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  1. I met with RAWKIN_coaster38 at hershey today and she's tweaked her trip slightly so as to go to knoebels tomorrow too (saturday). Looks like there may be a few of us there, shal we have a mini tpr meetup?
  2. It'll be my first ever visit tomorrow, any if you guys fancy meeting up? It's always fun to talk to other coaster people.
  3. I was thinking Safari closed at 4. What about the baby animals in the Seafari by Ka? Larry or Bill - any idea what time that closes? I'll be wearing sunglasses and my neon orange/pink plaid windbreaker again and mom has a bright green hoodie. If you see us say hi!! I'm in the park today too so I'll keep an eye out for you.I'm in a light blue/black speckled fleece.
  4. Feel free to say hi if you see me, I'm I'm a brown outlaw run t shirt today.
  5. I'm at the park today too, fancy meeting for a beer? Well probably be there tomorrow too as part of a big trip from the Uk
  6. This was a really fun day at the park, good write up too! It was a pleasure meeting you. My trip continues and I'm currently in a hotel 20 mins from SFGAdv, got up to 3 days of the park to enjoy. Since SFOG, this trip has taken me to Carowinds, Silver Dollar City, Sea World San ANtonio, SFFT and SFOT. Still to come are Hershey, Kenobles, Maybe Dorney, and SFNE! Oh, and probably Luna park too If I can figure out how to get there from LGA after dropping off the car!
  7. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the python plus project that efteling had
  8. Dragon Khan on tuesday - would have been Shambhala, but it was still warming up!
  9. I'll be visiting tomorrow and the day after, but can't seem to get the website to sell me a 2 day ticket. There's a good combined train and single day entrance ticket available at the barcelona sants station, what I'd like to know is if it is possible to upgrade a single day entry ticket into a 2 day one o site at the park, and if so then how much this will cost?
  10. I'm going to be visiting on Thursday as part of a LA/Vegas trip from the UK. I have a cedar fair platinum pass from an earlier US trip, does anyone know if you can use it for parking during scary farm? I'l be visiting the park during the daytime to do most of the coasters and iron reef etc, does anyone have any suggestions of what to do in the local area in the time the park is closed before scary farm opens? Oh, and if anyone would like to join me on Thursday you would be more than welcome!
  11. kind of reminds e of atlantis at Lotte world could it be an aquatrax?
  12. Is it likely to be buy on Thursday 28th? I figured with it being a midweek day it wouldn't be too bad, but your post above has got me wondering. I was planning to visit normal knotts during the day time and hit scary farm at night, am I likely to need fright lane?
  13. The General public might not be that interested in a make over of the grand national, but it would be easier to market the new big one - The UK's tallest, fastest coaster, the tallest coaster in the world with inversions, etc etc. RMC'ing the grand national would be unlikely to set any headline grabbing records. It's unlikely to happen, but it would be awesome if it did.
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