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  1. Hey ! I'd like to know on which ride can we find this system (you can buy a dvd of you and your friends riding the coaster). (www.cdride.com) I know we can find it on these coasters : Xcelerator - Knotts Berry Farm Side Winder - Knotts Berry Farm Raptor - Cedar Point Sheikra - Bush Gardens Africa
  2. Batman = 50 mph Ninja = 55mph Revolution = 55 mph Colossus = 62 mph Tatsu = 62 mph Scream = 63 mph Deja Vu = 65 mph Riddler's = 65 mph Viper = 70 mph X1 and X2 = 76 mph Goliath = 85 mph Superman the Escape = 100 mph At least X2 is one of the fastest coaster in the park !
  3. I'm happy to see X back ! It's a one of a kind coaster in the US... But I don't consider this ride as a new coaster at all... Moreover, new trains do not make a ride better. I am sad to hear that we will probably have a Batman Dark Knight wild mouse clone or/and a family coaster... Thrillseekers need new rides !!! (no more freefall in the park that's missing ! grrrr) Six Flags tend to become a Knotts like. I don't wanna see a Pony express, a BTDK, or a Tony Hawk (with a lot of waiting for no thrills) for 2009, but a Kingda Ka clone (with two loading/unloading stations) would be perfect to replace the too bad Superman the Escape... But I don't think it's on the plan... I'll ride Tatsu, Riddler's, Goliath and Scream all day in next years. Ok the new trains must be expensive, but X2 is the price of a new coaster for only a few improvements... Even if I'm happy to see it back, I won't often ride it (cause the waiting lines for X2 used to be the longest in the park). Will we have to wait until 2015 to have a real good new coaster?
  4. my top 10 : 1/ Tatsu (SFMM) 2/ Katun (Mirabilandia - Italy) 3/ Goliath (SFMM) 4/ Xcelerator (Knotts) 5/ Silverstar (Europa Park - Germany) 6/ Thunder Dolphin (Laqua - Tokyo) 7/ Montu (Bush Gardens Africa) 8/ Scream (SFMM) 9/ Stampida (Port Aventura - Spain) 10/ Goliath (Walibi in the netherlands ex"Six Flags Holland")
  5. I hate those coasters : Flashback (bye bye), Superman the escape, Psyclone (bye bye), Goudurix. Worst B&M for me was Iron Wolf at Great America The worst of all is Goudurix (Parc Asterix in France).
  6. I don't think Tony hawk and Dark knight will come in 2009 (I hope not) ! I am sure Magic Mountain is more original than that. Tatsu is unique and so popular ! B&M = well there is still one missing : the Vertical coaster (like Sheikra and Griffon in Bush Gardens parks) could be a giant addition in the new few years... A new kind of coasters in the Six Flags ! Intamin = We could still hope for a Kingda Ka like, that would be perfect to replace the not so good Superman (and there are no loops on this) as it is higher and faster. And like you, I think a wooden coaster like El Toro is missing (Colossus is not really good and Psyclone was so bad).
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