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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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I can hardly wait until everyone starts b*itching about how the MF lapbars rachet down on them.


It's a legitimate point.


Does it look like the shape of a Lion head is outlined on the grille of the yellow train (place for a sticker to go) to anyone else?

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I have been the proud owner of a Busch Platinum pass for a little over two years. In that time I have visited Busch Gardens Williamsburg numerous times, Sesame Place twice, and Seaworld Orlando once.


The Orlando trip for 2011 was to include another visit to Seaworld; but, with the addition of Cheetah Hunt and these new trains on Gwazi, it looks like a trip to Tampa for me.


Its not until December, but I am excited. I haven't been to BGT for over 15 years.

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Alright, so paiging_jen and I went up to BGT yesterday, and despite the heavy rain showers early in the day, it cleared up well enough for us in the afternoon to be able to take some pictures of Cheetah Hunt's progress and to ride a few rides. The park wasn't doing so hot, as Sheikra and Kumba were down for most of the time we were there, and Montu just had one train running (understandably because of the light crowds). We only rode Montu once, did a lot of riding on the train, and took Rhino Rally for a spin. Other than that, we just looked at Cheetah Hunt, looked at the animals, and fed the kangaroos (which still might be my favorite thing to do at that park). But without any more ado, here are some pics from the day.


And to her credit, these pictures were taken with Jen's camera! (don't need a lawsuit on my hands, now do I? )


Another new piece of track being carried to its final resting place, looks like transfer track.


The figure 8 element is still looking spectacular.


A little upskirt action on the figure 8. I really can't wait to see what this will look like once the banners are up.


When you're tall like me, you can reach the camera over the giant wall and get shots like these next few. ;)


Overview of the first launch and turn.


The climb into the figure 8 is a lot steeper than I thought.


They simply had a gate left open for this one.


The dive into the trench and the 2nd launch. Looked like they had a decent amount of work done on the walls of the trench, and all the launch track was in place.


Such a unique design.


This will look very different in a few months.


Final brakes. They already have supports up for the last turn, but no track yet.


Working on pumping all that rain water out of the final trench.


I spy an inversion!


Marker for a future footer.


You can see they have the rebar already in place for the walls of the trench.


Apparently posing in front of the tower makes you a cheetah.


It really baffles the mind how spread out the layout is for this ride.


Someone else wants to be a cheetah, as well.


While on the train, we had to TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!!


Sheikra had some issues and needed to transfer a train off, so we just skipped it.


The Millennium Flyers were resting at the top of each lift on Gwazi for most of the day, and then started testing about an hour or so before closing.


Why can't this be the new train???


For the first time in 2011, THROUGH THE TREES!!!!!


The weather did decide to cooperate for a little while at least.


Another nice look at the first turn.


Launch track!


More launch track! Now I could be mistaken, but from what I could tell, it looks as if they had all the launch track already in place. I couldn't see into the trench around the 2nd launch, but it seems as if its all in place.


The tower is visible from most places in the park. And while on the train ride, they did give the official height of the tower to be 130 feet.


We found a place where we can put our rifles through the fence so we can hunt the cheetahs once they arrive!!!




Documenting this as much as possible while it's still there *coughcoughMAVERICKcoughcough*


Two more footers will go here.


So do cheetahs do this maneuver while they are hunting?


You can see the barrel roll goes uphill, so expect some nice hangtime.


Oooooh I see some twisty goodness!


This is where the train will ramp off the track.


Meanwhile, Kumba has gotten itself stuck at the top of its lifthill. This train definitely had riders on it, and they definitely had to get walked down after about 45 minutes of being stuck up there.


Lots of good stuff to look at here.


It's funny how different this element looks from different places.


Here's a nice look at the midcourse.


And the drop off the midcourse.


And the ramp! Seriously though, this hill is going to have an INSANE amount of airtime. Probably very similar to Maverick's first airtime hill.


I was able to get a great shot looking down the 3rd launch track.


More TWISTY!!!


You can see the track work done on this hill.


And a nice parting shot of one of the new lion trains.

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Okay, you the the award for best BGT Update E V E R! Awesome pictures, I almost peed myself when I saw the "This is where the train will ramp off the track", just funny and I really needed a laugh this morning. Lot's of great, well done pictures. Good thing you disclosed it was what's-her-name Jen's camera or something bad would have happened. Thanks for the update. Even more excited for this ride. Peace! KC

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Awesome friggin pictures... too bad the weather was crappy (and it WAS crappy yesterday...)... and some bad luck coaster wise too... but the pictures make up for it (for us at least...)... I'm in love with both Cheetah Hunt (more than ever) and waiting ever so impatiently to ride Gwazi on Saturday... can't wait... thanks for sharing those great pics...

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Praying this is open for the 23rd May when I visit from the UK, will be gutted if I can only view it days before it opens!

I haven't seen anything on opening date, but be prepared. Most parks like to open new rides around Memorial Day...which is the week after your visit...maybe you'll get to see it testing!

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Okay, you the the award for best BGT Update E V E R! Awesome pictures, I almost peed myself when I saw the "This is where the train will ramp off the track", just funny and I really needed a laugh this morning. Lot's of great, well done pictures. Good thing you disclosed it was what's-her-name Jen's camera or something bad would have happened. Thanks for the update. Even more excited for this ride. Peace! KC


I agree. The comment about launching off the ramp took me so by suprise. Good job! Very funny and great photos. Thanks to Jen, too.

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Nice! Very nice indeed. I should post the pics I took when I was there on Saturday. Will do that tonight from home.


I'm VERY excited about Cheetah Hunt. It looks like it's going to be all kinds of awesome.


And I'll be at the park this coming Saturday as well to check out the new trains on Gwazi. They looked really cool when I saw them testing on Saturday. I got some weird looks when I got all excited and started jumping up & down.

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