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  1. With intamin's recent track record, being the only company to date whose coasters go above the 160 mph (red force being the prime example ofcourse), and with having indrivetec as their partner, I think intamin would be the option with a lower risk. However... @_s3_ makes some very solid points. Zamperla's lower price (it ain't Swiss, but it's Italian after all), Cedarfair's historical grudge against Intamin, and former Intamin employees changing teams suddenly paints a different picture. If it ends up being a better product, we'll never know for sure of course.
  2. Is it me or do I miss some contouring on those lapbars..? I hope I'm wrong haha I still find it remarkable that cedar fair would rather take a major gamble going into business with Zamperla, rather than contracting Intamin to do the job.
  3. Just a quick questions regarding the flash pass, are the online prices lower than when you buy them in the park on the day itself?
  4. But aren’t they already working on that too? Eltororyan actually said it might be up soon again…
  5. Europe has some great parks! Though they usually are more family oriented than many parks in the US. So, while many great European parks have a solid one/two coaster punch, the rest of the line-up is usually very family friendly. So, just set your expectations accordingly :). I think the best region for your trip would be Holland, the west side of Germany, and Belgium. You have some of Europe's best (coaster) parks there such as Phantasialand and Walibi Holland. Plus, the driving distances between parks are considerably shorter than in the US. Amsterdam and Frankfurt also have major airport hubs, so flying should be convenient too. Poland could be an option too (it's quite cheap), but besides 3/4 strong coasters there's currently not much else and there are better parks to visit elsewhere in Europe. This is by far the most convenient, but traveling by public transport is not impossible. However, considering you only have four days I would recommend renting a car, just for convenience sake. Germany's cheaper when it comes to car rentals so that might also be a factor to consider where you're flying to/from. Lastly, regarding prices (I assume from your post you care about the financials) Europe's overall definitely cheaper than the US (except for gas), including the theme parks so you've got that going for you as well. Hope this info helps and good luck with planning your trip!
  6. It's honestly such a shame cause skyway rides are a dying breed and they're really nice transportation rides, often giving better views than other transportation rides such as trains. Back on the Ka topic, there might actually be hope. Some sources say they are currently already replacing the cable and testing the brake fins. Who would've thought if they can actually pull this off and have it running again around the 4th of July...
  7. If they get Ka working within a month I’ll actually stop making six flags premium jokes… let’s wait and see
  8. Heard online that Kingda ka's cable snapped and some brakes might be damaged too. No official park announcement though. Anyone any idea how look it takes for an accelerator cable to be replaced (Ka in 2005, dragster numerous times, xcelerator)? Would be such a shame if one headliner opens back up the other one simultaneously goes down for some significant time.
  9. it's usually an external party that rates the ride as "safe", they also have a significant say in the minimum and maximum height. So, it's not just the ride manufacturer or the park that have a final saying, I believe, it's these external parties. I believe three trains in total... and with Spanish operations, 60 seconds seems a little too optimistic. The park is owned by Parques Reunidos and most of their parks are known for very poor operations. I can imagine, intamin had the switch track idea and the resulted lowered capacity that came from it would not have been seen as a significant issue by the park. Heck, it might even be seen as a benefit as it probably boosts fast pass sales (as it basically will guarantee the ride to have a long line most days).
  10. With this, the new gen. Stand up at Seaworld, and the new lapbar restraints for their loopers it seems like B&M is feeling the heat and is finally innovating again. Now if they could only bring back their snappy transitions from their 90s rides I would be an even happier guy haha
  11. Which is a shame because Cedar Point used to be known for their stellar operations. I also feel like their iROC is slowing things down significantly. However, KI also has to implement it and they seem to been doing better regardless... The FastLane discussion has been a thing at cedar point for many years, with Steel vengeance's FL line being the most egregious example. With so many people using it, you don't get as much of a 'bang for your buck' as say at KI or most six flags parks. Still, like others have said, Maverick dumps you right in the station and that's usually the longest line most days.
  12. Hopefully it opens up around the 4th of July can imagine that's their target seeing they're usually the busiest days of the year besides fright fest. shame Intamin isn't going to deliver new track pieces(and just like Bill said9, it seems like they're just trying to band-aid the ride back into operation again.
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