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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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Today I had the opportunity to go down to BGT with family and ride some rides as well as get some pictures of Cheetah Hunt. The park was actually quite crowded, with parking in the Adventure Island lot (with trams picking up and dropping off over there). Since I was not up to lugging around the DSLR, I did not get any close-up shots. Sorry.


Gwazi operations were poor and there was a bit of jackhammering, but that is quite normal. This ride really needs help. For example, unlike most woodies, the crew waits for exiting riders to completely clear the platform before they allow other riders to board, and the individual seat-belts need to go. They were dueling the trains, but that won't fix the ride.

Montu and Kumba were running three trains, with some minor stacking, with about 15 minute wait for each.


In addition to the track on site, there was a piece of track sitting alongside a parking lot tram in a empty lot just north of Adventure Island


The park is having New Years fireworks, but we did not stick around for them


Gwazi was actually dueling


Oh look! They're going to put new trains on Gwazi. Might not be the best for capacity though


Plenty of track is up, but there is a long way to go


Through the trees...


Dirt! Yay!


A section of track over by the Skyride turnaround, as seen from the train. This thing is going to be long


More of the same track



More dirt! Yay!



Brake and transfer track on the backside of the Skyride/Monorail building


More of the front section


Track going over the old Clydesdale stable


It looks like the old monorail station is going to be the station


I'm guessing that this is the initial launch


Rollback brakes being installed.

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I'm hoping that they make the queue very similar to manta. They should have it set-up so while waiting in line there are windows to see the cheetahs like the entire manta queue is an aquarium. I hope they add this to Quick Queue right away. (Maybe by the time this opens manta will have ride again privileges for platinum pass holders! Maybe they can add this to that benefit quickly. It would be a nice incentive to get platinum passes again!)

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^Well we know GCI has been out there quite a bit lately, and has even tested MF's on Gwazi. However, I fear it will not be as big of a fix as many of you think. Riding Wildcat at Hershey even with the new MF trains is still rough as hell.


I don't think you can undo all the damage that the PTC's have caused over the years even with a massive rehab.


I hope I'm wrong though!

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^^It did just close down for what, a month worth of rehab? It would be the perfect time...I really hope they're switching them out!


EDIT: ^Agreed. Wildcat was much better for a few months after the Millennium Flyers were added, but it's already back to being pretty darn bad. Hopefully with some extensive retracking they can get Gwazi to run a bit better than Hershey was able to do with new-Wildcat.

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^I agree. With the retracking happening, we can hope that it runs better regardless of whether they keep the PTCs or get the new Millennium Flyers. I haven't ridden Gwazi since 2006 and won't be able to pass judgment on it again until I visit the park in June.

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TAMPA, Fla. - There's a new way to get the feel of the jungle here in Tampa. The Broadway Show "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy" is now playing at Busch Gardens.


This morning, ABC Action News Contributor, Sean Daly, is getting a first hand look at the incredible skill involved in this kind of show.


Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy comes complete with acrobats, aerialists, jugglers and contortionists.


The story is based on Mother Nature leading her Jungle Boys through the wild.


The show debuted at the Broadway Theatre in June 2008. There are similar shows in the Cirque Dreams repertoire, including "Illumination", "Pandemonia" and "Coobrila" but "Jungle Fantasy" is the only one to ever appear on Broadway.




Hours of the show can be found on the park's website under Park in "Hours & Show Times" under the "Plan Your Trip" tab.

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Happy New Year, coaster fanatics! The holidays are behind us and that means we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Cheetah Hunt construction updates.


For those of you who are new to these posts, these updates are for those SO passionate about roller coasters that they Just.Can't.Wait to see the finished product of Cheetah Hunt. They want to know what’s going on up to the minute! Are you of one these people? (Be honest and nod your head "yes.")


Then, come with us now on a virtual tour of the site where all the action’s taking place. Slap on your (imaginary) hard hat, and let’s open the door of the construction wall.

Creeeakk! Yes, that’s the sound of the big yellow door door opening. (Just humor me, friends.)


Well, here you have it. Construction in the area this week includes concrete and pilings that are paving the way between the tower and the canyon and moving track pieces into position in the canyon itself.


Readers, close your eyes. Can you just imagine it? Whoooooooosh!


At one point, riders (yes, that means you) will feel like they are darting through a canyon while a river rushes beneath them.


The river? That part of Cheetah Hunt will reuse the former water portion of Rhino Rally.


Well, we hope you enjoyed the year’s first peek behind the yellow wall inside Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. These photos were taken just yesterday. Stay tuned here for all the latest Cheetah Hunt updates and news.

Go ahead and post a comment; let us know what you think about the progress so far!





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I rode Gwazi on New Years eve just a few days before the rehab and honestly it felt a lot better than it usually does, like the re-tracking in places is really starting to break in and smoothen the thing out. I really hope the Millennium Flyers can return this thing to its former glory. Gwazi was one of my favorite coasters in its first two season.

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