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  1. Thanks for the descriptive TR @satchboogie3, I'm really looking forward to riding Kondaa somewhere this or next year. I do have to mention the fact, that I'm a little disappointed by you mentioning the lack of ejector air during the last 3rd of the ride. Although some enthousiasts complaint about Untamed's airtime being too strong and abrupt during its second half, so maybe most people will prefer this kind off ending (you're in for something this summer that ride has impeccable pacing!).
  2. Can't wait for the review, curious if Intamin is able to snatch the best coaster in Europe title back from RMC.
  3. So besides the past track issues the ride also has (had) issues with the trains? Jeez Dollywood can't seem to catch a break with this one. Such a shame since it's one of the best rides in the world...
  4. They're not, they're Intamin's newest setup, which, at least on Hyperion, are decently comfortable. I actually think they're great! Sure the old T-bars are the best in the industry but this isn't that far off. I much prefer them over Mack's new lapbars and everyone goes bat sh*t over those.
  5. Honestly looks more like their I-box/Iron Horse track to me since the entire beam/rail is made out of steel. I really look forward to see where this takes GCI, the more competition for RMC the better. Intamin, B&M and Vekoma are already taking design elements from Alan Schilke, curious to see if GCI will follow the lead also. I always though Alan Schilke stole elements from Intamin lol. They all kinda just steal from each other lol Alan pretty much 'invented' outwark banked turns on the S&S launch coasters over in China. I suppose, however, that inspiration always has to come from somewhere. Intamin inspired Alan, Alan Inspires Intamin designers. In the end, it benefits the industry as a whole. Especially us enthusiasts; the more, the merrier when it comes to extreme rides.
  6. Oh I though Flying Aces drop gave amazing floater, just not the ejector I was hoping for. Ah I see how Skyrush's restraint are found to be more uncomfortable. Looks like Intamin however, has fixed that problem with their latest train design. Although, I still prefer the old school T-bar.
  7. Honestly looks more like their I-box/Iron Horse track to me since the entire beam/rail is made out of steel. I really look forward to see where this takes GCI, the more competition for RMC the better. Intamin, B&M and Vekoma are already taking design elements from Alan Schilke, curious to see if GCI will follow the lead also.
  8. Completely agree, but even as a land, it would feel out of place in Port Aventura park. It would make much more sense in the Ferrari Park. Not only to increase it's size but also just the modern vibe the land will bring with it. From a business standpoint, I kinda get the idea. Same logic why Ferrari Land, and Walt Disney Studios in Paris, were built. Just to enhance the 'size' of the resort, making it feel guests need more days simply because they're advertising multiple parks. Timing wise... yea, that really doesn't make much sense. Especially since PA resort has some pretty major liquidity & debt issues.
  9. Another amazing TR and as always, a great read. I had plans to visit hersheypark this summer but, you know, corona... Skyrush has been near the top of my bucketlist for so long and I'm so curious to know whether I'll love it. I really liked Flying Aces and while normally, restraints that tighten during the ride hamper my experience, I didn't really mind them on FA. I loved the insane positive G's and the laterals but found the airtime to be quite lacking. Also, was kinda dissapointed with the first drop, so wondering if Skyrush's drop is any better since they look basically the same. Herhseypark probably has the best top 5 of any park (besides Cedar Point) in the world, but often heard their operations are quite meh. I guess I'll have to wait (another couple of) year(s) to find out. Can't wait to read your next TR. Keep 'm coming!
  10. I say "amen" to this. Get RMC to redo Bandit, and the park will be worth visiting. I think the the Star Trek coaster was a step in the right direction, too. A park representative actually stated that they don't have any plans to RMC Bandit. According to him, it is actually the most popular ride of the park and they believe re-tracking the ride is better investment, as they have been doing so for the past couple of off seasons.
  11. Fast Passes are amazing and the way to go when visiting a park. I'm just saying that Europa doesn't necessarily need it. Sometimes operations are just so bad at some parks, that you're just obliged to buy a fast pass. Port Aventura for example leaves cars empty on trains when lines get 'too short'... smh Also, when Fast Pass lines overflow and even those lines are an hour+ wait is also a bit problematic imo However, in general, fast pass is awesome and often significantly improves your day!
  12. Europa is in a totally different league than Holiday World. Holiday World is still great though As for the new virtual queuing, I think after the corona crisis, they might take the system they have on Voletarium and expand it to other rides, which is great! Skipping a few major lines, controlling guest flow and increasing overal park satisfaction are just some of the benefits that, enhancing their skip the line service would bring. Europa prides themelves for not having a paid fast pass system and honestly I think they are the only park in the world were they can get away with it (apart from Disney), that's how good their operations are!
  13. That could definitely be as sign. However, it could also just a test run, not indicating an opening. If the trains have already been assembled on the track, they would need to run the tracks every now and then to prevent wheels from becoming square. However, I honestly don't see hersheypark not opening this year. I do wonder how abysmal the operations are gonna ve.
  14. Problem with masks is that you would have to switch theme every couple of hours. Because of your breath, the mask becomes moist and doesn't stop the virus from entering your nose or mouth anymore. That's why doctors and nurses need multiple masks a day and why a lot of countries barely have enough for jus the healthcare. Water rides (and most definitely parks) would be out of the question, if masks are deemed as an appropriate measure. I see the masks more as a savior for the airline industry, if research shows that they do really help *enough*, it could be the reason to start flying again. I'm wondering how parks (especially in the Orlando/southern California area) are going to enforce the 6 feet measure. 50% capacity still means over 10,000s of people and hour long lines. Even if they all adapt a virtual queue system, you'd just be moving the crowds to the pathways, with not as much for them to do (no parades, shows or live entertainment).
  15. This is only a recommendation, however, all parks seem to follow them. Hopefully the situation will be less critical around late April/ early May and parks can open up again. Right now, no park wants to gain the risk of getting bad publicity or 'causing a case', but if the situation improves in four weeks this attitude might change. I wonder if this is gonna go even further/gonna get worse, and nothing will open until July. All we can do now is play the waiting game, sucks there is no fast pass for this one.
  16. ^Yea... It's because of these people why we can't have nice things. And ironically why we all now have to pay a dollar to store our stuff for these rides
  17. Looks like a great addition to the park! Capacity-wise it looks kinda slow but maybe I'm wrong on that one. For those who've ridden it, does the line move slowly?
  18. Another Amazing TR! Sad to hear that the operations on Flying Dinosaur are still that bad. When I was there it took at least over 3 minutes to dispatch a train... Well at least you're able to still keep your phone with you right until you enter the station.
  19. Awesome trip report! Love how descriptive your reviews are! Can't wait for more dude! ...and yea the Flying Dinosaur hype keeps on building.
  20. I honestly think Movie Park gets more hate than it deserves. It's just because you have about four (far) superior parks within a two hour driving distance. The park doesn't excel at anything, but it doesn't do anything horribly wrong either... well maybe the operations... yea those suck.
  21. I have yet to ride El Toro, but definitely will next year as I will move to NYC. I often enjoy the backseat more due to the higher intensity but do prefer the front if the ride has large hills with strong ejector (more abrupt), I'll just have to wait and ride the heck out of El Toro next year. As for Flug der Damonen, I did ride it on the outer seats, but the shuffeling/rattle was really bad. Gave me a mild head ache, and I've never experienced that on a B&M before, including their wing coasters. Wing coasters in general aren't really my favorite type of rides anyways, but they're crowd pleasers like most B&M's.
  22. Spot on review of Heide Park! I enjoyed it very much too. Great landscaping and good to great operations! Colossos is probably the worst of the intamin pre-fabs but still amazing! I rode it on a cold day in april and preferred the front as I did experience some (mild) ejector on those last bunny hills. The new theming was also very welcome, the friends I was with actually found it to be the best part of the ride. I actually found flug of der damonen to be one of the worst wing coasters I have ridden. Except for the first speed hill, the ride is slow and forceless and has a pretty bad rattle to it in the back. Though I'm not a fan of most wing coasters in general. I'd put Heide Park just a notch above Hansa Park, while Hansa's main coaster is better than anything Heide park's got to offer, the ride line up of Heide Park is one of the strongest in all of europe.
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