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  1. That would have been a very cool video to see, with the snow flying off the tracks when the train flew over them. What luck that a friend of mine filmed at Euromir and Arthur And he allowed me to show you his videos ... so here they are ... have fun: [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=VIDEO0012_NEW_d7xg[/coastertube] [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=VIDEO0011_NEW_6xki[/coastertube]
  2. Yeah, the employees had a lot of work to do for getting the coasters started. Only Blue Fire and Wodan couldn't run during the days. They took away the snow from the Wodan track part for part, but they didn't run a train. I think they weren't sure if the train runs through the track or not. At Euromir and Arthur a few trains were used to put away the snow. It was very nice to see a Euromir train running through the track and disperses the snow.
  3. Those who've seen my topic with the evening winter pictures of Europapark would know that the winter season in Europapark is very special. But if there is snow, the winter season is really awesome. So, for three years there was no possibility to take snow-pictures in Europapark, because for three years there was no snow in southern germany. But the last few days, the weather was very "winterly". And so I made some nice pictures of the snowy Europapark. So, just lean back, take a cup of tea, and enjoy the pictures of Europapark:
  4. Imagine you've been in Europapark during summer season ... and only a few months later you visit again, but then you see a completely different park! Europapark knows how to dress during winter season. There are a lot of things placed everywhere around, and a lot of special attractions you'll never see during summer season. I spent the last weekend in Europapark and shot a lot of pictures. Actually I can't show you all the decoartion (because it's so much), but I'll try I hope you enjoy this maybe different view to Europapark. Even on the way to the park Euromaus dressend like Santa says "Hello"! The entrance area is filled with christmas trees. Everywhere in the park there are little decoration elements like Santas, snowmen, reindeers and really a lot of christmas trees and fairy lights and other illuminations. There was foggy weather this day ... but it was awesome to ride Wodan and Blue Fire through the fog. All over the Park there a this little fire places to warm up hands and faces ... and other things Fog is coooooool!!!! It seemed that Europapark has stolen Hedwig from Island of Adventure During winter season there are some special shows like the "Christmas Market Musical" in the Globe Theatre or the Iceshow "The lost penguin". But also there is a big circus with lions and tigers, acrobatics and comedy ... even all the things a real circus must have. Another special during winter season is "Bellevue", one of europes biggest ferris wheel. It is placed on the lake of Atlantica (during winter season there's no water in it) Ahhh ... illumination! A little walkthrough in the english area of the park. It is designed like a walk through a snow castle and a dark forest in the winter. The christmas market right behind the park's main entrance. Perfect place to stop for a hot wine punch even just after entering the park Every restaurant in the park also has some winter special eatings. At many places you can get apple strudel or deer goulash or special winter cakes ... And of course some winter drinks can't miss, like the WInter Macchiato (with advocaat). And nearly everywhere you can get your hot wine punch, which is very important while walking through the park when it's cold outside. Up to this point I had 3 or something like that ... couldn' count for the rest of the day, but I've never drunken as many hot wine punch as this weekend. So much decoartion ... *drool* For the kids here's some snow tube gliding. And also some snow bob riding. Behind Silver Star (sadly closed during winter season) is a big tent with the "Winter Indoor World". Here are some playgrounds for kids, some carouselles, a house where children can make their own christmas cookies ... And also a place to drink hot wine punch number ... 9? This winter season Europapark opened an exhibition called "100 years of Ulrich Damrau". Ulrich Damrau was the man who designed the most of the themend areas in Europapark. And with this exhibition Europapark shows its visitors a lot of drawings and artworks of Ulrich Damrau. So you can see how for example the french area was planned in the first way ... or the trains of Eurosat were planned. Who knows which ride this plan shows? Two years ago Europapark bought the "Eden Carouselle", a 103 year old carouslle. During winter season visitors can take a ride. It is VERY nostalgic. Nearly every lantern in the park is decorated like this one .... Entrance at night ... Best thing of the winter season is, that Europapark is opend until 8pm EVERY DAY! Sunset is about 5pm ... so you can spent three hours in the nighlty and fascinating illuminated park, or have many nights rides on coasters like Euromir, Blue Fire or Wodan!!! One of the two ice skating areas ... this one is in front of the spanish arena. Another winter special is this ice cocktail bar. Inside some things like the bar are made of real ice. The other ice skating area. Roland Mack's car ... I've alsway knew HE is Santa! Millions of light on the train. It is fascinating how elaborated Europapark decorates for winter season. For the first time this winter season there is an illuminated water fountain show on the big lake of the park. It is some sort of "little Aquanura", but worth to see it. The illuminated Enchanted Forest ... AWESOME! I could spent hours just walking through the park whil it's dark.
  5. This year Europapark not even presents the Horror Nights or the unbelievable Halloween theming through the hole park. The Park also presents "Spook Me!", the first Europapark Musical! Spook Me is produced by Thomas Mack and composed by Henrik Schwarzer, the guy who created the Wodan Soundtrack. Twice a day the Muscial with a duration of 45 minutes is shown in the Teatro dell'Arte in the italian area (the Varieté Theatre). The particular of Spook Me is, that it is sung by some famous german musical stars who also have been working in some popular musicals like "Cats" or "Les Misérable". Spook Me tells a story about Europaparks Geisterschloss. King Borbar, the owner of the Geisterschloss, welcomes the visitors in the famous elevator every day. But his son, Prince Tao, is bored about being a ghost whome is not allowed to leave the Geisterschloss. In a book he found years ago it is written of the human world, which he is so interested in. With the help of Ipseria (a banned witch) he leaves the Geisterschloss. But Isperia is following her own plan. She wants to break the heart of King Borbar (the only way to kill a ghost) and wants to rule over the Geisterschloss herself. So she tells King Borbar that his son has left the Geisterschloss, because he hates his father and the way he lives. Meanwhile Prince Tao arrives at an italian market place, wehere the most people are afraif of him. Only the young girl Lilly wants to learn more about Prince Tao and his world. During a little konversation, Lilly realizes that the book Tao found years ago in the Geisterschloss is her diary. To thank Tao, she followes him back to the Geisterschloss. There, in the meanwhile, King Borbars heart was broken by Isperias lie. Lilly gets sad because Tao lost his fahther. So she weep a tear of sympathy, the only thing which can heal a ghosts broken heart. King Borbar awakes of his sleeping death and together with Tao and Lilly he banns Isperia during the spectacular final song. After that he tranformes his son Tao into human, so that Tao can live together with Lilly. To see some pictures of the mucisal and listen to parts of the songs, here's the hompage: http://www.spookme.de There you can also watch a trailer so some some parts of the show. Spook Me is a great success for Europapark. Not even less than hundreds of people want to wwatch the show. If you are in Europapark during the Halloween Season, don't miss SPOOK ME.
  6. Definitely: - Europapark - Phantasialand - Toverland - Efteling - Heidepark - Holiday Park - Nigloland Possibly: - Disneyland Paris - Park Asterix - Liseberg
  7. Uh, wow, the turn after the first drop looks very intensive. I plan to visit Nigloland this summer and can't wait to ride this coaster.
  8. Silbermine was the first darkride I've ever been on. But i hope Phantasialand would build a new darkride, even better than Maus au chocolat.
  9. To bridge time until the new season starts up at Europapark, I took two of my best friends and we went to the brunch buffet, which is arranged in the Colosseo Hotel every saturday morning during offseason. [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=2_0001_bqek[/coastertube] In Episode 3 I went to the "Teatro Colosseo", a vaudeville like spectacle which happend the first time during Europaparks offseason. I was really impressed of the show acts which were shown there. [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=3_0001_b3ft[/coastertube]
  10. Not only the Arthur ride will be sometheing new at 2013. Europapark also increases its main antrance with an information center. It is placed on the left side of the main entrance. A few weeks ago there has been the cash point for parties traveling by bus. This cash point has partially been removed and it seems that the new information center will be a big new building. Overview of the construction area the formally cash point the toilet building at the forecourt. Maybe it will be integrated inside the new information center? part of the main street. Ground and plants have been removed.
  11. Hey guys, first let me introduce myself. My name ist Ray Orici, I'm 28 years old, and living in germany, just 15 minutes away from famous Europapark. Of course Europapark is the place where I spend most of my time. But I also visit some other european themeparks during the year. The last year I made some video diary of my trips. The diary consists of 37 episodes (and some special episodes), most episodes are apparently from Europapark, but some show other european parks and fun fairs I visited 2013. Of course the spoken language in the videos is german. But I like to increase my audience, so I plan to subtitle all the episodes of my video diary, just that more people can watch and enjoy the fantastic life of a european amusement park maniac. So the first episode was filmed nearly one year ago, in january 2013. At that time two weeks have gone after Europapark closed his gates after the winter season. Also at this time the construction of the "Arthur Hall" has been started. I hope you will enjoy the first episode; some feedback will be nice ... and I swear other episodes will be subtitled as soon as possible. I say sorry for the moldy camera work. This was my first video I made in this style, and I promise with every new video the last year I learned more about camera work and movie cuttings. [coastertube][coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=1_0001_kvjn[/coastertube][/coastertube]
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