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  1. Wow, that BTMR pic is now my new desktop background. It looks incredible
  2. There you go Mr Bebe. I went ahead and donated to get you over the $75 mark.
  3. Happy Birthday Big Mike! This was supposed to be an EASY find the ducky game? I am going to go with two but I am almost sure that isn't right.
  4. I completed my first Half Marathon at Disney in 2:42 last weekend. I had set a goal of 2:45 so I was pleasantly suprised to come in just under that time.
  5. I will be running the 5K on Friday and doing my best to finish the Half on Saturday. Excited and nervous. This is my first Half-Marathon.
  6. I had this exact same experience on the same ride. That is the first and last time I will be on that one.
  7. I have just picked up the entire Assassain's Creed series. I have already made it through the first one and I am half way through the second. I am really hooked on this game.
  8. Looking forward to seeing this in LA next year, cause the touring production has all new songs and a changed storyline to what I saw in New York last year. What changed from the broadway version? I only get to see the touring casts.
  9. I just saw the touring cast of The Addams Family in Charlotte on Wednesday and I could not believe how funny it was. We were laughing from start to finish.
  10. You have to maintain a 16 minute mile or they will pick you up, so as long as it is a fast walk, you can.
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