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  1. The word War at the very end of that teaser video is almost identical to the way War is written in the Gears of War titles. Very interesting. I can't wait to hear more on the 1st!
  2. The plastic and wood supports you see are a temporary structure built during the winter so the carpenters can work in even the worst conditions. Good to see continued work on The Beast. I'm interested to see what develops in the area behind Racer. Come opening day I'd bet there are plenty of people taking a look down on the other side of Racer while riding Windseeker and Racer. If it is an expansion back into that area for 2012, I'd venture to say we will see movement back there come opening day.
  3. I love reading your PTR Jenseib! All your great pictures are getting me extremely excited for my first trip to WDW in March!!
  4. Cedar Fair did not ruin The Beast with trims. Those magnetic trims were installed before CF purchased the parks, I believe about the same time Paramount replaced the friction brakes with the pinch brakes. I don't have an exact date on hand.
  5. The trains on the KI version actually have the ability to drift, but they don't. If you look closely at the back of the train you can see small wheels that create an arch shape where the cars would slide out on. As far as I know, the trains never did drift, and as they sit now, the cars are bolted to the chassis to prevent the "drifting".
  6. The trains look great with the decals on! How well do the trains line up with the existing loading gates? They look like they line up decently from the pictures.
  7. The Knight Valley coaster made its first test run. There is video on GCI's Facebook page. This thing looks like it is hauling through the entire course.
  8. My count so far this year: 0 I will however be at Kings Island on Monday 1/10/2011 for my rehire interview. Sadly I'll only get to look and not ride. My first coaster ride of 2010 probably won't come until April.
  9. Son of Beast the year it opened. Rode it with my dad who is terrified of heights and mildly scared on inversions.
  10. Stricker's Grove would technically be my home park as it is the closest at only 15 minutes up the road. Kings Island is my main park though, I spent most of my summers working at The Beast. Now I work at White Water Canyon, hoping to spend the 2011 season at Diamondback.
  11. ^I agree. With the retracking happening, we can hope that it runs better regardless of whether they keep the PTCs or get the new Millennium Flyers. I haven't ridden Gwazi since 2006 and won't be able to pass judgment on it again until I visit the park in June.
  12. Just saw this on Twitter. " Word is they were unloading new green coaster cars from a container this morning... near GWAZI. Millennium Flyers at last?" Anyone live near the park that can take a look this afternoon? It would be much appreciated.
  13. Awesome to see coasters in SoCal with snow on them. I love seeing pictures of coasters at parks with snow on the track. I'm quite partial to seeing The Beast covered in snow.
  14. Reading through this topic has me excited to watch this coaster develop. I hope this coaster moves more like a Eurofighter than one of its older sibling Dive Coasters. I can't wait to see more as construction moves along.
  15. I agree with Jerrykoala2112, I would love to see this design built in a smaller park. On a side note, when I attempted to go to Intamin's website, I got a temp site that is advertising Musical Carousels, Railroad Tycoon and Ice Skating Rinks. Found it extremely odd that Intamin would completely disable their site while revamping it.
  16. Great photos Zach! I loved Great America and can't wait to get back this summer after my trip to Texas.
  17. These photos look great Zach! I've been at Cedar Point all weekend with my family and can't wait to see the Starlight Spectacular first hand when I return to work on Tuesday. If Kings Island's is anywhere as good at Cedar Points, guests at KI will be in for a treat. On a side note, as far as i've heard Rob, there are to be 3 "shows" nightly, that sync with music, beginning at 9:30pm and running until about 10pm.
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