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  1. One of the biggest perks this ride has over SV. I was at CP 2 weeks ago and it and Maverick were the only two rides with a steady line all day. Marathoning an RMC of this caliber is really unique exceptional (other large scale RMCs like Zadra have tedious lines for example).
  2. Random question, but does anyone know how many Gs I305 pulls during the first turn?
  3. So, I visited Hershey Park for the first time last Thursday. Park layout and operations aside I really liked the park (more than Kings Island for example). Besides its grand and corporate entrance, I feel like the park still has a lot of charm, hopefully this will not be lost in the future. As I do feel the park is finding itself in this transition between regional to destination park. - The biggest surprise was definitely Skyrush. I absolutely loved that ride. The restraints aren’t comfortable but they aren’t unbearable either. I'd say there on pair with the new Mack restraints... although that might be swearing in the church to some. It does not really happen anymore that a ride gives me an "oh sh*t" moment, so that was a pleasant surprise. - Great Bear was also great, if the ride was 1/4 longer with 2/3 more elements it would definitely be my favourite invert. - Storm Runner was great too, hydraulic launch coasters are some of my favorites and this one actually has a layout after the top hat. - Candymonium is a great ride, especially the first drop & 2nd hill are great. It just pales in comparison to skyrush as B&M hypers all feel very controlled and calculated. Again, I ended up having a great day. The low crowds really helped as the ops were not that great. Can't wait to come back to see what RMC did with wildcat.
  4. seems like a great deal that a season pass holder can bring 6 friends for such a low price as many times as one would like a year. I'm not complaining though, I'm definitely gonna make use of it later this week.
  5. How does it work if you wanna make use of the discount that comes with the platinum pass (Fast lane plus for the price of fast lane)? You also have to do that through the app? Also, quick question abojt the bring a friend ticket, canit be used 6x for the entire season or 6 people per visit?
  6. Ah hopefully the ride will be open within a week or so. The B&M factory isn’t too far away and hopefully B&M has the requested parts stocked and ready to go…
  7. Even for SV? seems like Valravn has been down for the last couple of days? Any news on this? It has also been removed on the park’s fast lane services, or doesn’t that mean anything?
  8. Such a shame tbh. Reducing the line by just an hour (of a two hour wait) is just kinda sad and feels like it’s not worth the premium price you pay. With the merge point being so far back, increasing the price won’t also help *that* much as the wait will always be a minimum of 30 minutes. I can imagine that on slower days (weekdays by the end of august) it will save you like 15 min and you’ll still be waiting 30 minutes….
  9. According to some tweets SV’s fast lane line is an hour while the regular line is two? Is this normal or does the line usually not go over 30 min (except crazy busy 3+ hour regular line) days?
  10. Nice hopefully the competition will last until the end of August so the strong operations can be maintained. Crazy to say this, but I heard many stories on the operations being a little sh*tty at cedar point this year. Also heard that cedar point's management attitude towards employees is abysmal this year and how that partly explains the faulty operations. so annoying indeed (especially for fast lane users...)
  11. Thanks! any recommendations for a quick bite/ dinner on the way from kings island to cedar point? can be just outside the park or an hour on the road.
  12. Thanks for the tip! On rides like skyrush Wouldn’t mind stapling as much (also cause you’re always stapled after the first drop no matter what), but on most other rides it just kinda impacts the ride experience for me to some extend and not in a good way.
  13. nice I'm actually looking forward to it now and know where to sit!
  14. Beast's first drop has also been steepened this season right? Is there still no airtime to be found (due to the trims) or did it have an effect on the forces of the drop? I'll be visiting the park Sunday 22nd and unfortunately the park already closes at 8, so no night rides :(. Guess i'll have to settle with the mediocre/less superior day rides.
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