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  1. Had the opportunity to ride Kondaa four times yesterday. This is what Walibi Belgium desperately needed: a thrilling rollercoaster with an orignal layout and within a good themed area. Had two middle row rides, one in the back and one almost in the front row. In the early morning, the ride is already amazing, but in some spots it just missed the expected 'umpf'. My backseat ride was in the late afternoon and maaaaaan... The forces and airtime are insane. It changed the ride experience from 'amazing' to 'mindblowing fantastic'! LOVE the first drop and the following two airtimehills! The ride is also super smooth. Is this my favorite rollercoaster? Don't know. Maybe? Can't really tell. But it's the best ride of my homepark for sure! I hope this ride, and all the other new improvements, help Walibi Belgium to gain more visitors and popularity! My last ride was an hour from closing. When we entered the first drop, it startend pouring rain like Hell! Although the pain on my face was almost unbearable, the forces and speed made me disorientated like never before. In-sane. Love the views you get from the queue!
  2. Fresh new onride of Kondaa! Kondaa will be open on the 8th of May, the moment Belgian themeparks finally reopen for public!
  3. The rebranded themed area 'Karma World' has some soft openings going on, including the all new interactive darkride 'Popcorn Revenge'. 'Fun Pilot', the Zierer Junior Coaster, is still in construction and will most likely open for public at the end of the month. Both areas will officially open at the end of May. Some footage of 'Karma World' in it's current state: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  4. Hi Rob! At the moment, I'm considering a vacation to California starting from the 15 of June until the 28/29 June. Living in Belgium, my only experience with another US state is Florida (went to Orlando for about two weeks in July 2017). As a Star Wars fan, I would like to experience Galaxy's Edge but I'm afraid the crowds will go completely nuts when it opens up for public. And knowing that Paris will get the same land in the upcoming years, GE opening madness isn't something I want to experience. Rumor has it that the new area will open up for public in the weekend of the 21 of June, so is it safe to say that crowds will be less brutal in the days before? I was thinking to visit the Resort form the 17 till the 19 of June, or will it still be overcrowded because of people who are hoping for some 'soft opening events'? Not sure what to do really. If Disney sold hard tickets just to experience the new area, I might buy them but I don't think they will do such a thing (or it's already sold out I guess). Also, is it a must to book at an onsite hotel to experience the Resort better? Or can you recommend us some partner hotels in the area (Most likely some moderate hotels maybe)? Obviously, I want to visit some other theme parks in the area to. I've always wanted to experience Magic Mountain, but I'm not sure if this will appeal to my wife's liking. Is this park still likeable for people, like my wife, who aren't really into rollercoasters? Or would you recommend Knotts more then MM in this matter? Apart from all the theme parks in CA, we wanted to do some non-theme park stuff to. The main goal was to travel from LA to San Fransisco (wanted to do the Canyons to, but we are not that interested in Vegas and because of the limited days we have I don't want to rush/squeeze things in just for the sake of seeing it in person). At the moment, it isn't clear what kind of road trip we want to take. Is it better to drive to SF using the coastline and visit some natural parks/tourist things in the area? Or do you think there are much more beautiful routes to follow leading to SF that are manageable in those days we have? Hopefully you could help me with one of my questions? There is a change we might not be able to travel to CA this year yet, but then again it's nice to already have an idea what's possible in this state and if such vacation is doable for us in the upcoming future. A big thanks in advance!
  5. During the EAS in Amsterdam today, the new ride set to open for 2019 in Walibi Belgium was revealed to the public. ETF, Alterface and Joravision are responsible for the ride vehicle, ride design and fysical theming. The newly designed ridesystem called 'Erratic Ride' is the first of it's kind Interactive Darkride that includes a very small ride-footprint with the option to personally influence your own ride experience (depending on how good you're playing. The better you are, the longer the ride takes etc.). The ride will see it's first debut in Walibi Belgium in 2019. The ride vehicle: Concept video: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Source: Twitter Alterface and Pretpark.be
  6. Sad news, was shocked when I first saw it on Social Media. The poffertjes-house survived the fire!
  7. For some odd reason the brakes are harder when the cars are (nearly) empty. The heavier the car, the lesser it brakes on the blockbrakes. Saw this happening last week. Trains with sandbags in them just flew trough the brakes, the empty ones crawled out of them. In this brand new POV, it's very noticable: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Looks like a decent Family Coaster, can't wait to re-visit the park this year!
  8. More construction pictures: Source: Facebook Walactu & Twitter WonderWorldLive Looks like a nice looking familycoaster to me!
  9. The first Launched flying coaster in the world and it will also be the longest flying coaster in the world! Phantasialand is just insane!
  10. Robb, TPR isn't the only themepark community with this problem. I've been a member of another local coasterclub for almost 6/7 years now, and I witnessed the same frustrating B.S things like you do. Our local staffmembers do everything to organize the best trips you can imagine, but for some sh*tty people it's never good enough. Like for instance: some people bragged about the fact that a scandi trip with A LOT of extra's for +/- 1000 euro's (everything included) was 'way to much money for what it is' and 'they could organize it faaaar cheaper then that'. And even some people who joined the trip and got along with it, complained about other dumb stuff like: 'the hotels are sh*tty' (hotels in Scandi are pretty expensive, like you will know, so they got budget hotels to lower the trips price tag). I can imagine that for the people who organize these trips, I'ts pretty frustrating to witness that kind of behavior the whole freaking time. So I'm not surpised that you need to vent from time to time, even if you look like an asshole to some people at that moment. Sometimes you may look like one, but if you know all this, you just know why you do it. I've never met you, or did I joined a trip with you, and I've heard a lot stupid things about you... I just understand your frustration. People always need something to complain about, and unfortunately those kind of people aren't the minority anymore... I must admit, once I was one of those guys, in some sort of way. For example: if they organized someting extra, but at the moment it was canceled, I was frustraded. But the difference is, most of the time I've kept my B.S frustation for myself. I didn't made a scene about it, but just moved on. At this moment, I'm just happy with what we got. Like extra's at a trip, it's called an EXTRA for a reason. Some peolpe don't get the fact that it's not always easy to obtain something like that.
  11. The middle of the boat in the two middle seats are the 'dry spots' of the ride. The outer seats are pretty wet (in like: that seat of your clothes are full covered in water), front seat will get you wet, backseat is just totally soaked... If the weather isn't that descent, they can adjust the water level so the wetness decreases. Just so you know .
  12. Nice one! Where can I download that track add-on because I can't really find him :/.
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