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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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The theming looks amazing!!! Disney doesn't even compare to that. It's like you're in the middle of Hell. Damn, why couldn't Tomb Raider look decent like that, oh wait, it's a Paramount invention, where we pick a movie and then randomly try to make a ride around it.

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Wow! Talocan looks great! I have always thought of Phantasialand as more of a family theme park with tamer rides but with the addition of this great Top Spin and Black Mamba, it truly is becoming a destination for thrill seekers!

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^^ The building is supposed to look like a cooperative that collapsed, unveiling the fact that it was build over an ancient temple.


It doesn't matter that it's outdoor anyway. The three walls and the effects give you the feeling that you're indoor.

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WOW! Talocan does sure beat Tomb Raider: Firefall with the theming and program! I like how Talocan's program isn't so originally normal like most top spins are. The end of the ride is an awesome way to end the ride. I want to ride it so badly. Is there an onride POV anywhere?! I'm like a top spin junkie even though I've only ridden Tomb Raider: Firefall.I have to ride Talocan some day!

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According to Screamscape:


Park News - (11/7/08) According to the pictures posted here the park has demolished the big fountain from Old Berlin street and has started to take apart the Phantasialand Jet monorail system that has been in operation since 1974. You can see a few older pictures of the Jet at the Monorail Society website.


A sad day for Scott, Jow, and many others. Unfortunately, it looks like it's headed for the scrap heap


I was fortunate enough to ride it earlier this year during the TPR trip


I shot a few pictures and video during its last months of operation









Had America voted for PMW, this Schwarzkopf masterpiece would probably live on!

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^yes I am sad to see it go just for nostalgic sake, but have to agree it was very dated, cramped and really didn't serve any purpose other than to ride a 1970's idealistic vision of transportation.


BTW, I love that last picture, it has something for everyone.

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