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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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Basically Aquatrax with Zero G Stall, Wave Turn, overbanked turn with airtime and other funky elements.


LOL ! Let´s post this a few times in a row. It will take a few hours and every german coaster board will be full of posts saying that this will be the worlds first inverting Aquatrax

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Screamscape seems to know more...


Our source says that the layout they saw had the coaster leave the station and go through a short dark-ride style indoor section before hitting a launch track and going outside and into a figure-8 style element labeled the "Panorama Curve", which is said to look a lot like the elevated figure-8 element on Cheetah Hunt. From here the train will drop into a series of S-curves before entering a building for another dark ride section that looked to include a 10-meter free-fall drop track element, much like Thirteen. Leaving here, the train appeared to load into a tilt-track style element, much like the one on Escape from Gringotts, dropping the train down and into a second launch track, into an Immelman style inversion, a series of overbanked curves, an into either a corkscrew or zero-g-roll inversion before sliding back into the station one again.


Our source also described the trains as looking quite a bit like Skyrush at Hersheypark, seating 4 across with the outer two seats hanging out over the edge of the track. The trains wont be very long however, featuring just 2 cars per train, and each car only having 2 rows, for a total of 16 riders per train.


source: Screamscape

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I walked past the construction site on the public road today:


- There are 3 cranes and various vehicles by RCS

- The Universal-Rock rocks look impressive and are pretty huge, they are already covering the old hall and the parts leading to "Chiapas". They already show windows of an old castle and some wood structures.

- The construction side was very busy.


Rumors say that, at the other side of the area (opposed from the rocks), there are foundations for a new building (which might fit to the screamscape rumors of a indoor part with some tilt-element)


There are also some who say that they have seen another straight line of foundations (apart from those in the pit), this might fit to the rumors of another launch, or is simply for breaks.

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Finally some supports! Does starting construction one year earlier have something to do with Chiapas' delay and the ride system's complexity?


I personally think that the backlash they got over Chiapas made them very careful. All that is officially announced so far is the name of the new area, nothing more. I guess they want to wait until they are 100% sure to say "Opening on [fill in your desired date]". Knowing my home park, I am 100% sure that this addition will not only be a themed roller coaster. There will be more. Restaurants, new walkways, photo ops, maybe even other attractions (think Flats or stuff for kids), locations for business meetings etc...

Pretty much the same they did with Chiapas.

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He also states that the coaster will have a speed of 80mph. I am not sure if I should believe that.


If that is true, in that tight area, the ride will be incredible!


I wonder what he electricity bill would be with such a powerful launch

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^ Looking at the pictures that Intothewild posted a link to (thanks for sharing Intothewild) I made a small measurement of how long the launch trench is and compared that to Heide Parks Desert Race 100 km/h (62.1 Mph), my quick measurements came out that it was trench is longer then the Launch of Desert Race. So 130 km/h (80.8 mph) sounds possible to me. But if it's true this could be quite an ride.


^^ Is it just me or is it really strange, I mean if fans post pictures online the park is going after the site and he's just like posting it online (maybe) revealing information on the ride as it goes. How looslip are they aloud to be? Shouldn't he carry a zipper around his mouth all day?

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