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  1. See many, many earlier S&S models: El Loco, Literally every screamin' squirrel.
  2. Vote goes to Jaguar because the front car design is face filter accepting!! Jaguar Guy is killing the spinning hat game.
  3. I'm genuinely intrigued. What makes Silver Bullet your favorite? I grew up near Buena Park so Silver Bullet and Batman were my only inverts until I recently rode Raptor, Great Bear, Banshee, Alpengeist, and Afterburn. Silver Bullet is now one of my least favorites. I don't think it's bad at all and it has nostalgia value but it's just not quiet with the others, imo.
  4. I've gone to Holiday World for the past three seasons. One of my good friends (who frequents this thread often and will most likely see this comment CALLING U OUT) is a Ride Ops Manager. From what I understand, Holiday World does annual maintenance on all of the woodies every off-season and I can confirm that Voyage is AMAZING at the start of the season that it became my top wooden. I went to HoWo nearer the end of the season for the first time a few weeks ago and the latter half had gotten so bad that Legend became my favorite in the park. If you want to ride THE Voyage, try to get to the park at the start of the season.
  5. Oh man! Love Phantogram! Saw them live last March in Urbana-Champagne. Found Sarah to be a little pitchy but I can't say I'm disappointed for how often she switches between soft singing and full-on belting vocals which is exhausting. MoA looks like a ton of fun and I hear Minneapolis is a great city. Really hope to be able to get out there sometime!
  6. I agree with you full-heartedly. And that's because the fact that it most intense ride but it feels crazy fast on the low-to-the-ground segments and so graceful. If there were a time it didn't have a line, I could marathon it and never get too worn out or bored. I can see myself enjoying it forever. It's a timeless coaster masterpiece, imo.
  7. I rode in mid-May. Though, it is quite early in the summer season, there was definitely rattle. Though it didn't make the ride uncomfortable, it was very apparent on the outside seats nonetheless.
  8. 1. The Beast (7359 ft.) * Fury 325 (6602 ft.) heading to Carowinds in a week 2. Millennium Force (6595 ft.) 3. The Voyage (6442 ft.) 4. California Screamin' (6072 ft.) 5. Desperado (5843 ft.) 6. Diamondback (5282 ft.) 7. Magnum XL-200 (5106 ft.) * Intimidator 305 (5100 ft.) also visiting Kings Dominion 8. Twisted Colossus (4990 ft.) 9. Goliath (4900 ft.) * Apollo's Chariot (4882 ft.) and Busch Gardens 10. GhostRider (4533 ft.)
  9. You can't tell a pterodactyl is going to the bathroom because the "P" is silent.
  10. New Ghostrider at KBF! First time on it since the retrack and what a phenomenal job! Dispatches are not quick so, even on the slowest of days like today, the line was 30 minutes while Xcelerator was a single train wait almost all day.
  11. The stagecoach is such a fun, unique experience! It was my one of my favorite rides growing up at Knott's. I would ride it every time my family visited the park. Even as an adult, it's relaxing and offers some scenic views of the park.
  12. I think for the first time in years, I'm actually not worried about CF poorly throwing in a coaster at Knott's! The current agenda has done a phenomenal job at keeping the historical value of the park, with Ghost Town Alive!, and rejuvenating the spirit of Knott's instead of altering, with the renovation of Ghostrider. I really believe that the next big addition won't be another awful Silver Bullet move.
  13. There's plenty of space and material to work with... and that's why it's so bad in my opinion. So much missed opportunity for faster elements and more maneuvering... but it doesn't. It just crawls through way too drawn out turns and valleys.
  14. That concept artwork looks phenomenal! The colors are vibrant but not off-putting. I'm really excited to see this coaster shape up.
  15. Arrow - Matterhorn (Disneyland Resort) B&M - Silver Bullet (Knott's Berry Farm) CCI - Ghostrider (Knott's Berry Farm) Chance - Lightning Run (Kentucky Kingdom) Dinn - Mean Streak (Cedar Point) Dynamic Attractions - Space Mountain (Disneyland Resort) GCI - Terminator (Six Flags Magic Mountain) Gerstlauer - Veil of Dark (Tokyo Joyopolis) Giovanola - Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain) Gravity Group - Twister (Gröna Lund) International Amusement Devices - Colossus (Six Flags Magic Mountain) Intamin - California Screamin' (Disney's California Adventure) Mack - Mulholland Madness (Disney's California Adventure) Miler - Freeway Coasters (Adventure City) Morgan - Santa Monica West Coaster (Pacific Park) Premier - Revenge of the Mummy (Universal Studios Hollywood) Prior & Church - Giant Dipper (Belmont Park) PTC - Blue Streak (Cedar Point) Reverchon - Primeval Whirl (Animal Kingdom) RMC - Twisted Colossus (Six Flags Magic Mountain) Schwarzkopf - Montezuma's Revenge (Knott's Berry Farm) S&S - El Loco (Adventure Dome) Vekoma - Boomerang (Knott's Berry Farm) Zamperla - Pony Express (Knott's Berry Farm) Zierer - Jaguar! (Knott's Berry Farm)
  16. If they built a booster on a dock out over the water, HOLY CRAP, that would be the most insane experience ever!
  17. The planes looked to be flying ridiculously close to Storm Chaser. It was really awesome to see and hilarious during Ed Hart's speech. Speaking of Storm Chaser, dear lord. That first airtime hill is ridiculous! There was no bad seat for that airtime! The front was just ridiculous ejector throughout the entire hill. The back was INSANE ejector getting pulled over the hill. Even the middle was wonderful floater into ejector back to floater! Overall, an incredible coaster. If you feel like riding a coaster with a fantastic ending, just head to the front of the park and ride Lightning Run for that incredible ending, and then run back to Storm Chaser for more insanity.
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