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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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He also states that the coaster will have a speed of 80mph. I am not sure if I should believe that.


If that is true, in that tight area, the ride will be incredible!


I wonder what he electricity bill would be with such a powerful launch

I still don't understand why not one Intamin LSM Coaster has the Flywheel Inverter to Buffer the Load Requirements when Intamin get's all of their LSM Motors from InTraSys like everyone else that has the Flywheel Inverter.
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^ Intamin certainly uses some more conventional flywheels. (Or, for instance, the "flywheel" for the first launch of Juvelen is the second one, and vice-versa).

I thought only the Maurer one and Wicked use brakes as an generator.




So, where are the experts to identify/confirm the manufacturer based on the footers?


Third pic, look in the trench. That screams Intamin to me!

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I think it could be mack coaster aswell , ofcourse i'm not sure but hear me out.

- mack launch coasters are very popular these days

- they are quite reliable

- they are extremely smooth, and the trains are comfortable as well

- mack is right around the corner (well not technically but still very close),

The park could also go for an intamin blitz if the wanna have a intense ride experience(and have a better ride in my opinion )

So i'm prying for an intamin, some part of me thinks it'll be a mack. Oh well we will just have to wait and see....

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This could be one of the most intriguing future projects besides the RMCs being built. I can't wait to see what kind of theming interaction Phantasialand brings with this one. Definitely potential for AMAZING considering how much detail was put in Black Mamba and Chiapas! Let's just see about that layout now!

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I'm not complaining but how can we have so much pictures now? Shouldn't we be getting any of them? Like I said I'm not complaining I like the fact that we can see it ourself instead of having to rely on words. It just really strange right now.

Anyway that banked turn looks quite high, This really isn't going to be the low to the ground (more darkride like) coaster I'd expected it to be. This gets me even more exited to ride this coaster.

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This project proves that no matter how much you like to keep a project protected, fans will find a way to get updates. It just proves we have more control over the updates then anybody.

Thanks for the link. Really wonder what the final ride will be like, knowing Phantasialand it will look stunning.

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