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  1. Wow, that BTMR pic is now my new desktop background. It looks incredible
  2. There you go Mr Bebe. I went ahead and donated to get you over the $75 mark.
  3. Happy Birthday Big Mike! This was supposed to be an EASY find the ducky game? I am going to go with two but I am almost sure that isn't right.
  4. I completed my first Half Marathon at Disney in 2:42 last weekend. I had set a goal of 2:45 so I was pleasantly suprised to come in just under that time.
  5. I will be running the 5K on Friday and doing my best to finish the Half on Saturday. Excited and nervous. This is my first Half-Marathon.
  6. I had this exact same experience on the same ride. That is the first and last time I will be on that one.
  7. I have just picked up the entire Assassain's Creed series. I have already made it through the first one and I am half way through the second. I am really hooked on this game.
  8. Looking forward to seeing this in LA next year, cause the touring production has all new songs and a changed storyline to what I saw in New York last year. What changed from the broadway version? I only get to see the touring casts.
  9. I just saw the touring cast of The Addams Family in Charlotte on Wednesday and I could not believe how funny it was. We were laughing from start to finish.
  10. You have to maintain a 16 minute mile or they will pick you up, so as long as it is a fast walk, you can.
  11. I have just signed up for my first half-marathon. I will be running the half at Disney World in January. Looking foward to it.
  12. I'll believe it when the players are actually practicing on the team turf.
  13. Wow these parks look amazing. Though it will probably be a long time (if ever) before I get a chance to visit Tokyo Disney, it makes me want to book a trip to Disney World right now.
  14. Vortex actually gave me whiplash last year. I was laid up in bed on painkillers for 3 days because of that ride. I haven't been on it since.
  15. They are still in Japan right now so I wouldn't expect it before Saturday.
  16. I saw someone playing inFAMOUS 2 at Best Buy the other day. I was so intrigued by it, that I went and bought a PS3 so that I could get the game. I have been really impressed with it. I have had a blast playing it and have only had it for 2 days.
  17. Looks nice. What did you use to make it out of? It is hard to tell.
  18. Yeah, another great TR from the Bebes. I always love reading your captions.
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