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  1. The cave is the exit of the ride. You enter the queue through the gate behind the fountain, the two doors above the rockwork with te balcony in front is the entrance to the pre-show room.
  2. The making-of looks great! I do love the self turning book effect. The animatronics do look high quality and i love some of the little details.
  3. The queue will end up a couple meters before te doors with probably turnstiles. When the doors open of the pre show they will let the guests through the turnstiles and enter the building.
  4. The plants are fake. These doors are the entrance to the pre show so you will pass them during the queue.
  5. Efteling is a park with a love for Darkrides so this is a perfect addition, the animatronic looks great. I don't think their next big attraction will be a rollercoaster but the park menagement was enthousiast about their collaboration with B&M so it's quite possible they wil build another B&M coaster. The same park menagement told they are not interested in a B&M Wing-Coaster. So Yes, a Flying Coaster is still a opportunity.
  6. Hmm still the same twitter issues I guess. At the next page there are some of the pictures I've post above. www.plaetjesmakers.nl/index.php?/category/310
  7. Again some more progress at the building site of Symbolica. Backside of the building source: https://twitter.com/Jobheijlighen Entrance source: https://twitter.com/Eftelwesley Last one of the entrance side source: https://twitter.com/plaetjesmakers
  8. https://www.facebook.com/Themepark.nl/videos/1201433059891085/ From riders point of view it looks a lot more powerfull.
  9. Ton van de Ven former designer by Efteling died this morning at an age of 71 after a cerebral haemorrhage. The designer is known for the big rides he designed for the park like: Fata Morgana, Droomvlucht, Villa Volta, PiraƱa and lot of other beloved attractions at Efteling. Ton van de Ven started at Efteling in 1965 and retired in 2003. It's so sad he passed away, but his creations will live through. Ton van de Ven 1944 - 2015 Some of his great work: The parks entrance Source Droomvlucht Source Droomvlucht Source Fata Morgana Source Source Villa Volta Source Laaf Village Source Vogel Rok Source Ton van de Ven was main designer for some great attractions, a couple of videos [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Spookslot (Haunted Castle) [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Droomvlucht (Dreamflight) [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Fata Morgana [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Villa Volta
  10. Another video of the pre shows, pre show 1 twice but from little different angles.
  11. You need 1 Euro to close the locker, when you open the loc-ker again you will get your Euro back.
  12. Some detail pictures ans some pictures from inside the bulding made by Beeld werkt. Source: Beeld werkt
  13. With only one week before opening it's time for the last details. However, they still do some changes. The trains got their last details. recruitment poster. Poster at the food corner. Single riders explanation. In Dutch, English, German and French. Safety info. Selfie sticks are not allowed. New sign at the exit. Lockersdepot New detail on top of the lifthill. They have decided to change the fencing in front of the entrance. Before: Source: Eftelist 04-06-15 Today: The lower fences give a better view of the entrance. Source: plaetjesmakers.nl And an Efteling Village Bosrijk expansion update. New Map, I've marked the expansion in blue. New houses for up to 12 or 24 people And the new villages. Source: vijfzintuigen.nl/forum
  14. I thought the theming on Baron was amazing until I saw a rogue apostrophe in the word Pizzas It's correctly written in Dutch. In Dutch we write it as Pizza's intead of Pizzas. It might be confusing because of the word shakes but in Dutch we don't have an own translation for milkshakes and shakes.
  15. I'm fully agree with you. I do like preshows but a lot of people don't have that kind op patience. Especially for people from abroad it can be quite boring. Baron 1898 is built with a more international audience in mind, the name of the ride is written the same and has the same meaning in Dutch, English, German and French. The first preshow will feature an English translation. The animatronic will speak in Dutch but witch some English phrases and some German, like "Gluckauf'. The speeches to foreigners completely fits the theme of the attraction. In the early Dutch mines there were a lot of employees from abroad. It started one of the first major immigration waves to the Netherlands.
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