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  1. Indeed stunning that picture of Chiapas + Black Mamba! With this picture I almost forget the Disney Level. Is Phantasialand trying to raise the one bar that we themepark fanatics see as the creme de la creme in themepark business? Even Disney doesn`t look that good during evening in my opinion.
  2. But what will the themed beams be then? . It surely looks accessible with that wooden structure even though there is a lot of theming. I can`t believe it would be for technical personal only.
  3. Black Mamba has some nice airtime in the zero G roll. Colorado adventure also at some point good funny airtime when you are backseated. Back to Taron. I like these fences a lot! What do they keep in there, dinosaurs? I`m guessing this is the exit. I wou like to exit the ride while a train is crossing over one last time. It looks a bit to small for an entrance. But Black Mamba`s exit is also small so you never know. An entrance in the central area seems more logic to me. But I`m still happy if this picture becomes the entrance
  4. Picturegasm! Also during nighttime it`s gonna look great! Looks like they are adding extra near misses / houses that track is going to ride trough. (according to Tobi`s new added layout) Some people think this first picture with the bridge will be the entrance of the ride. Source Themepark.nl
  5. Not joking. There is a concrete pit. .We tought it would be an emergency exit or something like that. (Because Taron`s track is finished) But in fact it looks like the perfect passtrough for the current mysterious footers which make that turn... It Would be awesome if there would be running 2 trains of Taron at the same time and another coaster mixing up with it. If so, I don`t know where all the footpaths will be . The last bit of space that was left will possibly be crowded with track from another coaster.
  6. Looks like it`s very likely that we will be seeing a second coaster. (Tobi connected some of the current footers) Source: Coasterfriends.de
  7. One little piece of train? Don`t they deliver them complete at once? Or do they have to place them in pieces because of space problems?
  8. Almost assembled before winter! The upcoming 6 months I expect to see a ridiculously amount of village theming.
  9. Wait untill the ground in that picture is covered with stones, small grass or water and no cables or dirt on the ground. That will look like another world. They also have to clean up the brown supports and track. No doubt that will happen.
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