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  1. My thoughts exactly. Fear and Force aren't warriors, they're tests you have to go through to become a warrior. The only warrior in all of Wuze Town is Winja, the queen of the Wuze.
  2. You of all people should know that coasters have good and bad days (as we experienced at EGF) and IMO Black Mamba was having one of it's lesser days. I hope you'll get to ride it on a good day sometime.
  3. Yep, and Europa Park and Parque de attractiones Madrid have it too. The film is called Pandavision. So if you see that name somewhere, run away as fast as you can.
  4. The film was made as a joint project from the Efteling and WWF.
  5. Under my umberela ela ela e e... God, that song's anoying!
  6. Thanks for the pictures Chris, but you're a little late. Most of the group is on their way and some have already arrived in Madrid. We'll be at Parque de Attractiones tomorrow. It looks like you had a great time in Madrid.
  7. ^ It's supposed to be a new kind of rollercoaster, but it's (IMO) very lame.
  8. CdA = Compagnie des Alpes, the group that already owned Fort Fun for a few years and only bought the Walibi parks last year. I also posted this on themepark.nl and a few people had similar experiances with annual passes from older CdA parks at one of the new CdA parks. Walibi just has to get used to the fackt that they're part of a big European group and not all of their parks have the same name.
  9. Yesterday I visited Walibi Belgium. I used to love this park, but after yesterday's visit I'm not planning to get back there any time soon. It started at the entrance. I have a Fort Fun annual pass, that allows me to enter every CdA park for free once. But when I arrived at WB they didn't accept it. After talking to Philippe Thiry, the Guest Relations Supervisor, he said I had to pay full price. He said would call the CdA main office in Paris sometime next week and if they say I was supposed to get in for free, they'll repay me. I doubt I'll ever see my money again. Then the new coaster, Vertigo. They have been working on it for over a year, but now they finally opened it. I was expecting something like Soarin' at Epcot, but sadly, it turned out to be one of the most boring things I ever rode. (And still I rode it 4 times) Ah, that's better! That's it for this PTR. That's one park that won't see me return any time soon. Barbe A Papa? SANGO! (You'll get that one after the Mini-Europe tip) Ducks rule! On the left it has really good leg choppers. I missed the support by a few inches. It does have awesome brakes though. Vertigo again. We all love No Rules Bumper cars! Vampire however becomes more Vekoma every day. I also rode the awesome Vekoma woodie. Did I just say Vekoma and awesome in the same sentence? The train comes out to say "Hi Joe"! And than the best ride of the park opened. Nazeer warns people of the curse Six Flags has put on the park. This is how the Egypians write crap. These hieroglyphs say: Warning! Inside lots of crap! Lambik (Ambrose/Orville) really doesn't want to know where Jerom's (Jethro/Wilbur) hand is. Suske and Wiske (or Spike and Suzy in the UK and Willy and Wanda in the US) The awful ride again. The splash from the rapid river. The view from the rapid river. This lift is even more awesome than the one from Vertigo. Empty train entering the station. More lift The station on the other hand... The lift does look awesome. Vertigo has such huge supports. It's already testing. We're all waiting to enter the park. My Fort Fun annual pass and the coupon for one free entry.
  10. I met you? AWESOME! Good to see you're back in Germany and I hope to meet you again sometime. For those who don't know: left to right René (Coasterchi), Sören, Anton (Turbolaaf) and me.
  11. Kids love putting stuff on the train tracks just to see what happens. Check out what these kids put on the tracks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaOEmDJUNmM Youtube
  12. ^ To me Montu was a real disappointment, mainly because I was expecting something like Katun. Katun still is my #1 B&M, even though I also rode Black Mamba, Nemesis, Batman La Fuga, Montu and Dueling Dragons.
  13. I wouldn't give you a B, I'd trow you in jail for doing something like that! Ik hoop dat ze u te pakken krijgen voor dat er nog meer doden vallen.
  14. Damn, that thing is slow! It reminds me of EGF, that looks equally slow when you're standing next to it.
  15. Yesterday evening, Phantasialand announced their new hotel for 2008. It will be called Matamba and is located next to the African area. It will have 120 rooms, all of which provide a view over the park. http://www.parkscout.de/artikel/matamba-im-phantasialand/freizeitparks-nrw-nordrheinwestfalen
  16. I don't know if there are many more, this is the only one I know of.. Niagara in Bellewaerde also has a covered boat. After all, it is a clone of the one in Duinrell.
  17. ^ The park used to be called Universal Port Aventura, not Six Flags Port Aventura.
  18. Awesome pics guys. Over here the lightning rarely looks that impressive, but I still made pictures of it. It was a moonless night, I swear!
  19. ^^ The building is supposed to look like a cooperative that collapsed, unveiling the fact that it was build over an ancient temple. It doesn't matter that it's outdoor anyway. The three walls and the effects give you the feeling that you're indoor.
  20. ^ Not really, Phantasialand wants to be a family park, but they just figure that thrill seekers are part of a family too. I doubt the next few rides will be as thrilling as Black Mamba and Talocan.
  21. I rode Talocan yesterday and I absolutely loved it! The ride is not very intense, but the atmosphere more than makes up for that, especially in the front row.
  22. Last time I ate at McDonald's was about a year ago. I don't remember what the burger was called but judging from it's taste is should be called the Mc Chemical The burgers at BK taste a lot better (IMO) and you get a lot more for the same prize. So it's obvious I prefer BK.
  23. ^ Yes, German carnies always run their rides at maximum power. Even the Schwarzkopf Polyps in Germany have airtime ^^ He keeps moving the arms up and down. Every time the gondola comes down, the arms pull it up hard enough to flip it over once more.
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