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  1. NUYORICAN SOUL - "It's Alright, I Feel It" (Full Length Version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHAvNFe1iFI Awesome Soul-House track
  2. The water is way warmer and much nicer than California. Thanks for the info, Sebastian. I asked because I experienced the ocean at Venice Beach/California (was there in the mid 1990ies) as very cold -- in contrast to (little) mediterranean sea -- seen from my European-perspective indeed. The sand in Venice/CA was also very sharp(-edged), compared to the sand in Europe. I don’t know, how it is around the other counties and areas in (Southern-)California with the grid, but in the Venice-Area it was like I said for my taste at least. Fortunately the conditions in “Hawaii” were better you told. ^But to be honest, I just expected this for a so called paradise (Hawaii and the other Isles around there). Anyway, I wanted to go sure and asked you...
  3. ^ Hell...yeah, true George... will be also a big competitor to the carnival "coaster airtime queen" the 'Alpina-Bahn'
  4. Okay Robb, thanks for the info...sorry... ^Then... thank you very much for the video as well, David!
  5. Thanks for sharing David & Spears! The family did really an unbelievable job and deserves a keeping unbelievable success to my opinion for that great work! I have a “little bit” a comparison to the german haunted houses, so I'm very astonished... Thanks for the pictures again -- and also for the video, Robb!
  6. ^ Really insane track-layout...man... this would/will be the perfect one for you, Guy!
  7. The original four-loop coaster "Thriller" (track-layout) with its original Schwarzkopf-Trains !ndeed Thri "nearly ZER0 interest of this castrated and adulterated 4-loop coaster now" !!er
  8. ^ Annually it's greeting the groundhog (Groundhog-Day) No... just wanna say DEEPLY THANKS again for your great coverage plus pictures, this time with a new video-format which reminds me very much to the great portable and compact Schwarzkopf (-loop-) coasters! Cool idea! ^ Interested I watched “indeed” also the (vintage-) video from the IAAPA 2001, well yay ... Thanks a lot Robb & Elissa and your (IAAPA 2013)ThemeParkReview-Team for that good job and many efforts again, who makes this all possible behind the scene for us -- the fans!!! Appreciate it highly, Thri "HOTIAAPANESS2013" !!er
  9. ^Thanks for part 2 and "3"...oh wait...part 2 of course I meant, excuse me, Sebastian! By the way, the car-colours come very close to the "Ferrari-red" from "Magnum", so for the beginning...good job by your detective work; you will find him (& his Team) in part 3, I am pretty sure! (Two)Question(s), do you was swimming in the ocean too, and if yes, was the ocean-temperature enjoyable (in contrast to California;-)? Great pics and looking forward to the next parts - deeply thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks for the update, Robb & Elissa, and one thing for sure -- I'm hungry right now (again;-) at about 02:00am CET (Central European Time)!
  11. I have absolutely no experiences with that horror-stuff-events, but this video teached me very well, Robb -- thanks a lot for that pretty cool vid and the pics too of course. Very interesting for me just to see and "feel a little bit". Thanks again!
  12. You made my night perfect, Milton - thanks for the new updates, amongst other, with this photo from this wonderful and original front-car and its face/nose... Thri "as I saw the first pics from Robb & his TPR-Crew from one uncovered Train-Unit/Car, I had a very good feeling yet" !!er
  13. Great update, Chuck. ^But you’re scaring me a little bit as well because of these great japanese updates which could end up with asian eyes by your side at last chapter!
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