride.

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They're testing some parts. It appears that they have already tested the turntables and now the waterfalls. It starts to get interesting over there.

Small one and very high.

Temple testing.

2 sides.

The small one is one of many.

Rock, green and waterfall.

Water and a ladder.

A lot falling water.

If this is in full force here, you can be 100% wet.



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Considering how rare it is for a park to replace one ride with a ride of the same kind, it is especially great to see Phantasialand putting as much effort into theming and integrating this new ride into the existing area. This park is still high on my list of must-visits in Europe!

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Took my first visit to Phantasialand yesterday and will take any excuse to go back! This flume will more than suffice as a reason! (That and I need my Mystery Castle fix)



Although, my one big negative about the park... What gives with most of the rides not opening with the park? And then they close all the queues before the park closes? I hated that.

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