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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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Phantasialand has always been on my theme park bucket-list because of the amazing attention to detail that they put into their rides. Chiapas looks to be an amazing addition and the themeing is spot on! I love how the rock work blends perfectly into both Colorado Adventure and Black Mamba, but still has its own distinct architecture and theme. IT LOOKS LIKE SUCH A FUN PARK!

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Chiapas 2014?

This seems odd. Instead of "Chiapas neu 2013" within the display of the model it only says "Chiapas". Would this mean that Chiapas doesn't open in 2013? Who knows perhaps a soft opening later this year but that is something we have to wait for.


They still work very hard on Chiapas and I was actually expecting something like this soon. On the one side It's a disappointing thought of having to wait another year but on the other hand I would like a complete ride, also it's good to have some lead to a possible 2014 opening then this constant waiting for news.

What do you think, 2013 or 2014?


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^ Well nothing new to talk about, I mean they're basically done. The ride is still closed and they only thing changed during the winter is that the bridge holes are open giving you a more of the top view. The construction blockade stands for what I know and it will open during at the start of the 2014 season (or so I've been told).

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I was there just before new years for wintertraum if you want a mini TR


I's certainly festive


I was impressed they had real snow


and an ice bar with tasty gluwhein later on


the iconic chair swing


new hotness for 2014


even winjas was festive


the wild westy bit



the new water ride does look good


black mamba b&m goodness




mystery tower has to be the best themed drop tower


if only i were younger this would be amazing!


border line garish


many xmas trees


my eyes!



it did look awesome at night


gluwhein made this all even better




black mamba's awesome lift hill


black mamba was fantastic in the dark, and a walk on




does ever park get a madhouse?


chinatown was nice at night


very well lit


moar fier!!!!!


bit overkill on the nights



well worth the trip

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The park have now confirmed that the Silver Mine dark ride, along with it's western themed area will be closing, and demolished, to make way for something new. Instead of building a new western area, the park will expand it's mystery themed area.


Sounds like a kick-ass move IMO as I really like the mystery theme, and hopefully the new area will bring another coaster into the park without taking out one of the current ones.

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I always thought the mystery theme area was a bid small (2 rides and a dragon), so glad to hear the remaining part of the western town goes to Mystery. I can't see a coaster happening, and if I expect a van Helsings factory (Movie park) or Huracan (Bellewaerde park) kind of ride inside Silvermine building. So no big ride like we the ones they have (So it would be a good call). I do wonder what they intend to do with little Joe's land.


so good to hear this and I'm looking forward to the new attraction.

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While I was a fan of that ride (as I am most dark rides) it sounds like a good move to me to use that area for a new attraction as from what I remember it takes up a large footprint. A Van Helsings Factory style coaster would be great, I really enjoyed that ride.



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I had the luck to ride Silbermine on the last day of the season for the last time.

The rumors were there for quite a long time, but I always had the hopes that it would not be necessary to close

this area. But due to the problems with the expansion, PHL had no other chance...


The sad thing about the closure is, that I met my now husband years ago at Silbermine...

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