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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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I like that rideonblog can provide pictures from never before seen angle's. This looks just stunning.

It's good to see that they mostly work out of sight now. It just gives that feeling of finishing up the ride. I can't wait for the park to announce the openings date, I'm getting really exited to go back to here.

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I'm kinda looking forward to hear when they plan to open this ride. I really am looking forward to riding Chiapas so it gets on my nerves that we don't know the opening date yet. I love their secrecy but this time I want them to be more open.


Some on-site pictures from one of the construction teams: Universal Rocks.

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News on Chiapas :


The area around Chiapas seems to be finished...they started testing today...and the german TÜV is already there !

That's great news.


Found this picture from today that shows the drop:

Got it here and there's more.

Love the placement of that waterfall. Makes it looks like one big one, Great way to theme the big drop.

Boat spotted.

Yes a Boat was spotted yesterday here are some pictures found here.

Not your standard log themed boats, love it. Although it's hard to tell but it looks like we have safety bars, it was to be expected with a ride like Chiapas.

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^ Just has to do with the fact that more people on the site are going to make it to Cedar Point each year than to Phantasialand.


I love a good flume ride, and this one looks amazing. I love the way that the drop is hidden with the waterfalls, without the caption I probably wouldn't have found it! I do wish we would see more parks build flumes like this, it just looks so great and really adds to the experience of the ride.

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I found 4 video's of the First drop to Turntable, I thought I share the enjoyment:

1. A fact.

2. Not the best footage.

3. Better. Love the speed.

4. Save the best for last. A nice speedy drop into the turntable. Quite some speed from drop to turn.


For source and pictures of this just click here.

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