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  1. Hey and welcome to the world of rollercoasters. My way to visit a new park is usually to stress everyone out because I am afraid to arrive late, than feeling excited when I see the first rollercoasters from afar and when I arrive at the parking lot I start panicking because I am afraid to end up at the end of a queue. This is also why I can never remember where we parked the car, I am just too excited to focus on such things. Seriously now. I live in Cologne and even Mannheim is an awesome starting point to visit Parks, especially in France and the BeNeLux. My main advice would be. 1. When it comes to major rides I would check in forums or park pages if they are running. It would be a shame to drive for 3 hours when the major coaster is closed due to retracking for example. 2. Be sure to be on time when the park opens, especially now with Covid-Restrictions in Germany for example. 3. I usually visit parks counter clockwise and start with major rides in the back of the parks when the crowds are still queueing for rides near the entrance. This does not work in every park. 4. For parks you visit in the high season (local holidays for example) I would even buy fast lane passes when the journey was longer. If I was to travel to the US during spring break I would do so in order not to miss any coasters. Or I would even plan 2 days for a park. 5. Share your passion. Build a network with people who like your hobby. When I was 18 local forums helped me to plan trips and to get to parks. Of course you should always be careful and when you are under age always ask your parents. 6. Don't be afraid to visit parks alone. I know a lot of people don't like it but I even went to Orlando on my own when I was 24 because no one I knew had the money to go there. If you feel comfortable doing so, do it. I like traveling on my own and there is no shame in doing so. 7. Calm your FOMO. Even if it is hard if you miss a major ride, it is not the end of the world. There are some parks you will visit twice or even more often. 8. Check the plan and the homepage. Some parks have cool dark rides that hide behind inconspicuous entrances. At the same time try to avoid spoilers. Never watch the Kärnan or Mummy POV before riding them. I am still avoiding Gringotts POVs. 9. Travel responsibly. Respect local culture and nature. Try to travel as eco-friendly as possible. I guess the advanced mode is checking which season pass offers you the best possibilities for new parks or parks in your area, I haven't figured this out yet. Before Covid it was always good to check Groupon for good offers for parks like Toverland, Heidepark and others. Have fun and take care.
  2. Hey guys, as far as I know the original project was called "Hartenhof" and was meant to be the parks biggest investion and to feature an own patented ride system. The text on loopings.nl also says that the ride will be about the mascot "Pardoes," which Hartenhof also was meant to feature, so the project was probably just renamed.
  3. Sure the theming is awesome, but this is not all a good coaster needs. They invest millions into the rock work, but have not invested into a darkride part before any of the launches (like the Mummy Rides) that would tell a story. Of course this is my personal taste. But I am afraid that the ride misses to tell a good story. Same happened to Chiapas. I hope that the Q will tell a good story, like the Q of Wodan at Europa Park does.
  4. I hope they don't built another Mack Spinning Coaster, Toverland just built one two years ago. But Mack has so much to offer. Anyways the park needed an update desperately.
  5. First rumours talked about a Mack Mega Coaster, seeing this concrete work... do the rumours still seem likely? The layout seem a bit too narrow, doesn't it?
  6. Today the logo of the coaster was carved into one of the walls. Things seem to get better every day.
  7. Please do not visit this site, they also host Nazi-blogs and hide them from police. You should not support this. The updates on instagram are also better. Just use the #Klugheim.
  8. Obviously someone just took care about that, the page is no longer online.
  9. Someone from the construction company has uploaded some pictures which are not that old, you can find them here. He also states that the coaster will have a speed of 80mph. I am not sure if I should believe that.
  10. People have seen how a support of about 6-7 meters has been set up somewhere in the area the first picture shows. This might mean that the launch is directed towards the street.
  11. I walked past the construction site on the public road today: - There are 3 cranes and various vehicles by RCS - The Universal-Rock rocks look impressive and are pretty huge, they are already covering the old hall and the parts leading to "Chiapas". They already show windows of an old castle and some wood structures. - The construction side was very busy. Rumors say that, at the other side of the area (opposed from the rocks), there are foundations for a new building (which might fit to the screamscape rumors of a indoor part with some tilt-element) There are also some who say that they have seen another straight line of foundations (apart from those in the pit), this might fit to the rumors of another launch, or is simply for breaks.
  12. Yesterday the first supports have been sighted. Though still wrapped in foil they are rumored to look like the low supports as they can be found at Cheetah Hunt, the small square ones. It is also said that there are supports for Launch-Modules. Intamin it would be then. I
  13. There Tower for the Lifthill (Elevator?) is growing. When you go on the park's webcam you can see the construction site. (You may have to wait a little though because the webcam moves). Though the webcam does not show the whole tower you can at least get a good impression. Source: http://www.hansapark.de/de/park/themenbereiche/webcam/
  14. But the idea is not entirely new. Wasn't the coaster in Space Park Bremen where there were screens integrated in the seats also built by Mack?
  15. The park has set up a link to the webcam on their homepage. This is the latest picture. And they seem to add special effects into the live pictures. Source: http://gardaland2015.it/en (just click on the upper left monitor)
  16. Looks like they are constructing some kind of tunnel left of the station. source: www.gardalandparkfanpage.it
  17. Hey everybody, the construction site on the former "Silberminen"-Darkride has been cleared so far. One former part of the building is still standing and there are speculations that it will be used for the new attraction. The new construction site is a bit lower than the area of the Chiapas Water Ride and a long pit has been prepared though it remains unclear what it will be used for. German forums are speculating that it might be used as a launch part for some coaster-dark ride attractions but these are merely wishes and rumours. As the park is not happy to see pictures taken of the site and posted in forums, a tumblr account has been made by someone to document the progress. If you google "Phantasialand Baustelle Tumblr" you might find it very quickly. There are also some pretty recent aerial shots from the area taken by a hotel near by: www.haus-am-see-bnb.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Gyrokopter.rundflug.Bonn_.Bruehl.Phantasialand.Haus-am-See-BnB.Bild47.jpg So far, take care.
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