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  1. Dominator is not over a parking lot...They ripped it all out before they installed the ride. I chose Dominator because of the hang-time in the loop and the air-time coming off the mcbr and the small hill the leads back into the break after that. Also can't forget those strong positive-g's during the ride. There always seem to be a debate between if Dominator or Volcano is better at Kings Dominion. The ride ops at both rides would always ask which is better over the p.a. system and listen to guests respond. They also have Dominator vs. Volcano T-Shirts and Volcano and Dominator seems to be tied here atm 24/24.
  2. Yes, but I think that end has been given enough attention over the past few years. I mean, it is already the most crowded section of the park... There is really no big ride on the other side of the park in Old Virginia to attract a large crowd. I think it is time to give OVA some attention since that side of the park lacks!
  3. Great photos! Black Squid is at the park. Last time I saw it, a friend pointed it out to me. When riding Hurler, you can see the red vehicles of the ride sitting by the tracks of HSXLC for about 4 seconds near the top of the lift hill if you look to your left.
  4. Imo, KD should build the rumored B&M Hyper for 2010 alongside the Old Virginia section of the park. It would be nice to see a huge new coaster zooming all the way alongside the path. The problem is how many trees that need to be cleared to make room for it but I think it would be best now to start expanding towards I-95 a bit. Old Virginia hasn't been developed with any major attractions in years. From the map below... http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&FORM=LMLTCP&cp=37.837954~-77.444043&style=h&lvl=15&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&phx=0&phy=0&phscl=1&encType=1 I can see the hyper using the former HSXLC station (hint hint, maybe there is a reason why they kept it there?) but instead of making a left turn to the launch like like HSXLC, it would 60 - 80 degree turn to the right a start climbing the lift hill. The lift hill on Diamondback and Behemoth look fairly steep so I think it should fit fine avoiding collision with Grizzly's not so over banked turn. The coasters first drop would then go right behind the Kings Dominion Theater, followed with a hill and turn around at the backstage area of the park like Behemoth. The rest of the layout could be determined by them successfully making it back into the station. If all those trees alongside I-95 were to clear, who couldn't resist paying a visit to the park seeing a this huge massing coaster B&M coaster by the interstate? I can't wait to see what the park has planned.
  5. Volcano actually uses 3 trains, but Kings Dominion has this policy to run 1 train on every coaster when it starts raining... Oh, and the new KD sign is actually in the center. From the photo it just looks like you weren't standing at the center when you took the photo.
  6. Most have been painted. You can tell by looking at this picture. The supports that are faded blue have not been painted yet. http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee18/kdaddict804/KD/DSC03162.jpg?t=1211337815 The most noticeable ones I can see are the cobra roll supports.
  7. All of these are great photos. I'm going to assume all of the work will be done by Saturday. The weather is supposed to be nice for the remainder of the week. Saturday is going to be extremely busy due to the fact that it is Memorial Day weekend and Dominator and WaterWorks will be open for the season. Daily operation also begins this weekend. I am so ready to ride Dominator. Looks like the framework on the trains also are not all assembled onto it yet.
  8. WOW! Dominator looks amazing. I can't wait to ride this thing on Saturday!
  9. The Batman symbols are no longer there. I believe the seats are brand new.
  10. I will be there tomorrow. I will record the testing of it. (if it even tests)
  11. I was too bullied and harassed for being gay during 1st block. I had a t-shirt I made that everyone signed. They were throwing stuff at me during study block and calling me names. I ignored them as best as I could. I can't believe these people. Some person who I didn't know reported it to the office as they witnessed I was being bullied and harassed by about 6-8 people. So I was called down to the office during 4th block to talk to the assistant principal. My friends were all so upset about it this morning. The office will get them on Monday.
  12. Do you support? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc9k7WkdXlU
  13. Here is a Dominator construction update from Coaster Crew on March 15 www.coastercrew.com/intheloop.php?action=play&fileid=126
  14. I not sure if this belongs here but I found something interesting... Cambodian Christmas Six Flags Theme Song The theme song is on-topic but I know the video is totally off-topic so I wasn't sure.
  15. Arn't the brakes suppose to be closed anyways? Thats how trim brakes stop coasters...Duh?
  16. Ok, I'm posting this here because I don't think you've gotten' my other E-mails because you never replied. Well I ordered all 12 DVD's and it came in the mail today. My dad told me I could place the order on May 31st but wouldn't send you the money a few days later like on June 3rd. Then he said no I couldn't get it and I already placed the order. I sent you an E-mail saying I can't get it and I thought you got it but just didn't reply back to me. It's well over 10 days now and I still haven't paid you. I'm so sorry and I will pay you first thing tonight! I am so terribly sorry for this and I promise, I will send you the money tonight. Are you mad? ps. The original order price was $125 with shipping but I will send you $150 to make up for this!
  17. WOW! Talocan does sure beat Tomb Raider: Firefall with the theming and program! I like how Talocan's program isn't so originally normal like most top spins are. The end of the ride is an awesome way to end the ride. I want to ride it so badly. Is there an onride POV anywhere?! I'm like a top spin junkie even though I've only ridden Tomb Raider: Firefall.I have to ride Talocan some day!
  18. I ordered but have not paid yet. Didn't it say something like I had 10 days to pay it or was that for internationals? I ordered all 12 DVDs and haven't paid yet because my internet was having trouble the past 2 days. (AOL wouldn't connect) Do I still have time to pay?
  19. Yeah, It might have been Saturday...I can't remember.
  20. Like I said earlier, I'm buying all 12 DVDs. I'm going to buy them tonight. Last minute but I can still buy them right?
  21. Wait a minute...I think I saw you guys there on Monday. I was working at Ranger Smith's Jeep Tours by Treasure Cave. I only noticed Canobie Fan though...I was wondering if it was him or not and I think it was. I think you guys actually went into Treasure Cave?
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