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  1. It uh...says my name...and there's also a penguin. Duhr.
  2. I am going there this summer, can't wait! Those pictures look awesome...
  3. Ha! Thanks, TMH. It was fun. BTW, I'm going to SDC this weekend, so you can expect a more detailed TR from there.
  4. Yeah, I love it there! I have only been to a few CF parks, but I have found WOF to be by far the best themed. I like how they themed it to all the countries. And Patriot is my favorite B&M invert, but that may change once I ride Montu.
  5. Thank you everybody. As for the skycoaster thing, I didn't know that! That's kind of interesting actually. As for the lack of park pictures, I was a little bit rushed about taking pictures by my family, so I really only took pictures of the coasters and thrill rides. Next time I go will be in June and I will be with a church and have loads of time to take pictures, so I promise to get lots of park pictures.
  6. I just didn't get any pictures of it. I didn't ride it, either. Too long of a line, and I know how slow they are on that ride. I will include it next time I go there for sure, which will be early next season.
  7. Yesterday was my sixteenth birthday, so I took a little trip with my family to Worlds of Fun. I took some pictures while I was there and thought I would post them here. (By the way, sorry I didn't use the uploader. For some reason it wouldn't work.) You can see Patriot, WOF's B&M Invert, from near the entrance before going inside. Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights is new for 2010. It lights the park very nicely and really makes nighttime in the park interesting. And on the the GCI goodness that is... Boomerang is the one ride at the park that I would NOT reccomend...but it is pretty photogenic. Mamba is the park's Morgan Hypercoaster. It's a great ride. I really like this shot. And this one. Moving on...what's that I see over the trees? Oh, I see. It's Detonator. Next, we got our single ride on Timberwolf. I would reccomend it, but ride near the front. Much better ride that way. Stopped by this one before lunch... Yessir. We went to lunch around the middle of the park. Ooh, I can see Detonator from here! And Mamba! To settle our stomachs, we rode the train, where we saw this... After our little excursion on the train, we decided to take Patriot for a spin. It was a walk on until nighttime. This was the first ride I ever rode at WOF. There's a little fact I bet ya didn't know. Oh, RipCord, if only you weren't so steeply priced by Cedar Fair... Thank you for reading! Please tell me what you liked and what you didn't like!
  8. Are you sure that's smokey bear and not just a large, no, REALLY large shirtless black guy? Hehe. Nice review.
  9. Well, I live in KC, so I liked this. You did a great job. Aslo, what do you have against SD? I think it's okay lol. I like the pictures of Patriot.
  10. Rock N Roller Coaster, a long time ago. I am the one with eyes open. Give me a break, it was my first coaster!
  11. Cool! Intimidator does looke pretty tall, I want to ride!
  12. I went to Branson this week and went to SDC three days. I still only managed a few pics, but I will share them anyways. The first day was rainy, so I got a lot of pictures of just straight rides. Fire in the Hole is an awesome little indoor Dark Ride/Roller Coaster. Here is the exterior Queue Theming How about some Shootout at the Flooded Mine? I noticed a serious lack of Waterboggan. The best water ride there! Anyone know what's replacing it? The next day was sunny. I got pics of Wildfire. And FITH station... Thunderation is one of my favorite rides there. Awesome path interaction here. Now...River Blast! HEAVEN! And, how about a pic of White Water from the hotel parking lot? (Speaking of hotel, I would not reccomend the Queen Anne.) The rest of the week was fun. A couple of great things to do in Branson are the Branson Landing and Dixie Stampede. Also, there are like 3 brand spanking new ziplines. Including the tallest launched zipline in the world! They all look great! Enjoy my review, and, if you don't, then...well... go away
  13. Hello! My name is Colby. My home park is Worlds of Fun, but I go to Silver Dollar City more often. I have been looking at this site for a while now, and just decided to join. Anyways...what else do you need to know about me? Well...hmm...Oh well. I do have one question... What's up with this site's obsession with donkeys? It's somewhat creepy, but I think I can overlook it.
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