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  1. ^He didn't like the way his hair looked in some of the pictures (seriously) but he said it's fine to repost them. Memory Maker plug...the magic shots are so much fun. Getting a picture with Pluto is a must for every trip! We met Mulan for the first time and she was really into her character. It was also our first time meeting "simple" Belle I think the magic shots are one of the coolest Memory Maker bonuses...you don't know what you'll get until you see the picture later (or cheat and look at trip reports). Mandatory castle shot Our MNSSHP costumes Our Spac
  2. ^In hindsight, I think it would definitely have been beneficial to read trip reports to get the scoop on the best plan of attack for the night. We went with the order of Jack and Sally -> parade -> Hocus Pocus because those were our priorities. Looking back, not the smartest way to go, but we did get to do what we wanted to. I was also impressed and glad that Disney was lenient with exchanging party tickets. They didn't have to and the tickets did say "rain or shine" but they came through and let everyone come back. We definitely had a much better time when we visited again. Although
  3. For the lazy... You can also search by name, so the DOT number could have come from a quick search on that site.
  4. The dude and I just got back from our trip to Orlando and overall we had an amazing time. We split the trip in two by hitting Disney World first and then moving on to Universal. At Disney, we stayed at the Beach Club Villas which was a first for us (we’ve stayed at the Port Orleans hotels in the past) and then we moved on to Portofino Bay at Universal. Instead of breaking down a daily play-by-play that would carry on for pages, here are our experiences at each park. Disney’s Beach Club Villas In the past, we have stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside and Port Orleans French Quarter mode
  5. I think theyre scouting replacement sites for a certain water slide complex, which will be combined with B:TE to make a water coaster. #winning Didn't Rpicurl Racer replace Barracuda Bay?
  6. I totally thought you were serious until I hit the "83 degree Tuesday" part.
  7. It's going to be a B&M dive machine named after the famous 'Cuda Falls. It will have blue & green track and teal & yellow trains to pay homage to the late slide complex. The ride starts as the train ascends the fabulous Rainbow Mountain before slipping in to the terrifying Cascade Canyon. The ride has not been completely designed or fabricated yet, as the final height of the ride is to be determined by adding a foot for every time Cuda Falls is mentioned in this thread.
  8. We went during the last week of September last year and the crowds were very light aside from Horror Nights (30-60 minute waits without Express). If you're going to be staying onsite and doing Horror Nights, it might be worth checking out Power Pass annual passes. You'll get a solid discount on the hotel, add-on Horror Nights tickets, dining, and Blue Man Group tickets if you want to see them while you're there.
  9. That has to be the best picture of the castle I've seen. Just ordered one for my office!
  10. Undercover Tourist usually has the best prices. The discount is only about $5-10 though (their listed prices include tax; Universal adds tax at checkout). The one thing I don't like about the print at home tickets is you have an 8.5x11 sheet of paper as your ticket for both days and you're in trouble if it gets ruined on the water rides. If you get the tickets from Universal's website and choose the will call option, you'll get a business card sized ticket that's a thermal print so it will hold up a little bit better. Right now they are running the buy two days, get one free promotion so it mi
  11. I also thought it was weird. I'm guessing they went for the curb appeal of having the slide visible from the entrance.
  12. I'm sure someone at the parliament house has a task that'll pay kinda good! Went to the Parliament House for the first time a couple of weeks ago. deaconnor is definitely in for some hardcore work there.
  13. Aw man, I hoping for the "Rainbow Mountain" name for it, but "RipCurl Racer" sounds better, but I hope that Darien Lake gets the slides in the colors of teal, blue, yellow and, lime green so that the slides can be a little bit of a "throwback" to Barracuda Bay.
  14. At this point, I don't know if the posts are trolling or autism in its purest form. Feel free to remove this if it's too harsh, but I don't know what else to say anymore. I was thinking the same thing but didn't have the balls to say it...
  15. I've been at Universal Orlando this week and I've noticed that Hulk is coming back together rapidly. What I didn't notice from the pictures posted already is that there is a small army of construction workers working simultaneously in the lagoon, on the back half of the ride, and in the tunnel (I just saw them there for the first time today). There hasn't been any substantial progress on the track since yesterday when they added another section to end of the MCBR but the supports are going up quickly. Here is a quick picture of the workers in the tunnel:
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