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  1. Looks good! Wasn't here for a long time, but I will now come by more often again
  2. thx for the great pics and videos. In Germany we have to wait more days until our parks start with Halloween.
  3. All this looks so great... But it is nothing for me. That all would scare me too much!
  4. I hate these selfie sticks. Ban them!!! They are not necessary.
  5. yes, like all the other attractions in themeparks as well. coaster is coaster, it doesn't matter if it is in a park or at a fair.
  6. Summerseason 2015 begins for me one week from today!!!! the long time without coastering is over...
  7. I think that fast passes are ok. I don't use them very often, because I try to go to parks on not so crowded days (no weekends, no holidays). If it is really crowded and I' m the first time in this park, I use them. What I don't like is, when the park is empty, no waiting in lines and then there is someone, who uses a fast pass. That sucks!
  8. Thanks for the amazing pictures. I really miss winter in Europa Park...
  9. I think Manhattan Express is okay. I really liked to ride it. And it's not that bad. If you have ever been on Bandit or Movie Park Express in Movie Park Bottrop, than Manhattan Express is really smooth. On Bandit I always got a bad headache, but on Manhattan Express I didn't.
  10. Definitely a lot more than last year. Due to my accident in june last year, 2014 was a bad-coaster-year for me... My plans are: Phantasialand Movie Park Bottrop Efteling Toverland Sea Life Park Oberhausen It's a short list, but then I really have a chance to make it to all the parks...
  11. Wow, great pics. But I always see the faces of the "normal" actors.
  12. Thanks to all of you for the great pics and videos from the IAAPA!!!! I really would like to see even more.
  13. I usually watch my favourite you tube channels on my laptop. My mobile is "too old" to watch the videos. I don't have an account on You Tube, so I don't comment the videos. From time to time I go to You Tube and look around for new videos.
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