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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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It finally warmed up and it was a beautiful day so I took a quick drive to Tampa after work this afternoon to check the progress and get a few more photos. Not much new from the photos posted of the Figure 8 element, and really not much else new to show but here's what I could get. Enjoy.


from the parking lot













more dirt has been moved...





taken near Rhino Rally, behind the drink/refreshment stand.





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Hey guys. I was wondering if any of you who work or have worked at Busch Gardens Tampa know if they ever hire for attractions on their webpage or if it's better to go drop off an application there.


I moved back to Florida in August (Lakeland) after my fiancee got a teaching job down here and I was back working at Universal as an attraction lead for a little bit. However, I was putting 100 miles on my car a day and making very little so I ended up leaving and I'm a manager at a store in Lakeland now. I really miss the theme park environment and would love a part time job there a couple days a week.


We don't know too many people here so with my fiancee's job taking up most of her life I'm very BORED so a second job would be awesome. So if any of you know anything about getting a job there let me know. I've been watching their job page for 4 months and they never seem to be hiring for the low level button pushing jobs on that webpage. Universal on the other hand is ALWAYS hiring for something.. so either people NEVER leave BGT or they hire for attractions in some other way.


Any advice? Thanks!

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This coaster looks like it's going to be interesting, but I really hope it doesn't turn out like Maverick did.


...I hope that every roller coaster built from here on out turns out like Maverick. I've never been so pleasantly surprised (read: absolutely astounded) in my life.


Also (not at the user I quoted), it doesn't even do a full helix to the right. How is it long?


Also #2, that's the most beautiful element I've ever seen on a coaster. It just looks like such a piece of art. A functional, hopefully fantastic piece of art!

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It just looks like such a piece of art. A functional, hopefully fantastic piece of art!


I 100% agree. The way I explain my coaster obsession to my friends, is I view different coasters as functional pieces of art work (often in context of course). I know it sounds weird, but there's more to coasters than just the ride. The way it looks has a lot to do with how good a ride is in my book, and so far, this tower element looks perfect for Busch Gardens and it adds a lot to what I think this ride will turn out to be.

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And the award for the longest manoeuvre to turn right goes to...


This. Eheheh.



This is the winner for a left hand turn, since that's ultimately the result.



Also (not at the user I quoted), it doesn't even do a full helix to the right. How is it long?


He's saying that what the element accomplishes is a turn to the right (when you consider it's entry and exit points) and its a very elaborate way to get the train to change its direction to the right.

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Paiging_jen, cool pictures thanks for the cool update. The 7th and 14th shots are my favorite Cheetah Hunt shots yet. I bet it was nice to be in the park yesterday, was it busy?


Busch is building a spectacular ride. If the Tower was a high banking Tophat you wouldn't here any complaints from me but the Tower as it is looks pretty cool too. If the thing is fun to ride it will be a win in every possible way. I am looking forward to seeing the drop take shape. The train should be between 10 to 15 MPH when it reaches the drop, a 130 foot drop into a tight trench. Sounds like fun to me.


I will say this: Because of the way they reached out to enthusiasts from the beginning many of us were expecting something a little more thrilling. Although it was really cool that Busch Gardens did that maybe they should consider the perception that was created and then, by some, the disappointment. I hope they wont be turned off by some of the negative comments and continue with this in the future (when they build a Hyper).

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