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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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  • 3 weeks later...

Until now there is nothing mentioned, but the park is known for their less information before the seasons start. But when you look at their actual park map, this area won´t used for a new attraction in this year!


That must be good news, cause it seems they´ll need more time to built it up than a few month, so it will be a bigger attraction and hopefully a new coaster It would make a bit sense, cause they won´t have another place for a new big coaster elsewhere without getting in trouble and more noise for the neighbours! And I read a year ago in another german forum about PH, that PH had plans to get a B&M Flying coaster, but that´s a rumor only. Let´s press all our thumps for a great surprise in 2013!


That´s all because of the problems with their epxansion plans. They try to get new place for new attractions, while they´re still be in negotiation with the commune.


They want to expand and get the double size (around 28ha), but every ground they suggest to use around them or every masterplan they submitted caused problems with the commune, some green parties / organisations or the local residents, who wonder about the noise a themepark can make - I wouldn´t move into that area, when I would have problems with that noise - the most of these residents moved later into that area then the park was there... But that´s the way people are, right


Here is the last actual proposed plan, but still in negotiation. Last News were from 8th-Okt-2011:

Phantasialand1.thumb.jpg.03c4e1df5645f49598d160955bb80756.jpg(Taken from the press release of the district government of cologne)


While I´m spreading rumors, here is a layout of a masterplan for the next years... it was spread out some years ago, but I never did find a source more save than some other german forums, so I never make a post of it (I´m not sure wether someone else did, didn´t read about it here):


source: www.kirmes-und-parks.de/Forum/ftopic1660-0-asc-15.html


You can recognize the difference of both plans and whats left, until now.


The I. Attraction is already built: "Black Mamba"

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Well I heard a little read something about a Intamin (family) drop coaster (Like Th13theen Alton Towers UK). That would be fun if it is and I'm in for that. But its just something I read so its just a rumor. But I'm wondering whats it gonna be I'm sure in for a new coaster but to say the park needs there 6th coaster I don't think so.

Reading about the B&M Flying coaster I wished it was the truth because I really want to ride one but it's to far away for me now. But I need to be patient and wait for the park to announce there new attraction.

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I still don't think it would make that much sense. They may aswell go for something a little more unique in the area, as they usually do that with their rides. This would also give the park a USP. I am not saying a Woodie would be bad, I think they're fantastic, but it would be a bit of a shame if there's suddenly this massive saturation of GCI coasters in a small area with nothing else.


That said, I don't think a Woodie would fit in that space anyway. It's absolutely tiny - unless they get something small like Twister.

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Space isn't an issue, it can be made. If the park want to put a ride in, they'll make it work. And to say there's nothing else - well there clearly isn't! All those parks have a great selection of attractions apart from their GCIs.


Put it this way - Mount Olympus didn't think that because Timber Falls built a wooden coaster down the road from them in 2004 that their next coaster shouldn't be wooden coaster. And Timber Falls didn't think that because they were down the road from Mount Olympus which already had a couple of wooden coasters down the road that they weren't gonna build a wooden coaster at their park.


It almost goes back the "two similar coasters in the same park" malarky. Canada's Wonderland will have two enormous B&M coasters in the same park, and the public won't complain or think that they aren't being original. Six Flags Great America had two Arrow Looping coasters in the same park for over a decade and people didn't mind. And Geauga Lake had a double looping Arrow and an Arrow Corkscrew coaster within spitting distance for nealy 20 years!


Bottom line is, if the park think that certain ride is right for their park, they'll build it.

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True they could build a wooden on the spot, but than this loud coaster comes very close to the complaining people living close to the park. I mean how don't know that Wakobatto needs to be close for 1 day in a week because neighbors where complaining about cheering people. A wooden coaster is almost forced to go in the direction of the complainers and you can guess what will happen than. So a wooden coaster would be a wrong choose because of the complaining people. If you look at what people like a wooden coaster can be a good choose because there very popular on the guests so I gonna be a hit.


Moreover does somebody have some prove if the gonna break down the darkride Silbermine and the Western City? I Heard those 2 where also planed to be demolished same whit the orange colored building where the 3 Friends (freunde) show is held. This is what so many times is being said on other sites but nobody has prove of it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

^Please, hopefully no Wing Rider, except they add a new element (Flying Position seats or 4D)! But besides my wish, I would say a Wing Rider needs to much space because of his wideness, it would be wasted space.


Something curious is going on at Phantasialands Facebook Page, here is the link about their hints. They didn´t say for what these hints stay, but I´m sure they´ll inform us about a new attraction. What´s your guess, what does this picture show us?


(EDIT:Today, 2012-01-26, they confirmed it´s about something new )








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If we are guessing based on the clues.


S&S Free Fly (like Tranan)


Now that would be interesting. Tranan was one of the more unusual coasters I've ever ridden.

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A new part of the picture. As I thought seeing the mouth of the (I assume) girl she was scared and the arm wasn't her. So something is ore is about to happen where she isn't all to happy about. This could be the swinging you get by a S&S Free Fly ore a fall form a coaster. Also I see something red and black behind her arm but this could be a shirt from someone behind her. But it could be something we must focus on to guess because it could be the vehicle from a attraction.


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I'm going to throw out a nonsensical guess and say its going to be either a Vekoma or Zamperla launch bike coaster based on the pics posted on the other page. I see people all the time on theses coasters doing that.

I would agree in that, it´s the only thing I can see in it until now... A Launch bike coaster - for sure with a different theme - or an Aquatrax Coaster:

(taken from the Themeparkreview Park Index: Toverland - Booster Bike)

(Taken from the Themeparkreview Park Index: Lotte World - Atlantis Adventure)

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