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  1. WOW! I just drooled all over my floor! Thank you! Those trains just looking amazingly realistic and so beautiful !!! I LOVE THEM!
  2. @Dapalm: Thank you! I hope there will be more designers to make some flatrides @Tanks4me05: Unfortunatly not. My trial of 3dsMax is done and i have no more the possibility to set the pivot points correctly. Sorry. @DoinItForTheFame: 1.) Download the folder with the flatride (the .nlpark file is an additional example park, how the ride will look). 2.) Next, copy and paste the folder into your own park folder, where you want a flatride. 3.) Load your park in the editor mode and click on: Scenery Tab .. than on: choose... 4.) Navigate to: park base.. and there should be the folde
  3. Looks really good and sexy! I like the style and all the great support work! Great job on this!
  4. Update, guys.. ..it´s time-consuming to post and upload all the things seperate.. so i combined all together with a dropBox account http://www.dropbox.com/sh/7qoqyv9mn9veex0/AAB9pu6owutu0ObXYmE_b86Pa Ride List MGrides ...now,.. up into the weekend.. YAY! Have fun!
  5. ^thank you! It will be a long time project with many updates and hopefully not so much fixes Here is a preview of Update 2.0! [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/YPRXxcUr8Qw[/youtu_be] As you can see, we slowly moving forward!
  6. First Update for NL2 is available http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=3156 Have Fun! EDIT: ...first attempt for animation in TPS: [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/BfP3dSPr0kA[/youtu_be] ...nice weekend!
  7. Sorry for the double post... [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/2Uh6M7Xf8Xs[/youtu_be] Nice greetings
  8. ^ thank you for mentioned it earlier!!! I slightly have the feeling i would overseen it! Here is a ride of the newer generation of modeling: I think a real nightmare to animate ...the story behind: I was searching for some decoration for a chair-swing and the cute, little dog po(o)ped up. It remembered me of the "Dogfart-Coaster" ...so the name of this ride was born ..i really couldn´t resist! Be sure, the name is not meant in a serious way Have a nice weekend!
  9. @ Koasterking48 : Nope The rides will be available in BOTH simulators! @ JonnyRCT3 : Could be, especially in RCT3 I really don´t know what flatrides will coming with TPS but it doesn´t matter. I simply wanted to make my own versions Finished yesterday a family-ride: Got the trial of 3ds MAX.. and try to get into this program to set all the awesome-pivot points in my rides. For some matter, blender and sketchup don´t do it right Nice greetings! EDIT: The Star Flyer is nearly complete. Now with double seating!
  10. Thank you Iron Wolfman I made a chair swing and putted the same seats onto the star flyer to test how it´ll look like In the end version the Double Seating will be available and a version with doubled number of seats as well Thank you for pointing it out! Thank you Wilhelm1407! Glad you like them I´m still VERY excited to see them in action The RoundUp is nearly done, exept the textures / coloring.. i had to model it several times before i got it right. Mad ride,.. it looks so simple and innocent xD Nice greetings!
  11. Hello dear community Thank you all for the kind words! Maybe you realized,.. that is a long-time-project After NL2 came out and TPS has started the early access, there are so many new toys to play with But i think i have found now a nice solution. Both simulators needing some flatrides. So i changed my focus to a wide-screen. I have tested the flatrides in both programms and think it´s good to have them in both. Unfortunatly, i can´t script the flatrides in NL2 but i got help. TPS is starting the phase 2&6 (flatride modul and advanced keyframe animation) soon, so it´s ti
  12. Another part full of great NL projects with a great soundtrack and in my opinion a real honor for all the time the producers of the rides put into their projects! Really cool stuff AJClarke0912!
  13. Thank you! I think you´ll love the smasher if you hate the Paratrooper A small story: Modelling in such a way is new for me. I decided to make something difficult: a seat. You can laugh, but to model a seat wasn´t easy at the beginning. I came up with something like this: Of course, the rest of the ride is looking awful! After my bad skills i decided to become crazy. The SMASHER was born! ..."take a seat" This ride is so unrealistic, even my grandmum could do it better. But well, i´ll see how that could work in TPS. And yes.. it is pain for the one and fun for
  14. Sorry for the double post! A new flatride has arrived! A maybe important side note: After a few requests i´m sorry to say that the models will be released for TPS ONLY! It´s personally the best way for me to get models running!
  15. Hey grrt Thank you I do work on "the other set", but the progress is slow. At the moment, JG59 and i have a "Halloween special" in the works and we try to get it ready until Halloween start I hope you´ll return! Have a nice weekend!
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